Wednesday, 13 December, 2017


Unless Spain solves local issues by next February, Doñana could lose its UNESCO status

Final redoubt of world's most famous wild cat the lynx seriously under threat, writes Wendy Williams

The regional government is to “bury” some roads in the Doñana National Park in a bid to cut the number of Iberian lynx killed by passing motorists in the nature reserve

Junta officials swooped on the sites which unscrupulous parties had been using to tap an aquifer on which the Sevilla and Huelva-based national park is dependent

More than 14,000 people took part in the survey

It comes after Andalucia’s PSOE slammed PP leaders for massively reducing Doñana’s state funding from €428,000 in 2016 to just €142,000 this year

Pedigree sum on offer for the safe return of two Yorkshire Terriers stolen in Spain

Five thousand rabbits per year are to be released in one of the few remaining habitats of the endangered Iberian lynx.

Something in the air as two of the world's most endangered feline give birth while third is expecting

There are no cinemas, beaches and Chinese takeaways, but it’s ham heaven in the rolling mountain region of Aracena that few have heard of and even less visit, discovers Jon Clarke

Course to host tournament for third time following 2005 and 2015 events

It had escaped from a nearby circus

A government spokesman put the increase in arrests down to ‘exceptional work’

Homeowners are being warned by consumer associations

SPAIN is to see an increase in alcohol and drug checkpoints on its roads this weekend. Checkpoints will be especially increased on conventional roads and...

Fracking firms have been met with strong opposition from locals and regional authorities

Archaeologists discover the exact place Columbus set sail for the New World in Huelva

The European Commission has just agreed to consider pressing the Spanish government to evaluate the dangers of Gas Natural Fenosa’s pipe building project in the national park

A total of 107 horses have been killed in El Rocio since 2007

High winds and torrential rain are predicted to lash the country

The average tourist spent €1,023, or €138 per day

Businessman denounced for forging documents so he could claim €300,000

The mayor of San Juan del Puerto saves life of Moroccan stranded in boggy marshland in Huelva

Emergency services have been working hard to stem the leak and prevent danger to the public

Guy Hunter-Watts, author of Walking in Andalucia, takes a look at the Sierra de la Aracena




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