THE Guardia Civil has seized 600 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container on a Quart de Poblet industrial estate in Valencia province.

Some of the cocaine packs- with a total retail value of €130 million- were stamped with images of cartoon character Bart Simpson.

Officers arrested eight Spaniards and Dominican Republic nationals, as well removing over €4,000 in cash and a gun.

One of the men tried to escape and had to have one of his fingers amputated after getting it trapped when he fell down the stairs.

The Guardia operation was carried out in association with the Global Drug International Network which exchanges information between countries about international gangs.

Investigations started after police forces in Central America tipped off the Guardia about a shipment of a large amount of narcotics hidden in a container being transported on a merchant ship to Valencia.

It’s the latest of a series of drug stashes imported into the port of Valencia via shipping containers from Central and South America.

Officers monitored the arrival of the container and followed its journey to a Quart de Poblet logistics centre.

The premises were then raided as the cocaine packs were being unloaded by the gang.

The eight detained men aged between 24 and 19 face up to six years in prison, plus expulsions for the three Dominican Republic gang members.


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