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Welcome to my prison office

Disgraced mayor is ‘running town hall’ from his jail cell. Here, Juan Enciso is seen leaving court.

‘Narco-sub’ that got blown out of the water

As dozen Algeciras dockers are nicked in drugs swoop - and UK and Spain work together on 375 million euro haul - court hears how two Andalucian businessmen funded an underwater smuggling operation that quickly sunk

Record rainfall sees worst floods since 1940s

Some of heaviest rain on record leads to flood chaos in Andalucia. Here, a submerged house in Jimera de Libar, near Ronda. Picture Karl Smallman.

Brit developer in property scandal

Expat developer and shamed flamenco mayor implicated in Alcaucin housing scandal

Fishermen unite to protect tradition

Ancient technique endangered by new fishing quotas


After years of speculation, months of investigations and weeks of digging, Spanish poet Lorca's remains are nowhere to be found. A big mistake, or did Franco's troops clear the mass grave just weeks after it was used?

Greenpeace warning

Hard-hitting campaign warns of future with decisive summit now underway

Junta stands its ground

Government stance threatens to further enflame Axarquia housing row

Three Kings come early

Award-winning tourism plan to restore King's Path to get funding this month

The Prehistoric museum of Andalucia

2010 is the 600th anniversary since the Christians conquered Antequera... But that is almost like yesterday in the glorious history of Andalucia’s oldest town, where Spain’s ‘first architects’ were based, writes Jon Clarke

Enough is enough!

Andalucia ombudsman calls for immediate halt to all coastline construction

From bling to book

Marbella launches Andalucia's first English-speaking university

Lucky trousers

Winning lottery ticket put in the wash

Sustainable Spanish retreats

Are you concerned about the environment? Would you rather take the train than travel by aeroplane, or car? As the Copenhagen earth summit looms, Asha Stuttard finds ten eco-friendly options right on your doorstep around Spain

Mass graves to be excavated in Ronda

Civil War victims will be exhumed in the Serrania

Brits Costa-bound again!

The British are investing in Spanish properties again

Wild goose chase to Extremadura

Andrew Pearce explains why these geese are by foie the happiest in the world... just ask President Barack Obama!

Four houses and a hotel!

How one Andalucian estate agent has sold four properties and become a part-owner of a Dream Hotel in just one week. It’s an excellent sign for the property market.

Exclusive: Have you seen mein car?

German woman disappears owing thousands in rent and with her next door neighbour’s car

I was a fifth wheel

Matthew Pritchard reflects on his sense of uselessness becoming a father

Last of the frogmen

On Remembrance Day, the last surviving frogman tells of his courageous feats more than 60 years ago

Double tragedy needs averting

The PP backs plans to save historical site that inspired Garcia Lorca's masterpiece

In a big flap!

Couple return home to find a rare Griffon vulture on their bed, while second family find another on balcony

They’ve bottled it!

EU ‘no vote’ saves Spain from loss of 185 million in benefits, while developed countries dig their heels in over proposed greenhouse gas cuts

Wild horses come to Algeciras

Galloping thoroughbreds cause mayhem

Best greenway in Europe

Greenway scoops award




Spain launches brand new submarine in Murcia this week under watchful eye of King Felipe

A COLLECTION of Spain's dignitaries, royals and military leaders will descend on the port of Cartagena this Thursday to witness the launch of Spain's...