EU supports CEPSA refinery pollution probe

LAST UPDATED: 7 Jan, 2012 @ 23:32
EU supports CEPSA refinery pollution probe

GIBRALTAR’S MEP Graham Watson has welcomed the EU’s support of his concerns over increased pollution from the CEPSA oil refinery.

It comes after the EU’s commissioner in charge of the environment insisted that ‘shortcomings presently exist for the installation.’

“I am pleased that the Commission is working with the Spanish authorities to reduce pollution levels,” said Watson.

“However, this action cannot come soon enough.

“The pollution levels and pockets of cancer in the area are concerning. I would like to see a thorough scientific analysis to ensure health is not being put at risk.”


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  1. after the last spate of complaints, public demonstrations etc which occurred a couple of years ago, the cepsa refinery at san roque in spain reduced flare ups during daytime and said they were being considerate to concerns – absolute B¨¨¨¨¨¨ks all they did was ensure that flare ups happenned at night. When even the workforce complained they retorted to “the fact is that it would be more beneficial for the company to relocate to south africa where there are not so many concerns……needless to say that in the jobless region the complaints by their workforce diminished overnight :(