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Spain’s Prime Minister Rajoy knew of corrupt slush-fund, says former PP treasurer

Luis Barcenas insists Rajoy knew about corrupt payments 'from the beginning'

Podemos back in first place, says latest opinion poll

The anti-corruption party would take 28.2% of the vote

Spanish political parties accused of dodging the law using crowdfunding websites

Watchdog calling for legal loophole to be closed

Don’t lose your vote in Spain!

December 30 is the cut-off date to vote in next year’s big elections, your chance for change

Podemos remain at the top of the polls and gaining ground

Podemos keep on rising in the polls and would win elections in Madrid, Cadiz and Barcelona among other places

PP set to abandon Spain’s controversial abortion reforms

Mariano's PP about to U-turn, allegedly motivated by electoral concerns

A year of EQUO

Juantxo Lopez de Uralde looks back over his party’s first year

A swing to the right in Andalucia?

While most expats are ineligible to vote, Wendy Andersen looks at why tomorrow's regional elections are so important and wonders whether Andalucia is about to vote Conservative for the first time since the Junta was formed 30 years ago

Spain walks election tightrope

With the election round the corner, the economy has failed to grow in the third quarter

What is Gibraltar waiting for?

Date for election has still not been announced even though parliament will be automatically dissolved on November 7

Gibraltar election fever

Gibraltarians are set to vote next month. Wendy Williams takes a look at their choices...

Gibraltar will head to the polls… some day soon

Caruana tells Spanish radio station that election will be held ‘before Christmas’

Ronda mayor ousted from Spanish politics

Controversial Ronda mayor to be kicked out after tactical union, while pacts and deals are being struck to take control of town halls around Andalucia

El Ejido has a new mayor

But will it make a difference?

Expat election apathy

Most foreign residents eligible to vote in Marbella haven't registered to do so

Mojacar election malpractice

Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve party is calling for the District Electoral Board to keep a close eye on postal votes

Spanish local elections: Best of a bad bunch

100 candidates standing for mayor in the forthcoming May elections are currently being investigated by the courts





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