WATCH: 64-year-old woman gives birth to twins in Spain

The birth will likely be met by controversy

LAST UPDATED: 16 Feb, 2017 @ 11:44

THIS is the moment a 64-year-old woman in Spain gave birth to twins.

The unnamed OAP has now become the country’s second oldest mother after a successful Caesarian section at the Recoletas Hospital in Burgos.

The boy and girl are in a ‘perfect state of health’, weighing 5lbs 3oz and 4lbs 8oz respectively.

The pensioner fell pregnant following successful IVF treatment in the US.

But the birth will likely be met by controversy after it was revealed that the woman, said to be from Palacios de la Sierra, had her last child taken away from her.

According to El Mundo, the mother had a daughter via the same method six years ago, but social services took her away after detecting problems related to a lack of schooling and personal hygiene.

The young girl is now believed to be living with a relatives after being removed in 2014.

A hospital spokesman said of today’s birth: “The mother and her twins, a boy and a girl, will remain in the hospital for four or five days which is normal after a Caesarian.

“There were no problems. Everything went according to plan.”


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