Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Claire Thomas' Almeria Almanac

Bye bye Mr Negativity

TWO weeks into the new year and already I've gotten off to a very bad start to 2016. Like many, I'm not one for making new...

The Ebola Crisis

Security measures were put into place at Almería's port and airport following the spread of Ebola

Europe: In or out?

Olive Press blogger Claire Thomas ponders the question of a Brexit

A New Year but same old ways

My goodness it's 2015 already, where has the past year gone? asks OP blogger Claire Thomas

Humid not hot!

If the mosquitoes haven't gotten to you this summer, then the heat will have

Life so far

New OP blogger in Almeria Claire Thomas introduces her life so far on the coast she has called home for ten years

Don’t mind me, I’m just shy

I don't think I'll ever be as out-going as I'd like to be, but that is something I'm working on

A young cosmopolitan stuck in a Spanish village

I want culture, excitement and a cosmopolitan cocktail!

Stop blaming Europe

OP blogger Claire Thomas gives her personal opinion on the Europe: In or Out vote

San Juan festival in Spain

The festival of San Juan is a magical night, celebrated on the June 23, that welcomes the start of the summer season - the summer solstice

Decision time!

With less than a month to go, election debates and campaigns are in full swing

Lights, Camera, Action for Almeria!

Almeria blogger Claire Thomas on the arrival of the film industry