Sunday, 22 January, 2017


Britain to leave single market and seek bespoke customs union deal

The eight include Spain's Amancio Ortega

Paxti Lopez is the first to announce his intention to stand in the contest for the secretary general post

Catalan leaders stand accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless artworks

13 retired ambassadors called for Trillo's removal in a letter to the minister for foreign affairs

Guardian journalist Giles Tremlett says EU and Brit expats should 'stand together'

The visit has already been re-scheduled twice: it was originally planned for February 2016, but cancelled after 47 people were executed by the Saudi Kingdom.

The swing comes as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont promised a ‘legal and binding’ referendum this year

Vice secretary Fernando Martínez-Maillo said he could see Mariano Rajoy governing for 12 years

A look back at one of the most dramatic years in memory

Not one of the eight provincial cities has an approved spending plan

Podemos is to give all its members the chance to decide on future policy between February 4 and 11

Sixty eight politicians from across Spain rallied in Madrid to plead with the former PSOE general secretary to stand for re-election to the top job at the party's 2017 congress

Party organiser slammed for hashtag campaign against Errejon

Iglesias issued the ultimatum as rival Inigo Errejon prepared to address the party’s national conference

Spanish Secretary of State for the European Union insists government will only deal with Downing Street

Unveiling Scotland’s Brexit plan, the First Minister said the move would be ‘democratically justifiable’

The prime minister said she wants to guarantee the status of 1.2 million Brits living in the EU and 3.2 million EU citizens in the UK

Crowd of 30,000 packs Spanish capital to fight PP measures

The government is considering replacing the ‘Nazi time zone’ it currently operates in with Greenwich Mean Time

He was accused of fiddling administrative records and urban developments made while in charge

In total, some 400 people made it across the border

Protesters in Sevilla want more control over the military and other key areas

The minister forecasted a 3.2% economic growth for Spain this year


Iberostar has invested ‘several million euros’ in its Malaga Playa resort in Torrox Costa, the largest complex between Malaga and Motril


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