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The 11 restaurants in Spain that LOST their Michelin stars this week

WHERE THERE are winners, there must also, sadly, be losers. And while 31 restaurants in Spain were announced this week to have won their...

Spain now has 15 restaurants with an incredible 3 Michelin stars – but how many are near YOU?

THE Spanish Michelin Guide for 2024 has been revealed, bringing the country’s roster of three Michelin star restaurants to an impressive 15. Noor in Córdoba...

These 31 restaurants in Spain have won Michelin stars for the first time – including on the Costa del...

TWO Costa del Sol restaurants are among 31 Spanish venues to be awarded Michelin Stars this year.  BACK, in Marbella, has been awarded its first...

Two restaurants in Spain get first-ever coveted ‘three star’ Michelin award

TWO restaurants in Spain have been upgraded to a maximum 'three star' Michelin status in the organisation's 2023 guide for Spain and Portugal. It brings...

EXCLUSIVE: As Dani Garcia’s Michelin-starred restaurant shuts, top chef spills beans on what Michelin Guide really look for

After Dani Garcia announced the closure of his restaurant after winning a third star, we take a look at the gruelling Michelin world and why the accolade is so hard to attain and more importantly, maintain

MICHELIN GUIDE 2019: Which Andalucian restaurants won stars?

Andalucia now boasts 22 stars with 10 of those in Malaga

Famous Marbella restaurant becomes Andalucia’s second to win three Michelin stars

DANI Garcia’s self-titled restaurant has just become the second in Andalucia with a prestigious three Michelin stars. Not only that, but Garcia’s Marbella-based joint was...

Spanish chef makes history with second three Michelin star restaurant

A SPANISH restaurateur has won his second three Michelin star restaurant for the first time in the country's history. Martín Berasategui was awarded the honour for his...

Spanish restaurants head for the stars in 2016 Michelin Guide

Spain’s galaxy of Michelin stars features eight restaurants with three, 23 with two and 157 with one

My Sherry Amor

The Mistress of Sizzle owns up to a new vice




Skiing in Spain’s Sierra Nevada: How the ‘Costa del Ski’ is perfect for Christmas card snowscapes and adrenaline-pumping thrills

"THERE’S no way I’m skiing down that. I’ll walk up, get my ski and take the lift down," insisted my Olive Press colleague, looking...


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