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Developers lose six million libel battle

Bosses lose law suit against green, campaigning magazine

Wildcat back on the prowl

EXCLUSIVE by Andrew Pearce: La Cala cougar spotted again

Where will it end?

EXCLUSIVE: Olive Press tracks down "deluded" horse cruelty woman. While Seprona claims horses are fine, local charities fear the worst.

Expat exodus

Hard-hitting survey confirms exit fears

Cold water poured on sewage plant project

Officials condemned for their ‘lies’ after further Nerja plant delays

Worst drivers in Spain

New report confirms drivers' suspicions

We’ll drink to that!

EXCLUSIVE: In-depth Olive Press study proves that Spain floors UK when it comes to basic essentials and our perennial vices

Demolition deluge

Now Malaga is showing its muscle in the season of knock downs

Does it costa bit more in Spain?

For most people, living in Spain certainly trumps life back in the UK, but is it still as cheap as we once thought it was? Andrew Pearce and Asha Stuttard whipped out their calculators, pencils and notepads to shed further light on the price-playing field.

Slithering inland…

Life finds a way as rare species of snail found near Ronda

Dino delight for Costa del Sol

Mijas mayor announces plans for dinosaur theme park

Dangerous liaisons

Pay-out for Spanish actress whose dreams of a night of romance with Jeremy Irons came crashing down

Highway to heaven

Editor Jon Clarke takes a culinary tour of Cordoba now the new motorway has finally opened

Stand and deliver!

US treasure hunting company Odyssey must return 500m euros of ‘plundered’ spoils to Spain

The January hangover

As if the rains and floods weren’t enough, now we’ve got to face the ‘Cuesta de Enero’ or ‘January climb’, explains Gaspar Cuesta, of Hispalense language school

The demolitions that are a disgrace to us all

Lennox Napiers vents his anger towards the Junta and the lack of support shown to beleaguered expatriates facing demolition orders

Bin Laden photo-fit angers Spanish politician

Age-enhanced mug shot of terrorist leader used facial features of former party leader

Was Atlantis in Andalucia?

Latest archaeological breakthrough indicates Andalucia may have once been home to the mythical civilisation

Let the car take the strain

New 'road train' idea soon to be tested in Spain will allow drivers to relax with a movie or a book while on the motorway

Two million payout for noise abuse

Landmark decision on Velez-Malaga noise pollution levels

“My local mountain hotel is to be renamed Harbour Lights and have Jacques Cousteau-themed rooms!”

The Web Manager of the Olive Press reveals how good humour and community spirit beat the floods in his town

Back to the days of Anarchy

Rare photos published in fascinating new book

What a wash out

Costly damages after floods decimated a trio of hotels and put a dampener on their best-laid Christmas plans

Floody hell

Junta chiefs blasted for lack of action after thousands of homes washed away in heaviest rainfall on record

Spain rain frustrates Schumacher

Extreme Andalucia weather now thwarts former champion

Crash, bang, wallop

The Olive Press investigates if the La Cala curve is Spain’s most dangerous bend after at least 15 crashes between Christmas and New Year




COVID-19 cases and hospital admissions continue to fall on Spain’s Costa Blanca

149 new COVID-19 cases were reported today(May 5) in the Valencian Community, according to the regional health ministry. The key week-to-week comparison means there are...