AN elderly woman fell foul to a distraction robbery at a Valencia area ATM with the thief stealing her bank card and then going on a spending spree

A 47-year-old man has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Alzira after charging €7,774 to the victim’s account.

He stood behind her while she made an ATM withdrawal in Alzira and then struck up a conversation with her.

At some point during the pleasantries he stole her bank card and she left the area unaware of what had happened.

Days later when she checked the balance of her bank account, she discovered an array of unauthorised charges and reported the fraud to the police.

The man made the most of his opportunities before the theft was discovered, as he made substantial withdrawals at ATMs in Alzira, Cullera, and Valencia in addition to using the stolen card at several stores.

Officers located the suspect- with no criminal record, and charged him with fraud and theft.


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