Friday, August 19, 2022

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Predatory behaviour and the destruction of Iberia’s coast

Charles Schoengrund draws interesting parallels between the twin disappearances of Madelaine McCann and the coastline of IberiaAFTER reading the feedback on YouTube concerning the...

The true cost of being cheap

As the furniture superstore opens in Málaga, the Olive Press asks if Ikea goes far enough to combat the exploitation of child labour in...

Oil spillage poisons aquifer

A GRANADA court is investigating how 120,000 tonnes of a vegetable-based contaminant was allowed to enter underground water supplies. Mayor of Atarfe Víctor Sánchez and...

The gentle giants of the wasp world

Man’s misunderstanding of the hornet has led to the insect becoming almost extinct in certain parts of Europe

The man who changed history

Emilio Silva laid the foundations for the recent law which denounces Franco - his uprising and his dictatorship - and recognises the Republicans who...

“My grandfather was buried in a roadside ditch”

Emilio Silva, director of the ARMH (Association for the Recovery of Historic Memory) shares the Civil War story of his own grandfather with Lisa...

It’s in the climate, stupid

Following last issue in which Fiona Flores Watson attacked the slick, corporate image of the Climate Project, after meeting him in Nashville this year, Rosie Sinclair has quite a different view of Nobel Laureate Al Gore

Andalucia and the Strategy for Coastal Sustainability

AT the end of October, Madrid made an announcement of a radical change in the policy that has seen Spain’s coast become saturated in...

Remembering Franco

Writing exclusively for the Olive Press, Franco biographer Paul Preston claims the legacy of the dictator’s rule has come to nothing as Spain embraces democracy.

Justice defeats the conspiracy

As those responsible for the train bomb attacks in Madrid are brought to justice, Carlos Pranger believes Spain’s politicians should respect the victims and...

Drowning in a desert of plastic

There is a certain irony, claims Bob Maddox, that not only do the plastic greenhouses of the coast of Almería and Granada suck the land dry to stock the shelves of supermarkets, but also threaten the lives of local populations with increased risk of flooding

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Climate Change*

With the news that up to 85 per cent of Andalucia is under threat from desertification, in this simple Q&A scientist AZZAM QASRAWI explains the phenomenon of climate change

Climate undergoes sea change

Bob Maddox assess the findings of a report claiming the oceans are not absorbing as much carbon dioxide as they once did

Saints and souls and modern day ghouls

For Theresa O’Shea, Halloween in Spain is a time for visiting departed loved ones and eating roasted chestnuts PUMPKIN sales in Spain at the end...

The dehesas of Extremadura

The size of Switzerland, the region of Extremadura is home to farmland unique to Spain and endangered animals such as the lynx and imperial eagle of Iberia

A local paedophile, not the McCanns killed Maddie

As the parents of Missing Madeleine claim their innocence on Spanish TV, the Olive Press’ Jon Clarke – the first British newspaper journalist on...

Dancing bears in Spain cause public outcry

In today’s Europe, Lisa Tilley asks should it be legal to force a wild animal to perform human tricks

Dispatches from a place long lost

In the 50th anniversary since its first publication, Carlos Pranger looks at the events that led to seminal book, South from Granada IN 1954, German...

Why do some want us to forget?

If Spain’s judges can chase, hound and illegitimise Latin American dictators, why can’t they do the same to their own asks Carlos Pranger WITH the...

The Queen of Spain’s literary past

Hemingway for lunch, fascists hiding in the bathroom, beatnik blondes staying for years. After the Olive Press reported that Gerald Brenan’s house is in...

Drowning in water, bricks and mortar

As the big clean up of Almuñecar begins, Bob Maddox draws parallels between the flood destruction wrought in the town and that in sleepy...

The Search for Lorca’s Grave

Carlos Pranger WHEN the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, Gerald Brenan was living with his wife Gamel Woolsey in Churriana, a village west...

Hollywood star’s Marbella home closer to demolition

It appears the Spanish justice system has finally caught up with actor Antonio Banderas

Mystery deluge of sewage from Ronda massacres thousands of fish

Could malfunction of new Ronda sewage works be behind leak that has snuffed out all life in the Guadiaro in Jimera?

The goats of Spain

The wild mountain goats frequently found in herds across the mountain ranges of Andalucia are Spanish Ibex

Myths and mortar

Lisa Tilley delivers some home-truths about the Spanish property market and advice for those who want out




VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Tourist train flips over injuring 11 holidaymakers including four children on Spain’s Mallorca

AN EYEWITNESS has told the Olive Press that a tourist train crossing the resort of Santanyl on Mallorca was going too fast when it...


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