THE Policia Nacional believe an elderly couple may have entered into a suicide pact after their bodies were found in their Palma apartment.

The landlord decided to check on the two men- both aged 81- on Tuesday after not hearing anything from them for two months.

He got no reply when he knocked at the door of their Calle San Joaquin home but smelt a foul stench wafting across the landing.

The police were called and broke down the door to discover the men’s bodies lying in an advanced state of decomposition.

There were no apparent signs of violence or a break-in leading to the theory that the men died as a result of a suicide pact.

One of them was said to have been very ill for a considerable time.

Drugs were removed from the apartment with toxicological tests set to be carried out on the bodies.

The men used to run an electronics store in Palma before they retired.

Police have been canvassing neighbours to discover when either of them was last sighted or whether there had been any visitors to their apartment since November.

One resident said they had not been seen frequently in recent years in the local area.


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