Wednesday, 18 October, 2017


While Almería and Telde have maintained their low level in the annual ranking, Mijas has plummeted

Morse’s worrying intervention comes as the National Audit Office said there was 'very little flexibility' in plans for a new customs system

The Queen gifted King Felipe copies of love letters from his great-grandmother to King Alfonso XIII

The visit is seen as fundamental in smoothing relations with Spain, a key negotiating partner in the Brexit negotiations

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain will visit the Queen Elizabeth and Theresa May next week

Both groups remain uncertain about their future residential rights

Police were called to the apartment by neighbours who complained of loud noises

Some 60 migrants have died so far this year trying to reach Spain

The 32-year-old has now made himself available for all such visits going forward

There is no minimum turnout needed to validate the vote, according to the bill

The Spanish monarch said the vote will only 'negate freedom'

The pair were surrounded by escorted by nine bodyguards

There will now be pressure on ministers to come up with sensible immigration plans

She also said the UK wants to continue to participate in the European Health Insurance Card scheme

It comes after two weeks of talks in the wake of the shock hung parliament

Spain was one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriage

Today marks the anniversary of the UK's historic Brexit referendum result

DONALD Tusk has said Theresa May's proposals for EU citizens in the UK post-Brexit are 'below expectations' and 'risk worsening the situation of citizens'. The...

Last year saw 6,726 migrants attempt to enter Spain by sea

She wants to offer 'certainty' to the roughly three million EU expats in the country

It's a year since the historic vote

There has been debate since the referendum what her view would have been

Spanish exports to the UK reached a record high of €19 billion in 2016

PP leader expresses relief after Podemos fail to win Congress vote

Philip Hammond is reportedly leading a Cabinet push for May to abandon plans to pull out of the EU's customs union

The NHS is already struggling with nurse vacancies




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