Tuesday, 27 June, 2017


DONALD Tusk has said Theresa May's proposals for EU citizens in the UK post-Brexit are 'below expectations' and 'risk worsening the situation of citizens'. The...

Last year saw 6,726 migrants attempt to enter Spain by sea

She wants to offer 'certainty' to the roughly three million EU expats in the country

It's a year since the historic vote

There has been debate since the referendum what her view would have been

Spanish exports to the UK reached a record high of €19 billion in 2016

PP leader expresses relief after Podemos fail to win Congress vote

Philip Hammond is reportedly leading a Cabinet push for May to abandon plans to pull out of the EU's customs union

The NHS is already struggling with nurse vacancies

The setbacks comes as she is still attempting to secure a deal with the Northern Irish DUP

Samantha shared the intimate pic on her Instagram account

The Spanish government in Madrid has said it will block any attempt to divorce the region from the rest of the country

The DUP are staunchly against gay marriage and abortion

Labour have said they will be ready to govern

The foreign minister said the British government needs to do 'everything humanly possible'

New York has also fought against the practice

The UK government currently pays €575 million a year for healthcare provided to some 190,000 British pensioners living in the EU

The region employs 1,096 public employees, of which 164 are civil servants

Two-thirds of Spanish arms sales went to EU members or NATO partners

It comes after the UK was outgrowing Germany, Japan and even the US before the Brexit vote last June

The budget should be adopted by the end of June

Martinez claims official reports show that the track was illegally rented back to the town hall



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