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VIDEO: ‘David Beckham of bullfighting’ Rivera Ordonez fighting for life after being gored in Aragon

Ordonez's father, Paquirri Ordonez, died in the ring after being gored in ‘almost identical’ fashion 30 years ago

Castilla-La Mancha invests bullfighting money into school books

The funds from the cancelled festival will go to buying schoolbooks for unemployed families

Ronda statues to honour American artists Hemingway and Welles

Orson Welles and Ernest Hemingway spent many summers in Ronda and will now be immortalised there

Anti-bullfighting protest at Estepona’s Feria

The Colectivo Antitaurino Marbella stood in protest outside of the Feria's gates

Documentary hopes to cure Spain’s animal cruelty epidemic

Film director and producer Miguel Angel Rolland speaks exclusively to the Olive Press about the launch of his most 'important work' and his desire to revolutionize Spain’s animal cruelty epidemic

Fighting for the fight

Following the removal of bullfighting from France’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’, we wonder if Spain would ever follow suit

Sadness and elation in Granada’s Plaza de Toros

The corrida de toros in Granada was an intense, emotional experience - one which left OP blogger Mark Nayler feeling totally stirred up for hours afterwards and well into the next day

GRAPHIC VIDEO: American youth seriously injured during bullfighting festival in Spain

Surgeon Enrique Crespo said it was "the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on"

Malaga residents to vote on banning bullfights

Extrovert mayoral candidate to host referendum on bullfighting in Malaga in run up to mayoral elections

Ronda bullfighting festival about to launch

The main attraction of the Feria de Pedro Romero - held from September 1-6 is Saturday night's bullfight

Barcelona’s last bull-ring to become first mosque

Qatari Emir to build largest mosque outside Mecca, Medina

Bullfighting afforded protection by state

Animal rights groups have hit out at the decision

Spanish Congress votes to protect bullfighting

International animal welfare groups condemn decision

Russian billionaire follows in bullfighter’s steps

A Russian billionaire enlisted the help of a British bullfighting expert for his first corrida

Outrage after top bullfighter posts pit-bull attack on Facebook

Joao Moura Jr posted pictures showing a pack of pit bulls attacking a calf at his finca

Kate Moss in Spanish themed shoot

The famous fashionista goes Spanish for latest racy shoot with famous matador Jose Mari Manzanares

Bull breeding estate open to public

A new estate is demonstrating why the world of bullfighting should be preserved at all costs, writes Jon Clarke

Oil paintings from Malaga

Artist Manuel Sanchez has released a new glossy book featuring his Spain-themed art

Bullfighting lives to fight another day in France

French authorities give backing to the bloodsport despite high profile campaign condemning it

Fighting the critics

Nothing divides opinion and gets the emotions flowing quite like bullfighting

I’m taking the bull by the horns, insists British bullfighter

EXCLUSIVE: Trained by the ‘Pirate’ Padilla, British matador Alexander Fiske-Harrison argues that as the ‘national fiesta’ returns to Spanish TV, bullfighting is more popular than ever… and we Anglo-Saxons are big hypocrites to oppose it

Hindus slam televised bullfights

Leading Hindu Rajan Zed has called the tradition 'barbaric and unacceptable'

Bullfighting is back on Spanish TV

Bullfighting has returned to state-owned television this week

Estrella Morente to perform in Malaga’s bullring

The singer is excited to bring flamenco music to the bullfighting arena

Have you seen this painting?

Oil painting by Juliette Robb stolen from Los Arcos restaurant

Crazy Cantona in for a bit of bullfight bloodletting

EXCLUSIVE: The French ex-footballer has been spotted in Sevilla