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Zapatero: The good, the bad and the ugly

As Zapatero makes ready to shut the doors of the Moncloa Palace behind him Wendy Williams looks at some of the highs, and the lows, of his nearly eight years in office…

Race of the Number Twos

Spain to choose between two leaders with low ratings in next Sunday's general election

Rajoy and Rubalcaba head-to-head

The candidates for Prime Minister battled it out during live TV debates last night

Water fight in Spain

Residents in La Vinuela have been left without water for weeks

New pact sees corrupt former mayor banished

The PP, PA and Green Party in Alcaucin have come together to block the PSOE party and cut any ties to former mayor Jose Manuel Martin Alba

PP wins in all provinces in Andalucia

Socialist party suffers a crushing defeat in regional and local elections

Mojacar election malpractice

Mojacar Positiva Se Mueve party is calling for the District Electoral Board to keep a close eye on postal votes

Embattled Spanish PM Zapatero to stand down at next election

Economy and rising unemployment given as reasons to hand over to likely successors including either Rubalcaba or Chacon. By Jon Clarke

Andalucia goes conservative

Andalucia is likely to see the first change of government in 30 years

Gone cuckoo in Gaucin

Mayor branded an "ostrich" for burying his head in ground and disappearing despite town's financial chaos

Dune and dusted by Costa del Sol

Andalucia officials criticised for their rampant development of coast

Cold water poured on sewage plant project

Officials condemned for their ‘lies’ after further Nerja plant delays

Parties unite over corruption

PSOE and PP join together to fight problem

Bad luck Tuesday but not for Zapatero

Historic Spanish superstition falls today


Health chiefs in Spain propose tough Easter COVID-19 curbs across whole country including the Costa del Sol and Costa...

SPAIN'S Ministry of Health is proposing a tough package of measures to stop a new wave of COVID-19 cases being created over...