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DINING in the Dark is a gastronomic experience that offers a secret tasting menu entirely in darkness.

Already a sensation in more than 30 cities worldwide, with successful stints in Madrid and Valencia in Spain, this unconventional dining concept challenges the conventional notion that eating is primarily a visual experience.

While 80% of people rely on their eyes while eating, ‘Dining in the Dark’ ventures to explore what happens when the sense of sight is taken out of the equation.

Psychologists argue that this sensory deprivation allows diners to fully immerse themselves in the authentic flavours and aromas of each dish.

Soon, this cutting-edge culinary experience will debut in Malaga, marking the first time it graces Andalucia, as confirmed by the brand through their social media.

How it works:

The process involves blindfolding oneself, and in a room illuminated only by candlelight, guests will discover how focusing solely on taste and smell can be a truly revelatory experience.

During the 90-minute dinner, guests will be completely in the dark while enjoying one of the three menus they have previously selected: the red menu (meat), blue menu (seafood), or green menu (vegan). Guests will also have the option to indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Dining in the dark comes with a cost ranging from €40 to €70 per person.


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