Sunday, 30 April, 2017


Prime minister Mariano Rajoy and ex prime ministers Felipe González and José María Aznar are among the 10 caricatures pasted onto the side of the left-wing political party’s eye-catching ‘Tramabus.’

Rajoy will give evidence in a corruption case concerning his party

This is despite a pledge last year by the Conservative government to introduce a bill to scrap the unpopular 15 year limit on expat rights in time for the next national return to the polls

The Tory leader also took the opportunity to take a dig at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The eight provinces will receive 36,6% less than in 2016 with only €1.16bn euros to spend on major public projects

The Chief Minister admitted he was not 'a big fan' of the idea, but it could be a viable option 'in the future

Carme Chacon, who almost became leader of the PSOE, was found dead in her Madrid home on Sunday aged 46

Madrid launches Brexit charm offensive after EU puts Gibraltar veto on table

The regulation is a response to 'the increase of terrorist threats'

Its 8-month report was just 34 pages long

A spokesperson for Spain's Foreign Ministry insisted that Spain does not recognise maritime spaces belonging to Great Britain unless they are listed in Article 10 of the Utrecht treaty

MAYORS have offered their support to British expats in Spain. Manilva and Casares mayors Mario Jimenez and Pepe Carrasco made their commitment at the Manilva...

The Sun has urged its readers to 'make the strength of feeling known on keeping Gibraltar British

EXCLUSIVE: Securing rights 'number-one priority', says Michel Barnier, but nightmare scenario looms

It comes after Lord Michael Howard said the UK prime minister would be prepared to show the 'same resolve' as Margaret Thatcher did over the Falklands

Lord Michael Howard implied Theresa May would be willing to go to war over the Rock

The Olive Press spoke to Spaniards living in the UK and to Brits living in Spain

Gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since 1713 and is home to 30,000 residents

A series of corruption scandals has caused popularity for the PP to wane

The draft says there can be no 'cherrypicking'

It comes after she formally triggered Article 50 on Tuesday night

They will meet at the El Pardo palace outside Madrid

Theresa May signed the letter to trigger article 50 late last night

The letter informing the EU that it will leave the bloc has now been received by Brussels

Negotiations between the UK and EU members will now begin

The 'Made in Country' label was first introduced by the UK 130 years ago


The UK business giant repurchased the Son Bunyola estate for a reported €11 million after selling it some 13 years ago following a row over planning permission


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