Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Poison claims over death of Spanish lawyer

Ana Hernandez, a Spanish lawyer, was found dead at her home in Doncaster

Life’s a beach in Spain

Five Spanish beaches among the top 10 in Europe

Frisky injury in Tenerife

A 49-year-old woman fell from a balcony while having sex with her husband

The volcano lurking in the Canaries

A robot will be sent down today to find out more

Canary Islands volcanic eruption Red Alert issued

Residents of La Restinga on the island of El Hierro have been told to prepare to evacuate

The geography and politics of Spain

Whilst the history of Spain is long and complicated, the geography and political set-up are fairly straightforward. Paul Whitelock takes a look.

Four Spanish weddings …

Paul Whitelock has had the good fortune to have been invited to four weddings on Spanish territory

Fish bound for Spain seized

Authorities are investigating after impounding suspected 'pirate fishing' cargo

Inheritance Tax scrapped in Catalunya

Paul Whitelock looks at the detail of the decision and provides further information about this potentially punitive tax for residents and non-residents with assets in Spain

Lost city of Atlantis spotted near Canary Islands

Ancient underwater city has been found by Google Ocean

Airports close in southern Spain

Icelandic ash cloud wreaks havoc once more in Spain

Canary Islands to cut environment protection

Green groups protest as half the islands protected species could be put in danger