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New dawn rising

Spain ‘is going through a new transition’, said the Podemos leader

PSOE’s Pedro Sanchez rejects political pact with Mariano Rajoy or the PP

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias and Ciudadanos leader Albert Rivera prepare for meeting with Rajoy

Mariano Rajoy seeks pact by offering PSOE Spanish constitutional reform

PP leader attempts to thrash out deal as he prepares for meeting with PSOE head Pedro Sanchez

ELECTION OVERVIEW: Podemos rock Spanish politics but unclear future looms

New dawn for Spain as anti-corruption parties Podemos and Ciudadanos smash the PSOE/PP duopoly

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Coalition talks weighed up by political parties

Although the PP have won the most seats, Mariano Rajoy's party will find it hard to find other parties to go into power with

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Uncertainty over future with king poised to propose leader

Confusion reigns with King now able to propose candidate for prime minister

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: PSOE hit hard in Costa del Sol seat as Podemos eat into vote

Podemos come third in Casares Costa constitiuency with Ciudadanos fourth

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Exit poll shows shock growth for Podemos

Pablo Iglesias's Podemos party rock Spanish politics with up to a quarter of the seats in parliament

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Voting numbers down from 2011

By 14.00 on Sunday, 37.02% of the 36.5 million Spaniards registered to vote had cast their ballot

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Millions vote as Spain’s new political era dawns

SPAIN'S political leaders have cast their votes as the country heads to the polls for a landmark general election. A high turnout is expected, with...

SPANISH GENERAL ELECTION: Campaigning ends as Spain prepares for landmark vote

Spain prepares for a general election that will see Ciudadanos and Podemos challenge the PSOE and PP

Ganging up

There is everything to play for in the run-up to the elections

Pablo Iglesias calls for all Spanish children to be able to study country’s regional languages

Spanish schoolchildren could be taught Basque, Catalan and Gallego

‘I’m glad I did it’, says youth who punched Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy

PP leader receives backing from PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez following assault

VIDEO: Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy attacked by youth

The Prime Minister was punched in the face and his glasses broke

VIDEO: Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy punched in face by attacker during election walkabout

The man approached Mariano Rajoy with the excuse of asking for a picture and then turned and punched him in the face

GENERAL ELECTION SPECIAL: Election fever sweeps nation

Spain’s most closely-fought general election since the return to democracy marks a new era of multi-party politics

Spanish Prime Minister was catching up on expat news during crucial TV debate

Mariano Rajoy picked up a copy of his favourite english-language newspaper while in Andalucia

GIBRALTAR ELECTION: Picardo: ‘Nothing makes me prouder than to renew the exact same team’

Fabian Picardo has thanked Gibraltar for re-electing him as Chief Minister after landslide victory

FABIAN PICARDO INTERVIEW: ‘I’ve met the new dawn’

Four years after taking charge of Gibraltar, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo tells Tom Powell his proudest achievement, one regret and why Gibraltar doesn’t need a Podemos or UKIP

Gibraltar general election set for November 26

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced the Gibraltar election date on TV

Show of force

Record Catalan voter turnout cannot be seen as a frontrunner for the independence movement

Election surprise – what next?

Richard Alexander looks to the future after the Tory victory n the UK

ELECTIONS: Four-way pact could kick PP out of Marbella

Munoz requires the support of Si Puede, an anti-corruption party, to stay in government

Ciudadanos leader says ‘change is unstoppable’ within Spanish politics

Ciudadanos leader, Albert Rivera, also rubbished comparisons with Podemos

VIDEO: Wife of Mayor of Mijas goes viral with song of support for May re-election

IT could have been love or political ambition that led the wife of the mayor of Mijas to make her singer-songwriter debut in a...





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