More than a third of Spaniards breathing ‘dangerously polluted’ air

LAST UPDATED: 9 Oct, 2014 @ 23:33
More than a third of Spaniards breathing ‘dangerously polluted’ air

A THIRD of the Spanish population are breathing air whose pollution levels are above the EU limit.

More than 16.8 million people – 36% of the population – have been exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants, with diesel engines being the main source.

Green group Ecologists in Action has also warned that 95% of Spaniards have been exposed to unhealthy pollution levels, taking into account the stricter recommendations made by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

‘International health authorities estimate the number of premature deaths [in Spain] to be 20,000 a year,’ due to complications arising from air pollution, said Miguel Angel Ceballos, one of the report coordinators.


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  1. Got to laugh at the ITV test for cars. My petrol car emmissions test was watched closely by the chap there to make sure it is not a fraction over the CO2 limit. Meanwhile Pedro in his old diesel in the next lane, fires it up, creating huge clouds of carcinogenic black smoke, is waved through no problem.