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Sherry producers in Andalucia’s Jerez area of Spain launch campaign to boost UK business

PRESTIGIOUS sherries from the Jerez area will feature in a new advertising campaign targeting UK drinkers after a recent sherry sales boost during COVID...

Famous wine and sherry producer known for Tio Pepe is voted decade’s best winery in Spain

ONE of Spain's most famous sherry and wine producers has been voted 'Best Spanish Winery of the Decade'. The AEPEV association of wine journalists gave...

TURNING TO VINEGAR: This year’s sherry festival in Jerez is dedicated to wine that went wrong

From August 31 for two whole weeks the famous tipple takes centre stage alongside the best of everything else the city has to offer

7 GOOD things the British have contributed to Spain

While we do we have many a moron - as does every country - Spain knows that we, too, have something to offer

Belinda Beckett raises a toast to the sherry merry month of May in Spain, with its free-flowing booze and...

With barrels of rebujito hitched to the back of the tractor-drawn wagons you can refresh yourself as you walk/dance/stagger along the route

SHERRY XMAS: All you need to know about Andalucia’s famous tipple and what to pair it with this festive...

There’s one to go with everything, writes La Bodega del Cantinero’s sommelier, Juan M Padron

WINE TIME: Cocktails to enjoy in the sunshine (finally!)

IT'S taken its time, but I think I can safely say that summer is just around the corner. It’s so close I can almost taste...

Sherry sales more than halve in ten years as Brits go off Spanish tipple

Jerez fortified wine sees popularity plummet

Travel through Jerez in latest excerpt from expat author Nick Nutter

Nick Nutter's The Sherry Triangle is available on Amazon and Kindle

Sherry seeing a revival in Europe as consumption grows in Spain for first time in 30 years

Experts say the 1.5% increase is due to the growing demand for organic and natural wines

Match made in sherry heaven

For the perfect introduction to Jerez and its sherries, the best way is via a maridaje or ‘marriage’ with food

The nonsense of Spanish opening times

The only thing that you can do in Jerez on a Sunday is go out for tapas

Sherry makes a comeback in Jerez

Jerez’s most famous export is stepping back into the light after a decade in the dark

What makes Jerez’s mice so happy?

It's not flamenco...

Jerez: The toast of Andalucia

Sherry is only part of the heady mix that makes Jerez a heaven for hedonists. Imogen Calderwood samples the cultural cocktail that leaves every visitor shaken and stirred

My Sherry Amor

The Mistress of Sizzle owns up to a new vice

Jerez toasts success as City of Wine

Andalucian city crowned European City of Wine

Increasing numbers of younger Britons opting for port over sherry

Younger British audiences are being more and more attracted by port, with sherry still very much associated with the elderly

Raise a sherry to a 200-year-old Charles Dickens

Jerez-based Jose Luis Jimenez has been invited to commemorate the author's birthday

Shakespeare’s Spanish stamp of approval

Jerez is launching an official postage stamp in honour of William Shakespeare

Sherry Part 1: Barber Pepe and the wines of Jerez

Troy Shaheen always suspected that sherry in Jerez was something for the tourists. Like hookah bars or sweet teas or tee-shirts with bulls on them

The Yank in Jerez: An introduction

Troy Shaheen, an American teaching in Jerez, introduces himself and the city

Andalucia wine: 20 reasons to go local

In the fourth of our Buen Vino columns, Sara Wallace gives you a taste of the 20 wine regions of Andalucia

Comeback King!

In the second installment of new wine column Buen Vino on Andalucian wines, Jon Clarke discovers how sherry could be on the cusp of a dramatic return to fashion

My sherry amor

Robert Friedlander takes a tour around the sherry-steeped history of Jerez, where he has lived for the last five years

Take a ‘tripple’ to Jerez

Looking for a fabulous family day out? Why not try Jerez?





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