Thursday, 27 April, 2017

Antonio Flores (Columnist)

Antonio Flores (Columnist)
Lawyer Antonio Flores is the legal columnist for the Olive Press. Antonio has been practising law since 1997, year in which he began working for a large law firm in Marbella as a Property Lawyer. In 1998 he left the company he had joined a few months earlier, and used his knowledge and the experience gained to build his own practice. He is known throughout the community as independent, reputable and trustworthy. Through a combination of strong work ethics, determination and international exposure, his competence of Spanish Law is unparalleled and demonstrated through his fluency in English and Spanish.

Columnist Antonio Flores explains why many off-plan buyers are finding that there is now a market to sell on their contracts before they get the keys to the properties.

"Fines for not declaring rented income range from 50% to 150% of the unpaid tax"

SPAIN'S federalization process has added layers and layers of bureaucracy to everyday living

The abusive nature of these contractual clauses, which makes them void, stems from the description made by the Supreme Court

Certain obligations must be fulfilled

The effects of Brexit appear to have reached some Spanish government offices, including some courts of law

To celebrate with the Olive Press special tenth anniversary, Antonio Flores of Lawbird picks out his Top Ten Legal cases

Real estate agents should serve a minimum of two years in prison for defrauding both buyers and sellers

The activities of a squatter are not protected by the law

IN our previous column, we discussed a number of “law” urban legends believed by both expats and locals. Here we discuss a few more:   Squatters have rights: This idea has been thrown around many times,...

From public nudity to insurance for red cars

Grounds for divorce differ in Spain to the UK

Are you legally required to speak Spanish?

Columnist Antonio Flores' advice on renting foreclosed properties

How to put your property in the best position

100,000 British investors could be in line for a payout

Thousands of Spanish consumers probably owe Podemos recognition

How good relations with opposing counsel can be advantageous

Fallout of Panama Papers has got the world’s attention… but what exactly does it mean?

The curious case of Tax on Rental Contracts

Supreme Court rules life insurance bond for investment could be declared void

Do 40,000 Andalucian families really move to Madrid each year for inheritance tax reasons?

Seven things you should know about starting a business in Spain: S.L. or going self-employed


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