Monday, October 22, 2018

Double trouble for second homes

News of a British couple facing the loss of their UK home after an unsuccessful property investment in Spain has triggered a wave of indignant reader comments in the UK tabloid press

Show must go on

It is heartening that the defiant Material Girl has the ‘cojones’ to show ISIS we’re not scared

This week’s most read news (14 December – 20 December 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week

The Olive Press scoops Costa Press Club awards

Reporters pick up southern Spain's key journalism prize

Should Beatle make the Olive Press Expat 100?

John Lennon wrote hits such as Strawberry Fields Forever in Andalucia, while Melanie Griffith and Orson Welles have also been nominated

Kramer v Kramer

Pitting lawyers against each other is not exactly big news. But when they are suing each other it gets more interesting

Andalucia travel guides

For the latest, most incisive and up-to-date insider guides for southern Spain download a full-colour All About Andalucia pull-out today... Brought to you by the Olive Press, Andalucia’s best English-language newspaper

OPINION: Football foul play

It is appallingly sad to hear about expat children being denied the licence to play in Spanish amateur leagues

What you’re chatting about… (2-8 November 2013)

The Olive Press' most commented news of the week

Well done Dave!

Congratulations to expat landlord Dave Lomas on getting rid of his unwanted tennant

What you’re chatting about… (14 December – 20 December 2013)

The Olive Press’ most commented news of the week

Mijas matters: Wake up!

The town hall needs a change, and fast, writes Bill Anderson

Opinion: Green groups slam government’s new solar power law

The law makes a mockery of Spain’s apparent drive to cut carbon emissions in the next decade

In ALL the right spots

The Olive Press is getting to the heart of Andalucia

Superjudge’s crumbling crusade

Judge Baltasar Garzon proved that international law knew no boundaries with his pursuit of international dictators and terrorists, yet his idealistic principles are now in grave danger of being thwarted by his very own, writes Andrew Pearce

Everyone deserves a holiday – give Manuela Carmela a break

Everyone deserves a summer holiday. But not if you're mayor of Madrid, according to some

What you’re chatting about… (16 – 22 November 2013)

The Olive Press’ most commented news of the week

This week’s most read news (12-18 October 2013)

Take a look at the five most-read stories on the Olive Press website this week

¡Enhorabuena Olive Press West!

Hip hip hurray! Olive Press West is one today. Has it really been 365 days since our sister newspaper was launched? For 12 months,...

We prayed for rain and boy did it come

We prayed for rain and boy did it come, writes Giles Brown


THE warped logic of many councils around Andalucia is stunning. While tourists are the main source of income to the region their interests are often...

David’s in the dog house

Klein cannot deny the embarrassing irony of this whole affair

Spanish rock and pop: Relistening and rethinking

After taking a close listen to the best Spanish bands, we were surprised to discover how darn good they were

Spain’s Rajoy will need all the help he can get on Catalunya independence issue

Rajoy begins his second term in a completely different political landscape

Marbella’s got talent

The coast’s most irritating lounge lizard is back for a summer missive... wearing just his Dolce & Banana thong

Rafael Nadal hits out at Catalunya referendum saying Spain is ‘stronger together’

Nadal issued a stern warning to Catalonia as the tennis legend attacked plans to hold a banned referendum on Catalan independence from Spain.


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