Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Spain’s un’appy cabbies up-in-arms over new carpooling apps

Protests were held across the country

Protest against Repsol gas drilling on the Costa del Sol

Citizens are up in arms about the drilling, due to start in February 2015

Police arrest six at eviction of family with newborn baby in Madrid

'Extreme violence' was allegedly used at the eviction of the young family

Join protest against Repsol drilling on the Costa del Sol

The protest group will meet in Fuengirola on Saturday June 28

Students launch further strike action against education cuts

The Students' Union demands that people join them and stand up in the defence of public education

Abort the bill

The Spanish Government has drawn up a draft bill proposing to ban abortion

Spain says ‘no’ to ban on abortion

Spain has definitely said 'no', and the rest of Europe appears to agree

Protesters gather to demonstrate against anti-protest legislation

Anti-protest legislation sparks protest outside parliament

Gibraltarians stand loud and proud in London

Group hands over letter and dossier of evidence to Spanish embassy in Kensington

Hail hell

More than 300 people protested in Almunecar in support of local farmers affected by a hailstorm in August

Return to the Inquisition

Pie protesters facing 29 years in prison for opposing environmental destruction in the Pyrenees

Spanish man set himself on fire outside job centre

A 36-year-old poured petrol on himself in Malaga

Flamenco flash mobs in Andalucia

Clicking castanets and polka dot dresses... the latest anti-capitalist protests

Costa del Sol group continues fight against drilling with Fuengirola protest

Citizens Against Oil Exploration on the Costa del Sol will stage another protest tomorrow in response to proposed drilling 9 km offshore

Sevilla residents take to the streets to protest against budget cuts

Up to 500 demonstrators shouted slogans, as similar marches took place across the country

Anti-austerity protestors march in Spain

Doctors and teachers among thousands demonstrating against spending cuts and tax rises imposed by the government

Meltdown in Spain

The economy is on the brink of collapse, threatening to take the euro down with it

Javier Bardem accuses Spanish government of killing culture

Spanish actor joined hundreds of people on the streets of Madrid in a protest against the massive hike in VAT that will hit cinemas

Spain pays the price of financial folly: As airports and luxury flats stand empty as monuments to Spain’s overspending,...

The Daily Mail’s top features writer David Jones considers the reasons behind Spain’s current strife

Rubber bullets fired on the streets of Madrid

Police clash with protestors as thousands of Spaniards march in solidarity with the miners

‘Wake up call’ protest against health cuts

14 hospitals across Andalucia were closed for 24 hours

Environmentalists fight plans to build hotel complex on virgin beach in Tarifa

Town hall has backed scheme to build 1,423 hotel places and 350 homes on unspoilt coastline

Un mundo para todas

Malaga filled with protesters of all ages, eager to have their voices heard and to be part of a strong and peaceful movement calling upon the government for change

Riot breaks out as family are evicted for failing to pay €24,000 mortgage in Spain

The family with three children were forcibly evicted from their home in Jerez as six police were injured and guns were fired in the air. Exclusive By Jon Clarke

Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ in Spanish protest chaos

Real-life protest against constitutional change comes face to face with fictitious demo from Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest film

Spanish protesters take to the streets against the Pope

‘Lack of money’ has fuelled outrage against his visit