PETROL prices are at their highest since over a year ago after the ongoing increases over the month of August. 

The new hikes came as millions of Spaniards drive back from the coast this weekend after their annual holiday.

Diesel and petrol prices have been on the rise for eight consecutive weeks, having experienced a 12% increment in this time period. 

Petrol is 0.65% more expensive than it was last week as the average price per litre in the country is 1.721€.

The scandalous increases the cost of petrol has experienced over the summer have resulted in current prices being the highest since July 2022.

Diesel prices have experienced a 0.62% rise in the last week, reaching 1.612€ per litre, and are now the highest since last February. 

In Malaga province, the litre of petrol is more expensive than in the rest of Spain, averaging 1.760€/l. 

Unsurprisingly, the Costa del Sol is home to the highest prices, as a number of stations across the A-7 highway, between Estepona and Malaga city, have set the litre of petrol at over 1.8€. 

Meanwhile, the cheapest prices in the region are seen in the municipality of Cerralba, with the litre of petrol costing slightly under 1.5€. 

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