Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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‘The Pirate’ returns to the bullring

Spanish matador Juan Jose Padilla has come back fighting

An eye-popping recovery for Spanish bullfighter

Surgeons say Jerez bullfighter could fully recover after being gored in the face and nearly losing an eye

Catalonia hosts its last bullfight

Spain’s top matadors fought in Barcelona for final time before controversial regional ban takes effect

Turning off the lights

Bartie suggests an alternative to banning bullfighting

Tom Cruise?

What was Tom Cruise doing attending Ronda's famous bullfighting festival?

What a lot of old bull

As bullfighting stories once again flood the media Wendy Williams discusses what the future may hold for this controversial sport

Bull on the rampage in Spain

Spectators were forced to flee after a bull leapt into the stands at a bullring in Tafalla injuring 30 people

Bullfighting banned in Catalonia

A parliamentary vote makes Catalonia the first mainland autonomous region in Spain to ban the practice

Despite torture scenes the brave are still taking the bull by the horns

The recent furore surrounding the cruel scenes in Alhaurin el Grande has reopened bullfighting debates. But a definite distinction must still be made between this heinous act and the sport itself, writes Andrew Pearce

Bull tortured to death in Spain

Hordes of drunk revellers descend on helpless young bull at Andalucian town feria

World cup winner locks horns with bullfighter

Matt Dawson in danger of seeing red rag when he moves in next door to Jesulin de Ubrique

Rain in Spain is a pain for bullfighting fans

Two months or rain is affecting the livelihoods of Andalucia's bull rearers

Lack of bull market saves bulls

Numbers of bullfights drop by 23 per cent as fans look to save money

They’re back in the ring

Fran and Cayetano are both getting divorces at the same time

Matador Row

A row has broken out after Spain's most popular bullfighter won an award from the Culture Ministry.

The other bullfighting

Neil Wilson looks at the recortes, a spectacular form of bullfighting that – perhaps – belongs in the circus rather than the ring