ORCA whales caused major damage to a boat off the southern Andalucia coast on Thursday, according to the maritime rescue service.

It’s the latest in a string of similar incidents that have happened this year.

Orcas though classified as killer whales are an endangered species that belong to the dolphin family and grow to be eight metres long with a weight as much as six tonnes.

Thursday’s orca attack saw a group of them break the rudder and pierce the hull after ramming into the sail boat Mustique which was travelling under a British flag to Gibraltar.

The crew of four reported the incident and got assistance from the rescue service which sent out a rapid-response craft and a helicopter.

The boat was towed to Barbate to undergo repairs, with nobody on board suffering any injuries.

The yacht Alboran Champagne suffered a similar impact from three orcas just off Barbate earlier this month but was not as fortunate at the Mustique.

The craft was completely flooded and was left adrift to sink as it could not be towed to the port.


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