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Moorish makeover for relaunch of Andalucian teahouse on Costa de la Luz

Exotic family photos of travels around the Middle East take pride of place in the quaint teteria

HUNDREDS of migrants including newborn babies rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions

HUNDREDS of migrants have been rescued by Spain amid stormy sea conditions.  Some 329 people, including newborn babies, had to be rescued after their wooden...

Spain to send more troops to Iraq ‘despite ISIS defeat’

SPAIN will not withdraw its troops from Iraq despite the recent 'victory' over ISIS.  According to head Spanish military trainer Luis Zaldumbide, the time has...

BREAKING POINT: Andalucia struggling to cope with migrant overload as numbers TRIPLE in one year

ALMOST 15,000 migrants have been rescued off Andalucia's coasts so far this year. According to the maritime rescue service, the figure (14,577), is three times...

UAE buys fleet of military planes from Spain as Yemen famine continues

THE UAE has signed a contract with Spain's Airbus Defence and Space company for five C-295 military transport aircraft. The Middle Eastern state's military announced...

Middle Eastern property giant Cayan Group to develop in Marbella

Leading Middle Eastern real estate developer teams up with Spanish builder

Environmentalists fight back as 1,000-year-old olive trees are ripped out of the ground in Spain and sold for six-figure...

With trees selling for as much as €100,000, the Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente Foundation wants a law change to ban the uprooting and sale of these trees

Investment in hotel sector booms in Spain

The total investment in 2015 is set to reach record levels

Tarifa’s new bird lab to become world leader for migration

The centre will study the effect of global change on bird migration

Middle Eastern investors hit European market with €107 billion

Middle Eastern property interests hit good portion of Europe

Pilgrim train tilts towards France

Spain now expected to lose out in AVE mega deal for Saudi Arabia

Tourists will ease economic recovery in Spain

But Spain must become more competitive and improve on quality, say experts

Slow down in Spain

The upheaval in the Middle East has caused Spain to lower the motorway speed limit to 110 km/h




Diplomatic storm brewing as Red Arrows display in Menorca cancelled last minute in retaliation for Spain blocking Gibraltar show 

A DISPLAY by the Red Arrows over Menorca has been cancelled at the last minute amid claims that Spanish authorities had blocked the team...


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