Sunday, 19 February, 2017


The prime minister hopes 'nothing is going to change' for British expats in Spain

SPAIN will send troops to Latvia as part of a NATO mission which Russian officials have labelled a 'threat'.  The mission to 'strengthen Latvian security' will include...

Security expert Will Geddes appeared on ITV's This Morning and TalkRadio to talk about the report

WHENEVER things get difficult, Gibraltarians have to remind all who care to listen that we are British. Only recently our current Chief Minister, Mr Picardo...

The document also pointed out it could now be left up to individual member states to decide if British nationals can live in their country

BLOG: America and the UK are going through an identical change... now comes the politics, writes Ashley Andrews

Choose Freedom Campaign needs one million signatures

ISIS sympathisers in Spain are being urged to 'attack, attack, attack!'

The firebrand leader cemented his control of the left-wing party by winning both the votes in the general secretary and political agenda races, both of which he said he needed to win to remain in the top job

The ambassador to Spain has said that the country's sanctions-related losses have so far totaled €785 million

The Liberal Democrats have now vowed to get the amendment passed

The clip attempts to 'appeal' to Trump by highlighting its racist history and insisting that the Spanish are 'definitely not Mexican'

Mariano Rajoy made the commitment in an official telephone conversation last night, the first between the two parties since Trump came to power

It is 40 years since Suarez's introduction of the civil war 'pact of forgetting' and Spain's first democratic elections

'Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK Government', says PM

The pair discussed the issue during an informal 25-minute meeting

EXCLUSIVE: Olive Press talks Brexit with the UK's man in Madrid

There's a lot more to King Felipe than meets the eye

Environmentalists claim the trees are rapidly depleting a precious underground aquifer

'UK Citizens in Europe - Towards an Alternative White Paper' demands protection for expats

He died with his mother when their inflatable boat sank

The dogs who survived the attack are still visibly shaken

Madrid spokesperson says government will be more 'discreet' than other EU countries

THE ex-leader of the Socialists has launched a fresh leadership bid. Pedro Sanchez announced his candidacy to a huge 3,000 strong rally in Sevilla, the...

Authorities say the lifeless body was found on Friday

It comes after the latest polls show 47% of Catalans support independence


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