Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Spain’s pirate-matador gored in the face AGAIN five years after losing his eye

Five years after losing his left eye in a horrific goring, Juan Jose Padilla has taken another horn to the face

4×4 bullfighting shows slammed by Spanish animal rights group PACMA

The Spanish political party released footage of 4X4 drivers chasing after bulls

Bullfighting is suffering a ‘profound crisis of identity’

Bullfighting will disappear sooner rather than later

Biggest bullfighting protest takes place in Madrid

Protesters rallied to stop the sport

Female bullfighter Cristina Sanchez returns to ring for charity after 17-year break

44-year-old slays 317th bull in Madrid to raise money for cancer research

Mexican bullfighter gored at Malaga feria

The novice was gored in his right thigh

Bull gores 60-year-old man to death during festival in Spain

His death is said to be the first in the local event's history

Death of a bullfighter

OP blogger Marianne Hill on the death of bullfighter Victor Barrio yesterday

Spanish bullfighter Victor Barrio gored to death by bull on live TV

The bullfighter was rushed to hospital but doctors were unable to save his life

Spanish city bans ‘flaming bull’ runs citing animal cruelty

Funding for bull runs and bullfighting schools have also been cut

Animal rights protest planned for Jerez

May will see the start of Jerez's bullfighting season

Shocking photos of collapsed horse at Sevilla’s April Fair shared by animal rights group PACMA

The group says horses are overexerted every year but nothing is done

Bummer… bullfighter gets gored in backside

Matadors rushed to his aid as blood poured down his leg.

Animal rights protest planned for Sevilla’s ‘April Fair’

Animal rights group says millions are spent by the Andalucian government to subsidise bullfighting

ANIMAL RIGHTS FOCUS: A positive view of bullfighting in Spain

In a controversial dispatch, expat bullfighting aficionado Lenox Napier argues the case for the corrida

ANIMAL RIGHTS FOCUS: Is the tide finally turning on Spain’s attitude towards animals?

Animal welfare in Spain is often dubbed appalling, but charities, shelters and changing traditions suggest the campaign for change is gathering momentum. Tom Powell asks, has the tide finally turned?

POLL: Would you ban bullfighting in Spain?

So far the Olive Press poll has produced a clear result

Spanish support for bullfighting slumps to new low – have your say

Huge drop in support among young Spaniards suggest custom is dying out

VIDEO: Swedish porn star is mystery Marbella bullfighting activist

Amina Axelsson, leapt into the ring and unveiled a banner reading 'Stop Bullfighting'

Ricky Gervais slams bullfighting as seven people are gored to death this summer

Gervais is not the only one, as a Spanish activist jumped into the Malaga bullring to comfort a dying bull last week

Bullfighting makes more money in taxes for the Spanish government than cinema

While the government pours money into the cinema industry, revenue from bullfighting remains much higher

Matador attacks protester in Marbella’s bullring

The protester jumped into the ring after the third bull’s death