POLICE and trading standards officers investigating “suspected breaches of consumer law” have raided four UK offices of Spanish timeshare king Garry Leigh’s Incentive Leisure Group.

Leigh, the brother-in-law of Costa Killer Tony King, has long claimed that his business is above board and legal.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

His company offered to buy unwanted timeshares and then persuaded people to spend thousands of euros on membership of Leigh’s Designer Way Vacation Club.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

The Office of Fair Trading, which co-ordinated last week’s raids, said the investigation was at an “early stage” and there was “no assumption” offences have been committed.

The investigation continues.

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  1. I have been taken in by these people. I was persuded to part with money to enable them to pay the maintenace costs in exchange for a claim back scheme to recover in excess of my money after 5 years and to join their holiday club. So far they have paid the maintenace for two years, after lots of reminders, but my timeshare company refuse to deal with them and they refuse to refund my money.

    They are now trying to find a way to register the ownership deed without using their own name and by using an employee. Keep well away!!

  2. Following all the comments and info about ILG has anyone else been aproached by PRO CALL CORPORATE SERVICES SL CALLE PINAR 5 28006 MADRID reference the associated cash back reclaim scheme and if so thoughts on whether it’s another scam outfit ????

  3. Further info and comment.
    Pro Call
    Phone 0034 911436417

    In my limited conversation with Pro Call plus bit of research it appears they are basically a call centre acting on behalf of clients.
    On their own admission they are not Solicitors or Lawyers and have no Legal Standing.
    If you read the Cash Back terms and small print which didn’t register until you read the document again at home !!!!it was only ever guaranteed 10% back of what was paid in.The cash they now want up front plus the cost of going to see the so called consultant minus their 10% is hardly an incentive to get conned again,
    In conversation with Pro Call I offered to pass all the information to the Fraud Squad The reply was playing amatuer Detectives would get me nowhere and the phone conversation was immediately cut off.
    As well as paying money up front and handing over my Timeshare deeds and entering the Cash Back scheme I am watching and waiting to see if someone comes up with a solution where we can get redress.Our Timeshare was for even years only and despite going down a Legal Route with our Notary and supposedly selling the Timeshare until we get confirmation from the Timeshare company we don’t know whether it was actually sold or another scam.
    Most importantly we need to keep this thread going in the hope that someone comes up with a positive solution on what to do.

  4. I have been further contacted today by a female allegedly from the Cash Back Bank of Gibralter to confirm I had declined to register with Pro Call consultants.Long boring discussion which anyone they contact will be subjected to plus a Verbal confirmation that the Cash Back bank actually exists. Good luck to any6one who can find it registered as such.Its probably as genuine as the original International Bank originally referred to.
    If anyone involved in this has not done so use the internet and search Cash Back scams and even ‘Cash Back bank of Gibralter’.There is lots of useful information about the whole thing and hopefully it will help in deciding what to do.
    Good Luck

  5. i have been asked to go on line to pro-call.org can anyone tell me if this a genuine site or is this just a scame
    i have been told that i can clame all my money back for my timeshare dew to the fact that i did not have a cooling off period.

  6. If you have evidence in writing about the cooling off period before you consider spending more money ‘chasing another unknown’ why not go and talk to your local Trading Standards Officer .
    If this outfit was real and the offer was genuine why are they not able to send a person to the UK to sort it out instead of expecting thousands of people to go to Spain.
    Beware of anyone who asks for more money up front.

  7. after i bought into the timeshare, i changed my mind the next day when i tried to cancel i was told there was no cooling off period in tenerife so i am stuck with it but ontop of all that i never got my packed with my cash back certificate

  8. I was contacted by Reclaim on Monday evening. They called me back on Tuesday, as I was quite confused by the time our telcon was concluded. The lady concerned, Sarah Hobbs, insisted that Incentive Leisure was fraudulant and that Reclaim were trying to do their best to sort out the Reclaim Certificates. She said if I went to Tenerife to see ProCall within the next 18 months, they could bypass the system whereby as Incentive Leisure have not completed their portion of the Reclaim Certicate, they can tie up a legal scheme to ensure I get the money back from Reclaim when it is due, less the 10% which they will charge me for their services, instead of passing this money back to Incentive Leisure as being uncliamed by me! I think it all sound very fishy, and I am anxious to know how other people are dealing with this company. IS THEIR ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN CONFIRM THAT PROCALL IS A BONA FIDE COMPANY.

  9. I was contacted 01/11/10. I asked who they were, so sent me an e-mail :-
    Pro-Call Corporate Services SL
    El Pinar, Calle Pinar 5, 28006, Madrid
    You have been contacted by my colleague Lin Sheldon and I am therefore writing to confirm that we have contacted you due to a problem with your paperwork relating to the reclaim scheme that you were signed up to when you purchased your holiday membership package.
    You have been invited to meet with a consultant in order to complete the re-registration of your documents and once this has been completed the consultant will process your claim and as your premiums have been paid in through Reclaim, we can guarantee you 90% of the monies back that you lost through the purchase of your holiday membership.
    There is a window of 18 months to travel in order to resolve your claim, and we will provide all of the named owners and any dependent children with accommodation for up to seven nights and at no cost to yourselves. A minimum of four weeks notice is required prior to travel and to confirm your appointment with the consultant.
    During your meeting you will be met by a qualified consultant who will assist you to claim back the funds that you lost when you purchased your holiday membership package and to register your reclaim certificate properly. This meeting will take place on one of the days that you are in Tenerife. The remainder of your stay is your own time to do with as you please.
    The registration fee of £259.00 mentioned to you is to cover the consultancy fee and any paperwork that we have to procure on your behalf in advance of your meeting. This fee is payable via either Visa or Master card and we are unable to accept any alternative payment method as these are the only methods to offer payment protection to you. Once this fee has been paid all funds are securely held awaiting your meeting. This fee will be refunded in full on completion of business and added to your refund.
    I will ask my colleague to contact you further in order to complete your registration, but in the meantime should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Kind regards, Claire Adams
    Pro-Call Corporate Services SL
    Tel: (0034)) 911436417

    Will ring back today, but I suspect a scam.
    I checked Pro-call on timesharetalk.co.uk/forum and there was one person who said he finally got his money back, so maybe….

  10. I have also received phone calls from procall and the same email that you have had i think it is a scam and i think we should all do something about it as the last lot of cons ILG who put us through a terrible time of turmoil and stress and nearly broke up our marriage why should these people get away with it lets all stand together.

  11. I too have received a phone call today and as I said I was not prepared to be conned out of another £259 they sent me the same e-mail! I am expecting a follow up phone call! If it proves to be a genuine offer, Great! But Once Bitten Twice Shy! If anyone gets anywhere withthis please let us all know. I will see what transpires and hope to keep up to date. I hope someone will take this up on our behalves.

  12. WE too have been phoned several times by pro call, same story. All sounds very plausable and I wonder would £259 be such a big price to pay for a week in tenerife if all else failed and we didn’t get our money back. The have not claimed to be part of ILG as some people stated, just a call centre working for the reclaim bank. Can’t find out if that exists. hoping to hear from someone who has been there.

  13. I too had the same call last night they have promised to ring back on Sunday, I too am wary it sounds too good to be true, 90% back of the reclaim certificate and a refund of the £259 paid for accomodation, I would be interested to know if it is genuine before losing another £259 on top of what we have already paid out to Leisure Incentive.

  14. I have had the same phone call and e mail, today sunday i have recieved more phone calls from Karren at reclaim group telling me they would close my file if i did not act soon and therefor would get nothing back from them,could anybody please advise.

  15. We were approached by Pro-Call and advised them that we were not interested it was just another scam. Our file was passed on to the Reclaim Investment Bank in Gib who advised us that we were indeed entitled to 90% of our money back .. after long hours of searching the internet we decided that anyone could put anything on these sites and we were prepared to give it a go.
    We travelled there in October and just last week the money was paid into our bank. YES!!!! it worked!!!!!
    The reason for this message is to show everyone that YES we were sceptics but gave in and are so so so glad we did. Christmas will be a lot better for us this year – Thanks to everyone who made this possible – Vanessa you did a great job.

  16. Hi
    I have spent hours and hours researching every combination of the word Scam concerning ILG and the Cashback Reclaim Bank and can only say congratulations to Jenny Sellaway on being the first person that I have found in months of investigation in all the years that cashback has operated with this outfit that has got money back !!!!!!

    I spent hours for about the third time on the phone being educated about my Cashback certificate and how it needed re -registering because it was wrong plus all the crap about how much I was due to get back.The lady in question who had phoned me assured me she was phoning from Cashback Bank in Gibralter at the start of the call yet at the end of it assured me again she was in Gibralter and gave me a dialing code that was supposed to be for Gibralter but was Spanish.
    Who is scamming who.
    I also found and checked out the web site for the alleged Cashback Bank (which she gave me) and surprise surprise the certificate which I hold is identical and filled in with identical details apart from its number and amount to the one shown in the web site !!!

    Sadly all the comment on this site is just comment until someone can come up with a way of everyone getting together and taking joint action to sort it out .I would rather put a few hundred ££ into a fighting fund than into scammers pockets,
    If nothing else I hope all this prevents others from being caught

  17. Clare Barrett and Susan Lowe just wanted to let you know that YES we did proceed and get our money. What I have found since then is that we are not the only ones but as with most things “it worked for us .. so no need to quibble on a site”. I am just doing this because I wanted to try to equal out the doubters.

  18. I have also been contacted by Pro-Call in Madrid, but do not have the courage to spend another £259 on what may be yet another hoax.If this does turn out to be genuine, then it may be that I should have entered in to this today – the date of the call from Pro-Call – but they are stating that this needs to be done before the end of the year as ILG go in to receivership soon and if the funds are not transferred to a separate account, at the Cashback Bank before this happens, then the funds will be taken by the Receiver and I will not be able to obtain any recompense.With such limited time to make a decision this looks like another pressure sale and therfore right or wrong it will not be taken up.

  19. I think some people are losing the plot.There is more to the problem than just getting the cash back money back. I was told that I was entitled to xxxxx000000 pounds (or ??? euros) an amount which was supposed to cover the money from the alleged sale of my timeshare plus the payment up front to ILG.Because my deeds and all docmentation was taken by ILG at Wooley Barns I still don’t know nor can find out if the timeshare was actually sold.This will only be proved if the demands for maintenance fees stop next year.I have had three very long conversations with alleged people from the Cash Back Bank and at times wish I had recorded them.There have been subtle changes in the offers and reasons behind the calls which make one smell a rat.
    If thes calls are legitimate it also intrigues me why no one from cash back will put pen to paper and make the offer in writing and explain properly what its all about.I am sur a stamp cost would also be cheaper than hour long phone calls. I think anyone with sense would walk away from giving more money to an unknown entity on the whim of a phone call.There again I assume that after conning all of us in the first place they can only assume we are stupid enough to get caught again.
    Like many others would like to set up some form of joint action to sort these people out. Sadly I am not computer literate enough to generate a web site dedicated to getting people together to take positive action maybe someone could give it some thought.

  20. We were approached yesterday by Dawn from Pro-Call Corporate solutions. She had quite a bit of information about us in relation to our so called deal and cash-back with DWVC. We received a confirmation e-mail from Claire Adams re Pro- Claim. We proceeded on the grounds that an holiday in Tenerife and the possibility of even 90% refund of all paid may be worth the reportedly refundable £259.00. We received a further e-mail this morning with the agreement and form for completion re travel to Tenerife. We have copied all the information which they have sent to us by e-mail. We will procede and arrange our visit to Tenerife as soon as possible and will report back after the visit. Like many others we are tired of time-share companies and others who make claims without being able to deliver. It is time more factual evidence was collected so that any good guys out, if any, there can be identified. If our experience supports Jenny Selway’s experience then we will be delighted !!~ We will let you know either way! Perhaps we should post the ‘experience’ with ”BBC’s Watchdog” too!

  21. spoke to consumer act and trading standard, was advised not to pay £259 as it is just another scam. read all the comments above, this procall seemed to tell different story when they made calls. Be alert about a woman called rebecaa robinson with english accent, just wonder if she is part of ILG. checked the website(www.reclaim.gi) she claimed she was hired by reclaim investment bank, looked this recalim website, just another scam website set up by ILG, otherwise how could all these scams get our details? reclaims investment bank or cashback bank, they are just same shity crap all these scams created. how can we catch them and make them pay for what they have done to us? I also searched FSC in Gilbrater but didn’t find this so called “reclaim investment bank” mentioned by this sick-hearted procall woman.

  22. FSC have concerns about a company at the Reclaim Investment Bank’s address, but it doesn’t go under that name. They did however say that it is illegal for them to call themselves ‘Bank’ when they are patently not one. Does anyone have a letter on Reclaim Investment Bank headed paper? Or, like me, do you speak to them but only get letters from Pro-call in Madrid. If a letterhead is available FSC may be able to take action. I have told the FSC that I will write to the Company Secretaries for ILG and Reclaim Ltd (which is not registered to carry out Financial business, but sounds remarkably like R.I.B.) to ensure they know what is going on.

  23. I have been on to The Financial Services Commision in Gibralter. They have been very helpful.
    They sent me information from Companies House about Reclaim.
    This is what he says;
    Reclaim Limited is a Gibraltar registered company, but is not regulated by this Commission.

    We have previously reviewed its purported activities, which do not appear to include ‘investment business’ or other licensable (financial services) activities.

    However, you would want to be cautious with any offer of assistance regarding timeshare resales or similar products, particularly those that ask for an up-front fee.

    I attach a ‘profile’ for the company. Please note the comment under ‘observations’.

    The profile shows that the registered address is not at Garrison House but at Haven Court (which are both on Library Ramp but are unconnected). We do not believe the company has any real presence at Garrison House.

    The company listed as ‘Company Secretary’ is regulated by this Commission as Company Managers (Hawk Secretaries Limited). I suggest you write to this company and alert them to your situation, as the persons operating the companies on a day-to-day basis may not be keeping them abreast of all relevant developments.

    Hawk Management Services Limited
    PO Box 900
    Haven Court
    5 Library Ramp

    The following are licensed as Company Managers:

    * Hawk Management Services Limited
    * Hawk Secretaries Limited
    * Lawrence, Keith Barry
    * Nichols, Trevor James
    * Solent Limited
    * Solent Nominees Limited
    * Zarb, Roudon

    Tel. (+00 350) 20074827 Fax. (+00 350) 20076547 info@hawkmanagement.gi
    I have no proof on paper. Can anyone else help?

  24. just got another phone call, a woman claimed she worked for reclaim investment bank, when i asked her to send me a letter from reclaim bank, she said she can’t, not even by email. i told her that I don’t believe what she said, and i need to speak to her supervisor, then after a while, another woman answered phone, when i asked her to give me the name of bank, telephone number, she said she can’t give me, she is only here to regist me for claiming the money back, they talked over you and didn’t give you any chance to ask questions at all.

  25. we have been contacted by steven from Pro-Call today not really sure on what do, just had enough think it is all a big scam how can companies do this to normal people. How do they get away with it I really would like to know and I am sure you all would as well.

    Well just so you all know I am going to get in contact with BBC’s Watchdog and see if they can sort this mess out once and for all and also will be taking ‘Legal Action’

  26. I have had same phone call claiming i can get 90% back from reclaim, then someone from pro-call sent me the paperwork and form to fill giving me a week free and a meeting with the consultant to get my money back. I think it`s a scam but like David & Margaret i am thinking of going next march and tell other people the truth. I have read what Jenny said and hope it is true and goodluck to her but she is the only one person i have come across where they have got any money from this mess. I would like to know if anyone else is thinking on going and if you think i am just wasting my time, one thing is for sure if it is a con i will report back, i would love to get my own back on these crooks or at the least stop other people from being conned. If anyone does come up with a plan or idea i would be interested in looking at it goodluck to all.

  27. I am pleased that Sylvia Woodhead has taken the plunge to go and find out what is happening. So far no one has tried it, and now we might find out the truth, at last! I wish her the best of luck and look forward to hearing of her experience in Tenerife. At the very least, Sylvia, have a nice Holiday!!

  28. I received this call from Pro call tonight claiming all the same things as the above e mails, but something rang too familiar with the same jargon as we heard from ILG.
    She was emphatic the £259 had to be paid with a visa card starting with certain numbers! She is to call back tomorrow for my answer as she said they were not continuing to help after 23rd Dec. Why would a bank supposedly trying to help customers give such a short time scale. When I asked what would happen to the people who didn’t register before that time, her answer was, it would be their loss.I will ask her to send paperwork tomorrow but certainly will not be signing or giving away any more money.

  29. Add me to the pile of those contacted by Pro-call! Have received their email today but it has not eased my fears of a con job. Like many others I do not want to believe that this is another con but my husband is adamant not to hand over any more cash. We have also being given the 23rd as a deadline which seems harsh. I was told that many had already been to Tenerife and were receiving their 90%. Is there anyone other than Jenny out there that has received their money? Supposed to be receiving another call tonight but not sure I want to answer the phone or should I to just pay £259 for a weeks family holiday!!! Help, in need of advice – fed up and confused.

  30. As promised to the FSC in Gibraltar, I have advised the Company Secretaries of both ILG and Reclaim Ltd that the discredited Keith Baker is a Director of both organisations and have forwarded correspondence to them that includes the Pro-call letter and my email exchanges with the FSC. I have asked for a prompt reply, but they may, like the FSC, now be closed for Christmas.

  31. We have also been contacted by Pro-call with the promise of our money back if we go to Teneriffe. They asked us to pay £259 we were very wary at first and our first reaction was no way is anyone going to con any more money out of us, but after thinking it through we thought if we lose the £259 at least we’ve had a weeks holiday out of it and it does give us the chance to see if we can get our money back or if its a scam. We’re 3rd Feb, will let you all know what happened.

  32. Having read Jenny Selway’s favourable comments my first reaction was to question whether she was a “plant” by ILG. I do not beleive this to be the case but it could well be that her success was a small price paid by ILG to persuade thousands of victims to part with the £259 on the grounds that successful claims are “possible”.
    A further doubt is the alternative method of replying to their booking request e-mail (fax or e-mail). If faxed, the form requires sinature(s), but this cannot be done on e-mail yet is nevertheless acceptable. If it were genuine you would think that the form would be capable of being filled in on-line, or as another correspondent said, they would send somebody over to the UK to sort it all out.

  33. we to were contacted by pro call and like many of you
    cannot find anything enlightning about them .after much
    disscusion and arguments with my husband we to have decided
    to go to tenerife in march next year to see what the outcome will be.Im hoping this is not another scam by people with no morales.I will let every one know the outcome.Alan I think it is a great idea to go to bbc watchdog program .there must be 30 names just on this web page I dred to think how many more people are in the same situation as us.

  34. Great stuff that lots of comments are appearing but on the subject of Cash Back Schemes there is quite an interesting article from the Timeshare Consumer Association
    At the end of the day when one reads the cashback certificate that was issued only 10 per cent of the money was put into the cash back fund, so common sense questions where are the vast sums of money that are being offered if one goes to Teneriffe to re-register going to come from?

  35. We too have the same as all of the above and have a deadline of 4th jan. We are not going to be conned again either but apart from not answering the phone, where does that leave us with the original certificate as we don’t actually want to say the word no??!!

  36. January 3rd 2011 contacted tonight by Joanne Jones from Procall, she will ring back before 7pm for a decision!
    I’m sure this is all another scam.
    When I have time I will contact Trading Standards for advise.

  37. As this thread progresses time after time the question what do we do is asked.Unfortunately this site doesn’t allow anyone to add a contact address in the comments otherwise it was my intention to give my address for everyone to use as a focal point so we could document everything that has happened ,get together in geographical areas and hit the trading Standards en masse with the hope they could help.
    I see it as being difficult to do much at the moment since until we actually try and redeem the certificate we don’t know whether they are valid or not since all of the approaches for extra money etc to re -register the certificates are from Pro Call or whoever and don’t appear to be from the actual Cash Back Bank.The addresses of which are given on the actual certificates and don’t appear to have changed.
    My suggestion is that everyone makes 2 copies of their certificates and sends them recorded delivery to the given address with a covering letter asking what the true situation is.My letter and copies are being sent tomorrow with a request for reply by the 1st February. The responses can be logged on this site and used to show Trading Standards that there are loads of people in the same boat.
    I think The Olive Press is doing an ace job in supporting this thread and in seeing that so far only the tip of the iceberg is showing and with the potential magnitude of the problem could even consider giving everyone a focal point of contact to fight these rogues.
    With enough feedback Watchdog could also be approached with a request for help which might trigger some activity.Unless we do something positive just airing our concerns is not going to achieve anything.

  38. As stated earlier today I have posted ‘by signed for mail’ the following letters to both parties.
    I will add an update giving the responses if received !!!

    I hope many of you do the same which will give us more teeth to go to Trading Standards than trying to do it as individuals.Also depending on the responses and Trading Standards advice I will be willing to also pass this on to the Fraud Squad.The time for talking is well passed and we should be taking more positive steps to get redress

    Letter Sent to both addresses

    205 Neptune House
    Marina Bay

    Avenida General Lopez Dominguez No 2A
    Edificio Peurto Azul No 3C
    29603 Marbella

    Ref Reclaim No 00000——-

    Over the past few months I have been approached by various organisations fronted by Pro Call advising me that my Cash-Back Certificate is worthless unless I re-register it by paying a fee and travelling to Tenerife to meet consultants .
    I have enclosed a copy of the original certificate and a copy of the of registration section which was returned using ‘signed for’ post .

    Please would you advise in writing what the true status of this documents is.
    I would like responses by 1 st February 2011 at the latest.

    This Fiasco has gone on long enough and amongst other activities I am in the process of documenting all that has happened with the intention of seeking advice from the Trading Standards Officers on what avenues of action are needed to sort this out.

    This letter has also been copied to the actual address given on the Reclaim certificate as well as the Gibraltar Address and a response from each is requested.

  39. I too kept getting calls from pro call. I am very wary as it sounds too good to be true, which when this happens it usually is! 90% back from the reclaim certificate and a refund of the £259 paid for accomodation. When the £259 deposit was mentioned my ears picked up and I asked her outright if it is a time share. To which she, Lin Sheldon, said it was not. (I have had an e-mail exactly the same as the one in the earlier comments). She said she was only interested in getting our money back. I don’t think it is genuine and I am not going to part with any more money.

  40. For years I have avoided picking up my phone when the display said “international” but inadvertently did so just before Christmas. My story is much the same as everybody else – I spoke to Karen and told her I really was not interested so I have not had so much coercion and no deadline except the 18 months. However she will be ringing me again at the weekend for my decision and I shall fob her off with “can’t afford it try us again in February”. I couldn’t pin her down as to why we needed to go to Tenerife if the Reclaim Bank was in Gibraltar and “why was the e-mail not from her?” will be my next question.

  41. We too have been contacted this week by Lyn Sheldon who said she was from Reclaim. Very sceptical and why would Jenny Selway be posting comments on this site if she got her money back. Would you even bother to look – I think not. Will be good to hear from those who are going to Teneriffe soon. Totally agree with all the comments about getting these people stopped and prosecuted. I have emailed Reclaim so if I get a response will post however if I do it will probably be another load of lies.

  42. Same as everyone…too good to be true….have been told by pro call that the reclaim ltd address is a reg office only and that it’s run by malcolm williis from Malaga (associated with ILG) and is not the reclaim investment bank….I can’t find any address or details about this bank…perhaps Jenny selway can shine some light on this as she has received some funds…hope she is still viewing. The chancer in me makes me want to go to tenerife just to see but time and additional costs worry me.

  43. Have now received a reply from Reclaim stating they are taking legal proceedings against Pro-Call and other companies operating in the same way. They say Pro-call are acting fraudulently and obtaining money by false pretences.My wife was told on the phone by Pro-call the appointment would be for approx. 45 minutes but in the email it says two hours and that you have to keep the whole day free (more hard sell) and why do they want to know if you are a homeowner if they are going to get your money back?

  44. I have been contacted by John Bell this afternoon after not believing the call centre lady before Christmas of my right to travel to Tenerife to get 90% of my Reclaim money back. I have decided to pay the money and have a break for me and my wife in the sun and see what happens. Still not received an email but John did give me a telephone number to ring if concerned at any step. Will confirm when we get more details – still sceptical as hell!!!!

  45. We too have been drawn in by this and are off to Tenerife tomorrow to try to reclaim our 15k. Don’t hold out much hope but at least we will have a week of sunshine! Will report how we got on next week when we get home. Watch this space!

  46. I too,was approached by Pro-call before Christmas. I have received the documents to fill in about the trip to Tenerife but my family are very unsure about the whole sorry business. I am in touch with Oxford Trading Standards based in Banbury and have given them all the details regarding Incentive Leisure and Pro-Call. I am also in touch with Banbury Police who are investigating another fraudulent firm- Golden Sands Marketing Co based in Banbury. Their case is coming to court this month!!!!

  47. Reference my previous input if it is of interest to anyone my letter to Reclaim at Neptune House Gibralter (which was sent ‘International Signed For’) has been returned as undelivered with the box gone away ticked.
    I will advise on outcome of the other letter to Spain when a response is received.

  48. Reclaims registered office in gibraltar is Haven Court, 5 Library Ramp, Gibraltar. I have been in contact with the Gibraltar Authorities who have sent me the Gib Companies house entries for Reclaim Limited (not a bank or covered by any financial services registration), and incentive leisure group who are different to the uk in liquidation outfit.

    They also told me that their are no banks regulated by gib or indeed any companies registered in the name of Reclaim Investment Bank or Cashback Bank.

    If any one has any letters ,documents or emails that state these companies the Enforcement department of the Gibraltar FSC would like copies. Pro-Call are a Spanish Co and I have been advised to contact the Spanish authorities regarding them.

    My wife was contacted by pro call pretending to be cash back bank yesterday and threatened us that if we didn’t send then the registration fee then we would loose all title to the claim. They are calling me today and I will ask them to confirm this in writing to my solicitors.

    Please confirm on this blog who has any written info or any success or otherwise



  50. I too was contacted by someone claiming to be from Reclaim Investment Bank, I delayed her for several days while I did research. When she phoned back I told her that Reclaim Investment Bank was not registered and she gave me a website, from memory, Reclaim.gi.

    My husband delayed her yet again, we were waiting for some reaction on this site from others, but fully believing it to be yet another con.

    Then yesterday I was called by a Brian Croker of Ramirez and Ramirez, lawyers in Spain who are gathering evidence again Reclaim etc. He told me ProCall, Reclaim and Incentive are all the same.

    I now have his email asking for information. Not sure at the moment what to do as the information they require I am reluctant to hand over.

    Anyone else been called by this law firm?

  51. Like Lynette I have been cold called by Anthony Ward from Ramirez & Ramirez who has also stated they are gathering evidence against Incentive Leisure. I find it extremely strange that they have contacted me soon after being “Duped” by Pro-Call as I have parted with £259.00 I am now attempting to reclaim my money back via HSBC Bank as I consider this is a scam and I feel extremely annoyed with myself for having been led up a gum tree.I am very wary of providing Ramirez & Ramirez any information until some one can tell me whether they are a legitimate practice. I am now awaiting with baited breath to hear from Elaine and Stuart whether their trip to Tenerife has been successful or not. I am also concerned that all our E Mails are being closely monitored by Pro-Call as this Web Site is open to all

  52. Further to my previous E Mail I have taken up Brian Fielders advice and now reading up some very useful information by the “Timeshare Consumer Association” Well worth a visit for those who want advice concerning the “Consumer Credit Act” plus a lot of other useful legal advice.Hope this is of help.

  53. I have just been looking at “blogs.mirror.co.uk, opinions web page which just highlights how many people are involved in what purports to be a scam.Makes very interesting reading and just adds to the list of people here who just want the whole issue resolved.What we require is an expert (ie Lawyer) in the field of “Timeshare” who can represent us ALL who feel agrieved and frustrated. A united front.Perhaps “Whatchdog” can help us all.
    Concerning Pro-Call. I have just recently E Mailed them to cancel my consultation in Tenerife requsting they reimburse the fee of £259.00. Soon after I received a phone call from Pro-Call saying they cannot reimburse me and advised me to take up the offer of traveling to Tenerife! I think I will still endeavour to pursue reimbursement with HSBC under the Consumer Credit Act.Has any one who inadvertently paid the fee been reimbursed?

  54. Especially For Lynette and Charles and of interest for others
    Rameriz and Ramiriz I think you will find are another load of chancers so beware,just ask yourself how they initally got your information.I will even suggest that when you really start researching you will find that they are not even Lawyers !!!
    Look them up on google search and make your own decision.
    They will take your information add a big fat fee and you will have lost again.
    If you want to go down a Legal Route in Spain find yourself a real Lawyer.
    Again having read loads of advice fronm all sources If you think Charles that you have been conned again get the Credit Card company involved and get them to claw the money back.I read in one of the web sites somewhere that you can do this.
    Good Luck

  55. Ramiriz and ramiriz are classed as legal consultants who have lawyers they employ they want money up front and then spend a long time delivering so I hear. They are in the timeshare con black list….be very careful once again we need someone who has positive experience of these individuals.

  56. Thankyou Forth Justice. I have been on the following web sites, belegal.com and timesharetalk.co.uk which clarify the situation regarding Ramirez & Ramirez. Strongly advise that Lynette visits both sites to put her mind at ease.
    Secondly I have contacted Watchdog but to date have not received any response. Will keep you posted on any developments.

  57. I have been contacted again by a new lot from Barcelona allegedly representing Cash Back.I am awaiting full contact details and from the conversation it looks like they have taken over where Pro Call left off.

    Meanwhile in my never ending quest for more information I have found the following on the timeshare talk site.
    It probably answers a lot of questions we are all asking.
    It is difficult to find but if you type in all of the following you will get there.


    Scan down the page until you get to ‘Please read warning to all !!!!!!’

  58. Thankyou for the information,Forth Justice. The timesharetalk web page cleared any doubts I had about Pro-Call.It is interesting to note that Elaine and Stuart haven’t as yet given us an update. I wonder why?

  59. I think we are all becoming frustrated by the lack of response from Elaine and Stuart and the REAL TRUTH behind what is actually happening in Tenerife.Is anyone else able to impart factual details.I sympathise with Leonard and inclined to agree with his comments.
    Update on “Watchdog” – no response.
    Update on HSBC – undergoing investigation after providing information.

  60. Just returned from Tenerife. Accommodation provided at San Andres, Golf del Sur not the best but adequate. Lady contacted us Saturday morning & subsequently took us to meet consultant on Sunday.It seems Pro-call are merely a company contacting the likes of us on behalf of the people re-writing our claims which surprisingly are R.C.I.,a company which we have always regarded as good AND legitimate.
    As our Reclaim certificate is not a “bond” we were advised to re-register. The catch is, in order to receive anywhere near the amount on the Reclaim certificate, a purchase of R.C.I. points or weeks is required and the money will be available in a further FOUR years. All very attractive on paper, but who knows whether another “earlier payback” would be offered in two years time and so on and so on.
    We did not take up the offer and will hope for the best when the Reclaim is due – the consultant DID help with regard to the exact date the certificate must be sent.
    There was very little pressure nor threatening, save for them putting the idea in our head that maintenance fees for sold time-shares were not being paid by I.L.G. and a large bill could appear at any time from whoever one had time-share with.

  61. I read with great interest on what Robert Brown had to say and admit that I am extremely surprised and concerned that RCI are involved.Since Robert has been involved directly, perhaps it may be possible for him to contact RCI for a statement confirming that they are actually involved in the claims negotiations.Would he also clarify what sums of money are involved in buying yet another timeshare from RCI.
    At least we are now apparently progressing in getting to the truth but validation of RCI’s involvement is in my opinion essential.Look forward to hearing more on our ongoing saga.Thanks to Robert.

  62. Really sorry guys yes Elaine ane Stuart do exist been really busy since we got back. We had pretty much the same experience as Robert Brown altough are accomodation was excellent but we did pay £98 for an upgrade. There was no hard sell although we got stuck with a woman who loved the sound of her own voice for hours on our last day, basically we will not be getting all our reclaim back we will be lucky if we get a 1/4 of it.On the plus side it was a relly good holiday, but feel really let down because they lead you to believe that by going to Tenerife you will be sorting it all out and getting your money back. At the end of the day it was a R C I points selling scheme.

  63. Thankyou Elaine and Stuart for your response. It would appear the only person to get their money back was Jenny Selway.I will leave you all to make up your own minds on whether she really exists as it is clear to me that we will not get our hard earned money back.
    I am now pondering on what to do with my Reclaim Certificate. Do I send it off or put it in the bin?

  64. Hi On top of this, we have now been contacted by a company called LA Bartle, an alleged firm of mediators and litigation experts, they are saying they are going to mediation with DWVC in March, and claiming they can get back the money paid to DWVC and the value of the reclaim certificate, if we pay around 1600 pounds to them. Having researched LA Bartle they appear to be yet another group of scammers. They have only just registered with Company House yet claim to have been operating for 10 years, they are registered in London but work from an address in Bedworth Warwickshire, the address is actually a semi detached house! Has anyone else been contacted by these people? If so beware and if you haven’t be on your guard, they too sound very knowledgeable and professional yet want money to represent you in court.

  65. I would just like to say “thank you” to those that were brave enough to go to Tenerife! We were too sceptical to go down the same path, but would love watchdog or someone to get involved to sort the frauds out!! Enjoying reading the updates, and glad we stayed put!!

  66. I have just caught up on all the comments having been away skiing for a week and its interesting that what a lot of us thought is now being shown as true.
    As many of you will have found out there are allegedly still court cases outstanding against ILG and what worries me is that if there is any positive outcome that we may get ignored because the magnitude of who is involved is not known, or that there is not a definitive list or means of contact with everybody.
    I am not computer literate and not into facebook and how it works but I have created an account with my unique name by which anyone can find me which can be used as a focal point to swap ‘e mail’ addresses.
    Please don’t compromise yourself by giving personal details ,just create a new address and name with say ‘g mail’ and use that.This is an open forum and we have no control over who is watching it and it may be beneficial at this point not to disclose to much info.
    The next step is for everyone to make up a portfolio of how they have been conned and take it to their individual local Trading Standards Officers with the list of all who have been scammed and seek their advice .
    Hopefully by doing this Trading Standards can use the e addresses supplied to contact all concerned .We can then disclose our true identity to them .
    I repeat again The Olive Press is brilliant in highlighting what has been going on and deserve a big thankyou .It is a great forum and focal point to warn others and help others not to get caught out even more , but there is not much point in just talking to each other without taking some form of action.
    Any other ideas are welcome.
    If this comment is allowed be patient I have to go through a facebook learning curve.

  67. Have just trawled through all the previous comments, having been alerted to the site by Forth Justice, to whom many thanks for that.
    I too have been contacted by a Lin Sheldon of Travel Investment Administration (specialist-lawyers.com)- declined their request for £247.50 and to travel to Tenerife – and then by Ramirez & Ramirez telling us that TIA are a scam. We researched R&R and came to the conclusion that they are also a scam.
    We however have (co-incidentally?) also received a letter from RCI stating that our ownership at the Paradise Club (now Club La Costa) and our Pure points have been “surrendered out of pure points” and that our “RCI Points membership has now been fully cancelled.”
    I just hope that this is genuine but, in view of Robert Brown’s comments on 3/2 about future bills for unpaid maintenance charges, I am nervous about contacting RCI for confirmation at the moment although we have not paid any maintenace fees since we sold to ILG in November 2009.

  68. We too have been contacted by the now infamous “Pro Call”,we have taken the plunge,again some may say, & travel to Tenerife on 11th February. Ever hopeful of finally putting an end to this fiasco. We are staying at San Andres, Golf del Sur & will at least have a few days away in the sun. Will report on our return.

  69. Dear All,
    I feel a fool for having parted with my hard earned cash; too embarrassed to tell you here how much I paid to get out of a Time Share deal with Sunterra, I too got the Reclaim voucher and sent it off and have time diaried the date I am supposed to go and reclaim the monies. This past 12 months I have had any number of unpleasant women calling me from different alleged firms; the latest being Ruth Taylor from Travel Investment Administration! Who sets up a company just for that? All want me to travel and pay up front. So this time, I told her to get back to me with a better offer whereby they operate on a no win no fee basis… and they can take a much larger percentage of the reclaim value than their 10%. Needless to say she hasn’t called me back. I am not holding my breath.

    I had long thought that the money paid was lost and the reclaim certificate was bogus and so I have written it all off in the hope that eventually I will stop stinging from the loss of so much money.

    I find talking about here brings it all back and I could kick myself for falling for it.

  70. I have just been contacted by a woman from Travel Investment
    Administration, based in Barcelona. Apparently she has our ‘reclaim’ file which she needs to close but wants to make sure we get our money back as ILG has ceased trading. very long conversation but if I paid £247.50, refundable after meeting with the consultant etc, usual stuff we will get 90% of our money back. I have not paid and she is phoning back later. I did tell her that her employer, TIA, was listed on the timeshare blacklist. She reacted slightly to that hence why she is phoning back later. I was also phoned by reclaim Bank back in 2010 who were very persistent butwent eventually when we would not pay their ‘fee’. Think they are all scammers and I wish they could be stopped.


  72. we too seem to have been conned by ILG to the tune of many thousands of pounds with the promise of the reclaim certificate and today was called by Stephanie Brooks from Travel Investment Administrations who also told us we could get 90% of our cash back by seeing one of their consultants at a refundable cost to us of £247 and we had to travel to Tenerife but would get the money within 4-6 weeks of our return to the UK she gave me and e-mail address of:-Servicestia@gmail.com this i cannot find ?????? any info anyone ??

  73. For those who havn’t got it contact details are :-

    Stephanie Brooks
    Calle Santa Ana
    Las Ramblas
    08023 Barcelona

    Tel 0034 931846794

    their e address is tiainfo (at) gmx.com

    It looks like Pro Call have run out ofr steam and the task has now passed to TIA.
    Again on self admission they are basically a call centre contacting suckers with the same old story.
    I have tried to get more information from them about who they are supposedly representing.They continually hide behind the name of Cashback ,Cashback Bank, Reclaim or Reclaim Bank.
    During 2 separate 1 hour telephone conversations and a few e mails amoungst other things I challenged the statement that they would guarantee the return of money yet they are only a call centre representing a client who refuses to disclose their name address or contact details regardless of how hard one tries to get it.
    If this like all other contacts was genuine the cost of giving some official documentation with full contact details and what was intended would indicate some form of genuine intent not another attempt by scammers who have managed to get the ILG lists by fair means or foul.

    I am proceeding by initially making a portfolio of everything I find on all these forums plus a brief about what happened to us and I will be giving the lot initially to Trading Standards ,I hope many others using this forum do the same. For interest if you highlight all of the comments and copy them you can then paste them into a Word document and they print easily.

  74. Alas we are all wiser now that we have lost a lot of money… what’s that about a fool and his money?

    Good job I am not holding my breath for the call back. I have written to them (at the e-mail address they sent) confirming my offer to them of splitting the “winnings” 50/50 with them if they would deal with the claim on my behalf… still no answer.

  75. And the comments keep rolling in !!!!
    I originally posted a comment on this site using my real
    name e address and realised being an open forum that if the scammers were monitoring this site they could get access to my details.
    In the early days this site didn’t appear to allow
    e addresses to be posted that’s why I tried to get everyone together using facebook {see earlier comment)so we could make a mass representation to Trading Standards or whoever. Someone has to start the ball rolling so my e mail address forth4justice@gmail.com was created for this purpose and if it is allowed I am happy to act as a focal point for everyone to create lists so we can all communicate with a view to joint action.
    I don’t want to know whos who so please don’t use your real e mail address but create an anonymous new one, with say g mail, and use that.If it comes to it Trading Standards or some official body can use it and contact each person for their details if they are given the anonymous list.Maybe we could break it down to location and fix up meetings with Trading Standards as groups.I am in South East Dorset.
    The more I read and the more I think about the whole fiasco the more useful it will be if a definitive list is created.
    It worries me that if this forum closes we all become individuals again with no way of contacting each other.
    My address is for this forum only and if it is abused I will just close it.

  76. Just finished reading some interesting letters on belegal.com on google.ref remirez and remirez.Also watchdog dated thur 21 oct 2010 .I have e-mailed them to request that they continue there investigations into timeshare scamming.Unfortunatley we will not be going to tenerife in march as stated previously due to ill health.

  77. Dear All,
    The next exciting episode in this saga is that today I have been contacted by Molly Carter of Half Moon Holdings saying that they are selling second hand DWVC memberships to a queue of buyers… last one went for £8500… would I be interested in selling mine!

    Sadly the web write-ups for Half Moon aren’t anymore promissing than the rest of the names mentioned here and are branded scammers… anyone heard anything different?

  78. Last week Brroke West from LA Bartle contacted me saying they could represent me next month and are very hopeful that they can get back £12000 for me as a result of our dealings with DWVC and reclaim.
    She sounds very plausible and want £995.99 up front for mediation services which starts on March 3rd.
    She says they need the money up front as clients do not pay after they have won.
    She is ringing back tomorrow eveing for an answer.I too have checked their address and it appears to be a semi but can’t find out any other information.
    Comments are welcome asap.Thanks.

  79. Margaret M

    Anybody that asks for money up front is 99.9999% chance of being another scammer.
    There are enough comments on this forum to warn you about this.
    If you take the trouble to follow some of the mentioned links you will find solicitors and timeshare forum advisers advising not to send money up front.
    Any legal person with any standing will carry out the task first and bill you and deduct from the proceeds.
    If you have money to waste like this go and talk to a UK solicitor.

  80. I have read through many of the comments and we too are in the same boat. we joined the ILG in 2007. We too were given the cashback certificate which is due to be sent back next year. Last year i received several phonecalls from Offshore Solutions asking me to pay £255.50 to go to Tenerife to meet with consultants who were guaranteed to give me back 90% of my cash back. We declined to go.

    Today I received a call from Tracy Hall from an agent called Agenci De Turismo y viajes de fourgirola. She said they are working alongside Spanish authorities to try to give back some of our money. She said thet they have companies interested in buying our memberships off us and todays offer was £8600. Aparently if i had agreed to the sale they would wire the money into my bank account and after i confirm receipt they would send a courier to collect the certificate. She said we need to pay a fully refundable deposit of just over £1000 (cant remeber the exact amount she quoted) which would be refunded back to my card within an hour of my certificate being collected. As soon as she asked for money I sensed a scam. I tole her i need to disuss it with my husband and that she would have to call back in a couple of days. She was reluctant at first saying that the offer cannot be held for that long but when I said I ‘m not going to make a decision before then so she agreed to callback on Monday afternoon.

    I am 99.9% sure this is another scam but am willing to hear what she says…..its their phone bill! Surprise surprise I cant find this company on the web either! I will ask her for more company details on monday.

    I think we really do need to get watchdog involved.


  82. We also joined Designer Way Vacation Club last January in Bristol via ILG and fortunately for us our timeshare which was in Macdonalds resort Scotland has changed hands confirmed by Macdonalds also our RCI membership is out in April 2011. That is the good news the bad news is that like everyone else we have been scammed for thousands of pounds with the promise of the reclaim cashback scheme. recently we found out that Incentive leisure Group, DWVC, Procall, Reclaim Ltd and Travel Investment Administration plus no doubt others are all part of Timelinxs so I do not think there is any chance of getting money back. The reclaim LTd office is only a PO box and all our reclaim receipts have gone no where. We have recently been contacted by TIA to pay £247.50 to travel to Tenerife (refundable) plus getting 90% of our money back on arrival with free accommodation thrown in, tempted to pay but would like to hear how Peter and Carol Rowlands got on as they were going on the 8th Feb? We have also been contacted by Remirez and Remirez stating a free look at our documents and then no doubt they will want money up front to take the case on.
    Who can you trust these days they are all scammers, is there no one out there to help us get justice? We are now pursuing our credit card company to see if we can get any money back. S75 credit consumer act is on your side in this case, We feel it is the only hope of seeing any of our cash.

  83. We have several weeks at The Regency Country Club, Chafoya, Tenerife which was going to form part of a fractional ownership scheme in one of the villas which were to be built there. As yet I don’t think the villas, the golf course or the actual resort itself has been finished. We tried to approach the director of the resort but were never able to meet him. There was always an excuse. We have contacted The Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE) but heard nothing back. I think they run a cartel that has some fictitious credentials but is really run by the Timeshare organistaions themselves, for their own benefit. I think Regency Resorts are totally unscrupulous, immoral and swindlers. The biggest fools however were us for trusting such unprincipled people.

    We decided to sell our certificates through Reclaim and since then we have had many phone calls from most of the organisations mentioned in previous posts. I am positive they are all scams and as a previous correspondent said, who parts with money first before any work is done ( Forth Justice). However I was very interested to see the names Betty and Wilma mentioned in the post from Sylvia Woodhead as it was a Betty Godsall and a Wilma who were assigned to us last time we went to have a meeting with the director at Regency Country Club, (approx 2008-9). My point therefore is that there is a large floating population of less than savoury characters in Tenerife who flit from one underhand and possibly illegal scheme to another. Don’t trust any of them as they are like rats on a sinking ship. They are not capable of doing anything honest which is why they work for the scam scum. The sooner the whole lot sink the better.

  84. Hello again everyone. I am pleased to report that HSBC have credited the £259.00 I was conned into paying to Pro-Call. Still no news from “Watchdog”. I thought out of courtesy they would at least acknowledged my e-mail with ref to Pro-Call and Incentive Leisure.
    I have been reading with great interest all the latest reports from various people and now contemplating contacting Forth Justice so that he can on all our behalfs build up a list of persons affected. My only comment to Forth Justice is how do I set up a second separate E Mail address.Do I have to join “Facebook” in order to do this? Is it that straightforward.

  85. Hi Charles and others
    Again I say thanks to Olive Press for continuing this comment opportunity.
    If you all do your research there are other sites doing much the same thing generating comments following the same theme about the same subject.
    On a personel note, slowly but surely, I am making a portfolio about what happened to me including copies of all the evidence from all of the internet sites about how others have been similarly scammed with the intention of passing it to Trading Standards, Fraud Squad Watchdog and copying it to the National Press.
    The idea of the list was to be able to say I am not alone,and for it to be available for everyone else to refer to to reinforce their own case. As individuals I do not think complaining alone will trigger much activity but if enough people go for it something must happen.
    I originally suggested face book because every time I tried to use my e mail address the comment wouldn’t send and I assumed it was blocked.Since then it seems to work so the best thing is to use the e mail address rather than mess about with face book which I don’t particularly like anyway.
    My e mail address was created specifically for us to create a list and is forth4justice@gmail.com
    I suggest everyone remains anonymous and creates a new e address especially for this purpose.
    Yesterday I had yet another long phone call again from the alleged Cash Back Bank in which the caller got totally confused and kept changing his story about what they were doing.
    One thing that slipped out was that they were aware of these comment sites even to the point of suggesting some of the comments were planted to cause grief.
    Reading back through the comments it also confirms what a lot of us thought about Jenny Selway!!!
    Sadly like anyone else reading all these comments I also have to bear in mind that anyone has access to them.
    I am retired having spent most of my life working for the MOD and am more than willing to compile information in order to stop these scammers.
    If it becomes necessary I am able to prove I am genuine.,

  86. My mum has just received a call from Tracy Hall, who told her to visit Agenci De Turismo y viajes de fourgirola website, which I cannot find.
    She also said to pay her £1k using her credit card, and a man will arrive at her house in four days for some documents to be signed, and will also give her the money back, and then buy all her timeshares from her!

    I don’t trust this, and found all this info above which rings total alarm bells!!

  87. We signed up with dwvc and reclaim last year and today got phone call from a woman from blue chip wanting £1395 to sell dwvc membership but not the reclaim, said that dwvc was in liquidation and could not sell new memberships so they are asking members to sell.If they want to buy why do we have to pay. Anyone know if dwvc have gone into liquidation.Forth justice has got the right idea the more of us complain maybe we will get somewhere

  88. This email from the people who are trying to shift my timeshares in the USA re: TIA

    Dear Ernie,
    Although I arrange the transfer for many Timeshare and Holiday Clubs can’t say I have heard of Travel Investment Administration apart from other clients that I am arranging a transfers for, being rang from them. I know that they are blacklisted everywhere! I think this is one of the many companies saying that if you pay them a fee they can get your money back from something that was miss-sold. That telephone number was being used by a company called Offshore Solutions previously, supposedly working out of Barcelona!
    If I can assist further please let me know!
    Tony Bugg

    Make your own mind up,but I am very dubious about this

  89. How did Peter and Carol Rowlands get on in Tenerife ref reclaim money back? They should be home by now and would very much like to hear their story having gone over there. As I said before the only way I think we will get any money back is via our credit card companies via section S75 credit consumer act.

  90. Hi all, returned from Tenerife recently. Went on consultation & yes it is an RCI Points sale situation. However during our time there the consultant stated that spanish authorities,RCI, plus another reputable company have been severely damaged by ILG & other companies ruining the tourism in Spain & Canary Islands. They stated by buying into points you contribute to promoting tourism & rebuilding the tourism trade.There are 30 odd companies who have already been closed down. This is evident when walking In Los Christianos where a lot of police presence is there. Well known haunts of the scammers.The decision comes down to the individual & how it affects your particular circumstances,monies owed etc. We were told our reclaim IS worth about 25% of face value at present due to the amount registered with them which in the small print on the back is only 6% or of monies paid! By joining RCI they say my reclaim will be nearer 85% & a claim through the court, on a bond(backed by the court)will be paid 2 years after. Time of course will tell & as I said it is an individual situation. As for Pro Call they are one of 3 or 4 companies working for the consultants. We don`t know about the £259 at present. I know again this is more expense but maybe the outcome will be worth it. The people I dealt with were Andrew Holt (consultant) & Vicki was the person who checked & sorted the paperwork we had.

  91. I have travelled to Tenerife with Pro-Call and met the consultant. We stayed in a beautiful apartment on Golf del Sur for a week and yes we were shown how the RCI system works but declined the offer to purchase. We did still sort out the problems that ILG left us with. They helped us with the timeshare that ILG supposedly took responsibility for but we still had to pay maintenance on and we have now sorted out our cashback problems. Thank you ProCall

  92. Ref Margaret Jones, Did you get any money back while at Tenerife? You say sorted the cashback problem? What does that mean? Did you get money back or what was the process they told you? When will you get any money if ever? Others that have gone have said it was a waste of time and yet another scam to buy into timeshare yet again.

  93. Good comment from P&K ref Margaret Jones .Its funny that only one person out of all the hundreds who have commented on this site and on other sites over a period of years has said ‘they sorted us out’.Sorted out to me means getting the money back immediately.Prove it ???

    Sylvia Woodhead earlier comment confirmed what a lot of us already knew — thanks to her for going and finding out.

    As for Peter and Carol Rowlands be careful ,if the authorities were concerned about the loss of tourist trade in Spain they would be actively doing something the scammers including sorting out all the other parasites who are riding on the back of the scam.It also appears that the so called consultants representing the anonymous Cashback Bank,( who is afraid to put its name to paper), can say and promise what they like.In a few years time they will be gone and the Saga will continue.

  94. A lady from Spain said that someone was willing to pay £8500 for my DWVC membership and that her colleague was in the process of getting half of that figure in cash that very moment! Courier dates and time slots were discussed – the only thing to ensure the deal’s safe procedure was the payment of ‘Liability Insureance’ of about £900. Needless to say I refused and put the phone down.

  95. We are currently in talks with Ramirez and Ramirez (legal consultants in Fuengurola) ref court action regarding the reclaim cash back situation. They gave me names of the lawyers acting on their behalf, they do exist and so does the college of law in Malaga ref references. I have sent emails to both and will report when any answers get back to us. They do want approx £950 up front to represent us. Obviously very cautious due to the numerous other scams. We have also checked out their telephone numbers etc given to us by R and R and they are also genuinely on their web sites. The only thing that ILG did properly as they said was to get rid of our timeshare both the resort Macdonalds and RCI have now confirmed we no longer have any ties with timeshare, still the loss due to the reclaim situation still stings, sent 2 emails to reclaim Ltd no replies. Timelinx tied in to them so should not be suprised. ILG/Reclaim same company Timelinx set them up to scam and fail.

  96. We have also been subjected to the same sort of approach, this time by Travel Investment Administration. While waiting for the promised email, and susequent phone call to’sign us up’ I search the net and found this forum. It made very interseting reading. After receiving the email from T.I.A I noticed that, apart from the first sentence, the wording was exactly the same as the email copied onto this forum by Alan Russ on the 2nd November 2010. His email was sent by Pro-call, and signed Lin Sheldon. This is the same lady I spoke to and who sent me my email. In the folowup phone call I asked her about Pro-call, and she told me she had never heard of them. After this the call go a bit heated as I said that they were obviously a scam. They don’t let you go lightly, do they?

  97. We have made the trip to Tenerife ‘Golf del Sur’ having been contacted by the Canary islands Tourist Board (a lie) on the pretext that we were on a database connected with Reclaim and were due a cash back. We had been promised the cash back on purchasing a Club Class membership and didn’t get it. We paid for our accommodation and were met by a female called Lorraine who was designated a consultant and who was going to help us re-register our reclaim certificate. She took us to a small office and then a male ‘consultant’ took over and basically told us he could sort out our reclaim registration in return for us taking out an RCI pure points membership which we could use for as long as we wished and then sell it back to them. Stupidly we fell for it paid up for the points, went back to the UK and waited for the new reclaim certificate to arrive. Of course it never did and all phone calls were fobbed of. We have never used our points and have been horrified at the number of charges we have had to pay with apparently no way of relinquishing this unwanted membership!

    It gets worse. We tried to sell the points for a year with reputable re-sale company who did not charge, but no one wants timeshare anymore and then were contacted by Pro Travel Solutions based in Chelmsford who offered to look at our points and possibly make an offer for them. We went across for the presentation. This company has taken over our points in return for us paying them a considerable sum which would have been even more if we had signed up for Reclaim, we at least avoided that. However we are not entirely convinced that we have managed to relinquish our RCI points membership and have tried to contact Pro Travel Solutions with little success. Sorry to have rambled on but my main reason for writing is to warn people not to travel to Tenerife re. Reclaim registration. It is a scam without a doubt and totally fraudulent and I firmly believe that RCI is part of it. If we could get the industry investigated it might be proved to be operating fraudulently and maybe we could all get some form of redress and also released from the shackles of timeshare.

  98. We also sold!! our timeshare to DWVC and paid £10,000 to join. The DWVC holiday club is useless, and we have still been invoiced for our timeshare mainenance.
    We were called last week by Kathleen Brown, from Barcelona working for Travel Investment Administration. She gave us her phone number 0034931846794 and e.mail : contacttia6@gmail.com. Offered us a trip to Tenerife for £247 and said a consultant will sort out our documents which cannot leave the office in Los Cristianos and we will be given 90% of our £10.000 back. I had read all the comments on this site so told her it was hard to believe. She said that those who have been to Tenerife were not sent by them as they had only just started calling people on an analphabetical basis and the first people were not due to go to Tenerife till April.
    Told her we would think about it as she said they had 18 months to get all monies returned. This is slightly different from the comments on this site but we are very very dubious. Any comments?

  99. (Margaret and others) it is a SCAM do not go to tenerife you are wasting your time (see other reports ref TIA on this Blog) they are all linked to Timelinx/ILG etc as they will try to sign you up to more points with RCI and promise money back in 2 years. The only way to get money back is to go through your credit card company if paid by credit card or a reputable solicitor who knows Spanish law. Also people are now cold calling from a company called Blue Chip in Malaga with the promise of buying your DWVC membership, yet another SCAM.

  100. Latest news… someone called Rebecca called me yasterday and sent me an e-mail purporting to be from Ramirez and Ramirez… She says she will ring back tonight. I have responded to her by e-mail saying that unless she goes for my counter offer of a no win no fee basis as before, she need not ring me back.

  101. Curiouser and curiouser… Mr John Didcot (Scottish accent)of Ramirez and Ramirez called after my e-mail… quite surprised to hear that I suspected his company of being a scammer like TIA etc… he was at pains to describe that Ramirez and Ramirez are legal consultants working for lawyers who have been battling in the Courts to seize assets and collect the details of those who could or should benefit from this fund of monies. Their offer is to examine my claim (free of charge) and then put forward my options of what I can do next.

    Lawyers would then argue my case in court and claim whatever they could or the Judge decides I am due from this pool of money.

    What he did say was this about Pro-Call and TIA who are frantically calling us all… They are calling to get you to travel to Tenerife or Gibralter and stay for a week, pay them £259 up front and then offer you RCI points in exchange for the Reclaim certificate… you have to sign an affidavit which recinds any claim you have on the fund of monies, thus leaving more for whoever benefits from it.

    This is indeed a new twist… Those who have signed this affidavit i.e. been to Tenerife or wherever have effectively signed away any chance of benfiting from the fund.

    I await whatever it is they will send me. I will read it, check out the lawyers as best I can and then if satisfied, I will send them the documents they want (copies) and my statement of events. Let them tell me what my options are and see what then occurs!

  102. (Fifth Column) The lawyers acting on behalf of R And R are Martinez-Echavarria-Perez-Ferrero. We too have been in contact with R And R and I have spoken with a Jacobo Romera, a lawyer with the company, he confirmed that they do work with R And R and are well known lawyers in Spain and their tel number is 0034902021026. Apparently Spanish law does not allow no win no fee challenges in court but can anyone confirm this? so a fee of 987 Euros was asked for by R and R to proceed with my claim. I am still struggling with the decision to proceed. The woman who first contacted me from R And R was Andrea Reed and the legal consultant who contacted me later was Allan James. He sounds very plausible but I am still nervous of yet another scam. Who can you trust? I am tempted however to go the legal route.

  103. HI

  104. Hi, new to the site. It would appear that there is a new kid on the block. we have recently been contacted by Grace Wilson of The Consultancy Investment Service based at Glossop. Again these people wanted you to put up £249 and go to Tenerife for a week to re register and promised that you would get back 90% of your reclaim. They tried to push for a hard sell but you had to say yes there and then. We wree told twelve months deadline, we said that we could not make it in twelve months so they extended it to fifteen. When we said no thanks they said your loss and slamed the phone down. So watch your back.



  106. I sent letters to both Reclaim Marbella and Reclaim at Neptune House in Gibralter and used first class signed for So far the letter to Neptune House was returned endorsed gone away.
    The letter to Reclaim in Marbella is still not accounted for. It has not been recorded as delivered yet—— not bad going since it was only posted on the 4th January !!!!!!
    Seeing your comment has spurned me to talk to the Post Office I will add their response.
    I have seen another address for Reclaim in Gibralter and am about to write to that one as well

  107. We have also been scammed by ILG for our Diamond Holiday points and have a ‘Reclaim’ certificate which matures on the 28th December 2011. My husband has spoken to ‘Reclaim’ on several occasions to check that the claim is properly registered. He has spoken to a lady called Delfina and on the 7th october 2010 she sent a letter confirming the authenticity of our certificate, the address on the letter was Avenida General Lopez Dominguez, 2A Edificio Puerto Azul, No 3C 29603 Marbella, Malaga. He has tried to phone her again last week but only to get an answering machine. However our concern now is that ‘reclaim’ itself is a scam and no longer exists.

  108. Forget reclaim as they are also part of ILG who have been liquidated. The only way you will get any money back is via legal means or your credit card company if paid by credit card. These are the harsh realities of our situations. We have been scammed by an industry with no morals.

  109. Has anyone had any money back from a credit card company?
    We sent a letter to Barclaycard about six months ago and because we were honest and mentioned cashback they said as there was a third party invoved they could not help us. Now we know ‘Reclaim ‘ is a scam we will try again.

  110. (Marie) If your contract was with ILG (you should have a paper copy) which most were then your credit card company cannot ignore your request. (section 75 of the consumer credit act) ILG and reclaim seem to be the same company anyway who are part of Timelinx which was owned by the late Garry Leigh. I am currently seeking recompence through my credit card company as I feel it is the only way to see any of my money. Send them as much info as possible including a copy of the liquidation order for ILG.

  111. People keep talking about the Liquidation Order so to make it easier I have found this and post it so all can see.

    (In Creditors Liquidation)
    On 25 January 2011, at a meeting of the members of Incentive Leisure Group Limited, Keith Lawrence FCA was appointed Liquidator of the company. This was then confirmed by a meeting of the creditors held on the same day.

    Any creditors with a claim against the Liquidation should send an email to liquid.ilg@keithlawrence.gi with details of their claim. However the Liquidators initial review of the information provided to him would seem to indicate that there will not be any funds available for distribution to creditors of the company.

    Please note that the liquidation refers solely to the Gibraltar registered company, Incentive Leisure Group Limited.

    For any enquiries regarding Reclaim Limited, please contact the company at: Email: info@reclaim.gi

    For any enquiries regarding CashBack Sales and Administration S.A., please contact the company at: Email: enquiries@cashback-sa.com

    For any enquiries regarding other companies, please contact: Email: enquiry@headq.net

    We are aware that clients have been contacted by individuals purporting to represent companies using various other names e.g. Future Group Administration, Travel Group Administration, Fraser & Ward, Offshore Solutions, Pro-Call Corporate Services and Reclaim Investment Bank and asking for money to be sent to them. We would strongly advise that you do not send any money and contact Reclaim Limited.

  112. Please note that Reclaim Limited is a Gibraltar company (Incorporation No.68162).

    Its Registered Address is:

    Haven Court
    5 Library Ramp

    The Gibraltar Yellow Pages shows its telephone and fax numbers as:

    Tel: 20050208
    Fax : 20050209

    If calling from the UK dial 00 350 and then the numbers above.

    If you need to comfirm whether a company is incorporated in Gibraltar, you will need to contact Companies House, http://www.companieshouse.gi

    If you need to check whether a firm is authorised to conduct financial services in or from within Gibraltar (this DOES NOT include timeshares / timeshare resales, cashback schemes, ‘gift certificates’, etc.) please check the http://www.fsc.gi/fsclists/categorysearch.asp

  113. help. can anyone out there give me an answer regarding the Cashback certificate. there is a box on the certificate to be signed titled authorisation signature. Who is supposed to sign in this space? We are due to send our claim out any day now so a rapid response would be very welcome. Thankyou.

  114. If your certificate is the same as ours that box actually says
    Authorised Supplier for & on behalf of Reclaim Ltd
    and in the box is typed Incentive Leisure Group (uk)ltd

    I would say that the only signature required is yours in the Holders Signature box

  115. Thank you Forth Justice for your rapid responce to my request. Unfortunately we have a Cashback certificate which has in the lower left corner a signature box with AUTHORISATION SIGNATURE in it. Just above are the printed words ‘Authorised supplier for & on behalf of Cashback Sales & Administration’ and typed after this is ‘Incentive Leisure Group (Wantage)’. Should it have been ILG who should have signed in the signature box?

  116. Reclaim only existed as part of Incentive Leisure Group which was set up to scam and fail all part of a company called Timelinx unfortunately your reclaim certificate will go nowhere other than a Marbella PO box anmd are worthless. Your only way to get any monies back is through your credit card company or through legal means. ILG are now liquidated in Gibralter/Spain. Try to contact reclaim at any of the three addresses in Gib and Spain and you will get answer phone and no replies to your emails.

  117. What a relief to find this website – i have spant the morning reading the comments – In a nutshell we have been scammed by ILG and have recently realised that we have probably lost a lot of money in the cashback scam and are stil responsible for our timeshare which we presumed had been taken off our hands by ILG
    Forth Justice – you are brilliant. Once I know how to get myself another email address i will contact you on yours
    thank you so much — i agree we need to get an army of affected people to pull together – imagine all paying a bit towards a fabulous lawyer like in the film Erin Brockovich – the law has to be changed and these scammers taken off the streets

  118. Well spotted Joan,

    The more you dig the more you find !!!!!

    Go to

    Hopefully the address will be turned into a link otherwise its a bit of typing I confirm it works I have just checked it again !!

    If you read through the report you will find a reference to the Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper ,click on it and hey presto the statement about Voluntary liquidation !!! Emphasis on voluntary !!!!

    Looks like another ILG wriggle out to me.
    Because it’s a Gibraltar Paper no one (or very few people ) in the UK would have seen it , all they then had to do was to arrange their own little meeting and elect their own accountant to be liquidator by the look of things ?????

    Its beginning to come clear why E mails and letters to the addresses given are being ignored

    So start researching everyone and see if we can find out the legalities of Voluntary Liquidation.

  119. With reference to ‘Joan’ ‘Forth Justice’
    We emailed Keith Lawrence to ask if Reclaim was still in existence, he passed our email on to ILG/Reclaim and we had a reply saying:

    ‘The fact that ILG Ltd has gone into liquidation does not affect your Reclaim Certificate as once you have received the certificate you come under the
    auspices of Reclaim which is a separate independent company. As long as you claim according to the terms and conditions Reclaim will be happy to pay the monies due.’

    Will email him back to ask where to send certificate the address on our certificate is ‘29603 Marbella’ ??
    Do you think Keith Lawrence etc are scams?

  120. Like many of you we have been following this link and have decided to trust no one. having been taken for a vast ammount of money we cant believe the situation we are now facing and feel being part of a group we may have more chance of retrieving something than being alone.we were supposed to be going to tenerife but have decided not to and are going to try our credit card company first. We had a call from Ramirez last week promising to send us documents to prove all is above board. Ha ha still waiting. no surprises there then. going to try emailing reclaim and looking into voluntery liquidation. Something needs to be done and we are ready to go down the legal route. Any advice/

  121. We to have had a response from Keith Lawrence which I would like to copy to this page but sadly it is coverd by
    a confidentially statement .
    Summarising it is the same as Marie’s in as much it states that there are loads of scammers trying to mislead people who Reclaim are taking Legal action against.
    It confirms they have a copy of our registration certificate and it is valid and that it will be paid out if a correct claim is made at the correct time.
    It also confirms that the address for claims is current and correct.
    The question is do we wait patiently for the date on the certificate to make a claim to see what happens and believe Keith Lawrence ???? or get suspicious when reading about all those who say they didn’t get paid.

  122. Encouraging i suppose – what else can we do but wait. in the meantime we still own our time share and have no clue where the deeds are. i tried ringing/emailing “Tradeweeks” which is apparently where it ended up – it seems we could have given our timeshare straight to tradeweeks and bi-passed ILG and getting involved in this stupid holiday club and reclaim nonsence — having said that everything we try seems to lead us back to ILG and Timelinx so probably be no better off – confused – Joan

  123. Hi again everybody involved in this scam – We have been called today by a lady called Maris Girton supposedly from Ramirez & Ramirez specialist lawyers. She has sent an email with an attachment for us to read and asking for documents relating to the scam including bank statement!! There is no mention of money but can anybody shed any light on this situation please? I have googled the address that came with the email and google has not located it!! The website looks really profesional but so did the one where we were scammed. Any comments would be appreciated.

  124. Reclaim does not answer the emails sent to them and are part of incentive Leisure Group our claims will go nowhere and previously no payments have ever been paid out to maturing certificates, it is a scam. Suspect the info you have seen is all part of the same scam. Legal route or your credit card company are the only ways to see any of your money.

  125. P&K
    Unlike a lot of people submitting comments on this site I have previously listed my e mail address through which I can be contacted.
    I can assure you that as stated in a previous comment that a message I sent to to info@reclaim.gi last Friday reclaim received a response today.
    Any info that originates from me is honest and genuine and is not assosiated with the scam.You are correct in advising people to be careful since nobody knows who is who.
    For Ian Pratt
    If you type ‘ramirez and ramirez scam’ into your google search box you will find all about them ,and information indicating that they are not Lawyers and (since nothing is for free) that it will cost to get started.I think the last figure I saw was 995 euros up front.

  126. P & K
    Send me an e mail address it doesn’t need to be your real one,I am not interested in knowing who you are, and I will forward a copy of the e mail I sent and the reply received .
    For obvious reasons the only thing I will have to do is blank out my real name and Reclaim account number, and my real E mail address that I used.
    If and when Reclaim does not pay out I will be taking extreme Legal action myself,funded by myself and I don’t want to compromise any future Legal Activity by revealing what could be potential evidence

  127. (Forth Justice) Did you use the link from the liquidation notice or direct to info@reclaim.gi I have sent another email today. I dearly hope that our certificate is worth something but if reclaim was part of Incentive Leisure Group I dont hold out much hope. I am continuing currently through my credit card company.

  128. P&K
    I went straight to Reclaim and apart from the name and account number have copird my E mail as follows
    from =====================@gmail.com>

    dateFri, Mar 11, 2011 at 10:22 AM
    subjectCashback Certificate

    hide details Mar 11 (5 days ago)

    I have a Reclaim Certificate Registered No 000000000001000 issued on——- / /.

    In accordance with a directive giving advice from the Official Receiver for ILG I seek advice as follows :-

    (1) . Following continual approaches from various organisations (concerning amongst other things the
    improper registration of the Certificate) I would like to know the true status of this Certificate.

    (2.) I would like confirmation that the address given on the Certificate for its redemption.
    Reclaim,Avenida General Lopez Dominguez No 2a Edificio Puerto Azul No 3c, 29603
    Marbella,Malaga, Spain.
    is still current and correct .

    (3) The original address given for Reclaim is 205 Neptune House, Marina Bay, Gibraltar can you please confirm that this is the correct address.

    Recorded delivery mail previously sent to these addresses has been ignored or returned marked
    Gone Away,

    If these address are now incorrect please advise which addresses should be used.

    Mrs ————–

    Maybe this is of help,

  129. In February we declined the offer from LA Bartle for them to represent us as not prepared to pay £995 up front. They would not entertain my offer of splitting the proceeds 50/50.
    Today spoke to Antony Ward from Ramirez/ramirez.
    He explained that we had been involved in a scam! The ILG and all associated companies are in liquidation,including reclaim. The assests of the 2 remaining directors are frozen.
    They will examine our documents to see if we have a case, it will cost to translate the documents, couldn’t say how much and that if we were succesful they take the fee from our “winnings”.
    He went on to explain that at some time we will receive backdated maintenance fees as none will have been paid.
    Is this common to others please?
    I am wondering if i could reclaim the monies i paid to ILG back from my credit card company, this was in 2008.
    any advice welcome.

  130. (Forth Justice) I have received a reply via email today from Reclaim Ltd stating that my certificate is valid and that they have received the Holders registration part which I sent off in Feb 2010, my certificate does not mature until 2014 but I only got a reply today having sent an email to liquid.ilg@keithlawrence.gi Seems too coincidental but hope the certificate when presented will be honoured. Who can we trust??? I am still however trying to get monies back via my credit card provider and if necessary via legal representation.

  131. Everybody should be aware of the following
    Most of the input to this site follows the sams theme asking the same questions .
    There is a very good informative site that everyone should visit if you havn’t yet done so.
    Its run by the Resorts Development Organisation I found one of the quickest ways was to type ‘RDO scam’ into the search bar which brings up the most relevent pages.

  132. I too have had a call from a Mr Holby of Blue Chip Sl offering £7000 for my DWVC membership. I gave him my CC details but had second thoughts so when they contacted me again to authorise taking the monet I have said I don’t want to go ahead. I would imagine I will get another call soon asking why, but frankly anyone offering me £7K for my membership shouldn’t be after £995 as “indemnity insurance” If it goes ahead, then I’ll happily pay an admin fee but not that much up front to someone in Spain I’ve never met. Mastercard tell me that this transfer would probably be flagged up as it will presumably be an overseas transaction. As the old saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true”.

  133. Another big warning !

    I have been contacted by S & B Associates and summarising the offer is to pay 293.48 euros up front as court filing fees and 10% of any money they manage to get back in an alleged court case in April from Timelinx and the ILG and Cashback scams.
    The documentation I have received from them and info on their web site is identical to another well known load of scammers called Sharp & Bratley.

    Check them out http://www.sandbassociates.net
    I got wise to bratley and sharp on the Eye on Spain site
    Me well once bitten twice shy and all I can say is that I almost did a bank transfer the offer was so convincing.
    As one wise person in one of the bloggs said ‘if anyone makes this sort of offer try and get them to tell you who their lawyers are and check them out first ‘

  134. I have been out of the loop for a while on this one, having decided not to travel to Tenerife. Maybe this is old hat, though a search on this site did not reveal TIA, but I have now been phoned by a Julia Ford having previously been emailed by a Doug Taylor of Travel Investment Administration S.L. of Calle Santa Ana, Las Ramblas 08023, Barcelona. Tel 0034 931 846 794. Presumably just another brigade of the scammers army?

  135. Latest “Law Firm” to call me, I couldn’t even be bothered to wait for her to tell me who it was… her name was Caroline Montgomery… yet another in the queue of scammers waiting to harvest more hard earned cash. Someone must be selling the list of mugs who bought in to this scam… that is us. Probably making loads-a-money from the sale of the list to top up their pensions.

  136. Has anyone had a phone call from a lady called Diane James from Office Admin Services?
    She left a message on our answer machine asking us to phone her back regarding a court case last year in Kent involving ILG! She left a phone no. but the last 2 digits were missing 020323907?? I suppose it is another scam but you never know!!!

  137. Like yourself everyone is in the same boat and sadly a lot of what you read in this blogg (and if you follow the links to a lot of others )is true.
    Most important you will be approached by many other scammers offering to get your money back stay away from them and follow all the advice in the bloggs, anything which involves cash up front is not good.A lot of the ILG lists are being passed around in Spain and a lot of
    a–holes are getting their noses in the trough !!!
    A quick check but not 100% fool proof is to type the name of whoever is approaching you into your search bar with scam alongside it and a lot is normally revealed.
    Nobody really knows what the situation is with unpaid fees but in the first instance depending what documents you have I would write back to the debt people sending copies and tell them you sold the timeshare to ILG and tell them to contact the liquidator ,his address is in the bloggs somewhere.You will also need to write to the liquidator yourself and find where your deeds are.
    Depending on how you paid some people are indicating you can recover some of your money from the credit card company.
    At the end of the day its up to you to do loads or research and hope for the best.
    Most of us are ordinary people wallowing around like yourself waiting for some divine inspiration and hoping the comments help others not to get caught even more

  138. I contacted Keith Lawrence asking to have my name put on the creditors’ list and this is the answer I got back:

    “Reclaim is still in existence.
    As long as you claim according to the terms and conditions Reclaim will be happy to pay the monies due.

    Kind Regards
    Malcolm Willis
    Tel: +34 952 76 64 33 Fax: +34 952 90 13 30
    Web: http://www.reclaim.gi e-mail: info@reclaim.gi

    The response came from Reclaim and I am therefore guessing that Keith Lawrence is also part of the Reclaim scam and not as independent as it at first appears.

  139. WOW So much information! My husband and I are in the same situation as most of you. We purchased DWVC in 2008,
    for £10,000, plus a time share and RCI points. We are fortunate in that eventually our timeshare ownership was transfered and RCI confirm we no longer have points with them. We also have a Reclaim voucher. We accepted some time ago that we had been scammed and are expecting nothing back in 2013. We have been contacted by all the same sort of people as above, TIA, Pro call, Ramirez and Ramirez etc and have resisted all offers! However after reading different comments on different blogs we decided to try to get a refund from the credit card company with whose card we originally paid ILG. We have had two refusals from the credit card company stating that we have not enough evidence. I am now going to write again asking what evidence they need, and my next option is to go to the Financial Ombudsman Service. I will let you know how we get on.
    Thanks to Forth Justice for all your advice. I will email you at forth4justice@gmail.com

  140. Today I was contacted by Denise from Consultancy Investment services and if we pay £249 a Consultant will visit us at home or a hotel and they will guarantee we receive 90% of our monies back.
    The address she said is 162-168 suite 250, Regent Street london W18 5TD.
    she is ringing us back tomorrow evening!
    I’m sure this is another scam and told her so.

  141. I was contacted by Future Group Administration in Jan 2010, and paid £250 then decided that it was a scam and wrote the money off, ILG had 3 time shares from me in 2007, 2 of which they must have sold as I no longer receive demands for maintenance fees the third I still get corespondence from, can anyone tell me as I no longer have the deeds and a letter of purchase from ILG am I still liable for the fees. Today I was contacted by Half Moon saying they had a buyer for My DWVC membership and requested 1390euros to proceed another scam, at this point I wonder whether I should just shred the Reclaim voucher and just write off the £25000.

  142. Beware “Halfmoon Holdings” are offering to buy your DWVC membership and give you lots of money for it but, and here it comes they need a refundable deposit up front, SCAM SCAM SCAM do not fall for it. The only way to get any money back is through your credit card company I have approached mine and am awaiting the outcome, will let you know more when I get replies. Will also send off my reclaim document in 2014 and hope for some money from them as well, nothing to lose. We have been called by about 20 different companies now saying they will buy our DWVC membership SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  143. To cut a long story short have any of you heard of Ramirez
    and Ramirez. They appear to be another scam group claiming
    to be conducting a group action against DWVC dont get sucked in to them.I am at present trying to investigate
    this so called legal company.I would also be glad if any or all of us would take out a group prosacution in G B against
    DWVC we must stop this once and for all. I also think the Daily Express should be brought to task they accepted the advert knowing full well they are crooks.Lets get together
    and redeem our mney.
    Yours Robert.

  144. Mary
    If its of any use to check your certificate address
    the address confirmed as correct by Reclaim in response to an e mail we sent is:-

    Avenida General Lopez Dominguez No 2a Edificio Puerto Azul No 3c, 29603
    Marbella,Malaga, Spain.
    Dont forget to send it ‘International signed for’ and keep a copy. At least you can prove it was sent.

    If your certificate is due for repayment please let us all know if it pays out.
    Reclaim in their response to us stated that if the rules for redemption are correctly carried out payment will be made.
    No-one yet seems to have had cashback you could be the first !!!!!
    Good Luck

  145. No one has ever been paid out on this reclaim scam
    and no ever will be.
    I am going to email Watch Dog to see if they are willing to do another program on them and the press who let them use
    their services to advertise.

  146. My wife and I got involved with Personal Travel Group late last year basically to get rid of our Timeshare Commitments due to rising costs. Tradeweeks were to dispose of the Timeshare holdings, and after many problems we have proof that Maintenance Fees have been paid by them and our Timeshare ownerships are being disposed of bit by bit.

    We got a Reclaim Certificate as well and have registered the first bit of it as requested.

    We have now been contacted by a Jilia Ford from Cashback(?) in Madrid(?)Tel No: 0034 911 436417, stating that PTG had not registered our Cert with Reclaim correctly and she can help us get all of our money back within 4 – 6 weeks.

    My wife who has dealt with her so far has constantly asked for her questions, which apparentley only I can answer,be put into an e-mail as my working hours clash with their office hours.

    Not spoken to her myself yet but having read all of these comments feel better armed so to speak.

    Time will tell.

  147. robert we would be willing to join any group we were scamed last year by pro travel solutions yes they got rid of are points but we are still lyable for the maintance fees when we got in touch with clc they were very good to us cant fault them

  148. Graham
    Read all the bloggs.Anyone contacting you to allegedly get you money back are scammers.For what is is worth contact Reclaim yourself via the addresses or e mail adresses given in the bloggs and confirm with them whether the Certificate was registered.
    There are two basic problems with this scam requiring concerted action.The main one is to hit Reclaim.Despite all their assurances they have never been seen to pay out,unless someone proves otherwise.The whole organisation needs investigating requiring both joint UK and Spanish input since their headquarters are registered in Gibralter yet their payout address is still in Spain.Despite being registered for vast sums of money the small print only ever said the minimum amount of payout would be 8% so they were on to a winner right from the start.Even if they had paid out the minimum they would have made a fortune without all of the hassle that has ensued.
    All of the other hangers on are just scammers trying to cash in.Ask yourselves how they have access, or can get access ,to the so called money.They all need stamping on as well since the only people who can put this to right are the Spanish Government for allowing this to happen with the consequential bad reflection on Spain and the Spanish holiday industry.

  149. Reclaim might confirm that your certificate is valid – what they will not do it seems is confirm how much money is invested. Therefore it is likely that only a very small amount was actually put into reclaim – ILG told us that our time share was worth £11000 – They then got £11000 out of us for DWLC stating that this was the only way to do it within the LAW !! They then said £22000 would go into reclaim and we would get most of our £11000 back in four years.- A week later we got a letter from an auction company offering us our time share back for £5 so why would ILG invest £11000 – As we are still responsible for our time share too as a sale was never completed, we are in communication with our credit card company – giving them the facts and the proof available – A recent email to ILG administrators for an update has been ignored

  150. I too have been contacted by HalfMoon Holdings regarding my membership of DWVC,offering me a flat rate amount of £6500. The catch was a refundable deposit of 1200 euros which set the alarm bells off. Like many others I parted with my timeshare deeds to Incentive Leisure Group, and although they paid management fees for 2010 I have just received a demand for unpaid 2011 fees. I really dont know who to seek help from as we are pensioners now which was the reason for getting involved with ILG in the first place. Robert, we would gladly join your group to fight these vile people.

  151. Hi

    I have had yet another call this time saying that as I do no use my DWVC membership, there are people interested in buying it. When I replied that DWVC are part of ILG who are in liquidation, so who would but such am membership, the tone of the woman’s voice changed she said she had not heard that and would investigate. Yet another potential scam I think, when will it ever end? And how do these companies get our details, really fed up with it all, wish there was something we could all do to get the money back ILG cheated us out of!

  152. Dear All, despite going via a website that appeared to be endorsed by RCI, it would seem that another scam is on the rise. Now online (www.nowon-line.com)contact you and again it seems fantastic with promises of cash from buyers who just happen to be after your timeshare. They say it costs nothing as they take their cut(7%) out of the proceeds. HOWEVER, when it comes to getting the documents sent to you they ask for (allegedly safe, refundable) deposit of £1250 from your credit card (” of course it’s fully refundable”). FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! How many more scams. This firm does not have anything to do with RCI (we asked them) and are on the list of coldcallers who should be avoided.

    Best wishes!

  153. A similar scenario – Simple Timeshare Solutions. A Sara Waters (I think) can get us £7,300 back from a buyer but they need £1395 form me to cover the ‘insurance’. They do not have any of this money (??) and it is, as usual refundable, and as usual, a load of rubbish. Incentive Leisure and Reclaim were mentioned too.

    She wanted to ‘confirm’ my full details too so I presume they had none of those and how much we had paid and had been told by Reclaim we were eligible for. I didn’t give her any details although sometimes making figures up works well.

    Another scam.

  154. Have just had an Elaine Chapman from HM Holdings (Half Moon) on the phone offering £6500 for our DWVC holiday week but wanting the usual upfront payment (refundable on completion!!!) of Eu1295.
    She would not email anything to me & expected to take the payment over the phone – fat chance!
    Still concerned about the potential demand for unpaid RCI fees.

  155. Today we have been reimbursed the sum of £1700 from our credit card company which was the deposit we paid to ILG in January 2010. This appears to prove that our claim is valid which means that within section 74 of the Consumer Act 1974 the credit card company should reimburse us for the whole amount we paid to ILG, even though this was not paid by credit card. Perhaps the credit card company are hoping that we will now go away and not press them for the rest —- but we will!
    As I read somewhere recently – the card company are not being kind to you by paying up -it is the LAW !

  156. I have applied to my credit card company for a refund of £1000 which was our deposit to ILG, the balance was paid by bank transfer. Joan, please let us know how things turn out for you regarding claiming the rest of your money as I would like to do the same.
    This week I’ve had another two calls from different? companies regarding selling our DWVC membership.One claimed to be representing a U.S. holiday group who were desperate to break into the European market. Where are these people getting our details? Has ILG set up again trying more scams?

  157. I to have received at least two phone calls offering to buy my DWVC membership, my reply has been how can a company in receivership be of any value? As DWVC is linked to ILG so how can it be of value, and yes they all want money in advance. I too would live to know where all our details are held. Keep writing and one day we may be able to make it impossible for these people to keep getting money from scamming the innocent.

  158. Information from a very knowledgable source is that the Credit Card Company is liable for all, repeat all,
    of the money you paid regardless of how the balance was paid (even if the initial deposit was small).

  159. Dear all,I am in the process of claiming my money back from VISA Debit Lloyds TSB as they paid the full amount to I L G
    WWVC. If any of you did the same even paying your deposit contact Resolved claims LTD.
    I think this is the only way forward.
    Yours Robert.

  160. I’m sorry to disappoint but I tried to claim back my £900+ over a year ago that went on my credit card with virgin but they refused to pay and said that I didnt have a case due to the small print in the sales pitch. I felt very let down but they wouldnt pay up! Good luck

  161. (Jan Quinn, Robert Day and everybody else)You do not need to give 25% to anybody to get your money back from your credit card provider, you will need to be persistent and quote section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974 which is there to protect you and is on your side. Go back to your credit card company and remind them of their obligations, you will however need as much of the original transactions and documentation to support your claim. It could also take months to recover the money.

  162. I have written to MINT credit card 3 times quoting section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974, I have sent them loads of paperwork and they are still refusing to pay my claim. I have contacted Resolved Claims Ltd. They seem very confident of getting my refund but will take 25% + VAT of what they get back for us. They are not charging up front fees. I think my attitude is its better to get 75% of something than 100% of nothing! P and K say to keep on at our credit card company, but for how long if they just keep stone walling me?

  163. The advice given to me was don’t overcomplicate your claim.
    Basically what you can claim back is the membership money you actually paid for the holiday club.The hypothecical value of your timeshare which was added to the cashback scam is a different issue.
    Again according to the very reliable advice I was given the basic reason for claiming back is misrepresentaion.
    Keep trying

  164. Hi All,

    I have also been contacted by various cash back companies. My voucher is due for return Aug2012. I have not paid management fees but ILG told me to send them on to
    Deeds Agents,Apartado CCRINo 2001,29649 Mijas Costa,Malaga Espana.
    I have demand in for the last 3 years management fees! what is everyone else doing about these as I am in no way going to hand any money over to anyone.

  165. Beware of yet another load of scammers calling themselves SIMPLE TIMESHARE SOLUTIONS who are infact the same company as SIMPLE TIMESHARE SALES MANCHESTER. They state they have a couple waiting to pay you £8500 for your DWVC membership but of course they want £1300 up front and amazingly your cheque will be guaranteed within a week, some hope.
    Good news is that we have already received the money back from our credit card company for the Travel Investment Administration scam and also the credit card amount for the ILG purchase, also the amount paid to ILG via bank transfer is also looking like we will get back too, so keep pursuing your credit card companies they are honour bound to pay you providing you can prove that you have been mis sold or not received the services paid for. Glad to be out of the timeshare rat race, the only good thing that ILG did for us was to get rid of our timeshare and now out of RCI thankfully. We will holiday with normal companies from now on. Good luck.

  166. HELLO P and K.

  167. Hello P and K I have been in contact with Resolved Claims Ltd re refunds from credit card but with no upfront payment.
    However we are still sceptical.
    I’m interested in doing it myself. We paid the deposit on a credit card and the balance by bank transfer.
    If you can help me in any way that would be brilliant.
    Thanks Margaret.

  168. Margaret, Leonard and all, I do not know if it makes any difference if your credit card is with a bank or a building society but ours is a building society. I should’nt think it matters as far as the consumer credit act section 75 (1974)is concerned. All I can say is it has taken 4 months in total but we have been successful in getting back our credit card and bank transfer payments, you must give your credit card company as much info as possible ref proving mis selling and that they did not provide the services paid for, this should include the liquidation notice of ILG. Write to your credit card company then they must answer you formally, outline the issues in this letter backed up by your info.
    Our credit card provider has been excellent, keeping us fully informed of progress throughout, Good luck.

  169. We got in touch with are time share and they were very good to us they said because are membership certificate was never sent to them we would still be lyable for maintance fees its a waste of time sending the bill to I,L,G. because they have gone into resivership so we have at least got are points back so not lost everything

  170. Hi P and K thank you for the comment.
    Please can you tell me where to obtain the liquidation notice for ILG?
    I am certainly going to give it a go.
    I have to call back to the Ministry of Justice to obtain more info re Resolved claims Ltd, will keep all informed.
    Margaret M

  171. HI P&K
    Congratulations on successfully getting reimbursed from your Credit card company — could you explain how you proved you were mis-sold when ILG actually got rid of your time share for you?
    Also how did the credit card company prove your case re the cash-back scheme, when you are not due to reclaim until 2014?
    We are presently pursuing a refund from our credit card company. they have reimbursed us for the part payed for by credit card and we are now in communication re the rest paid to ILG by bank transfer
    We have recently had our timeshare deeds returned to us by the liquidators – Our reclaim date is 2014 too – Thanks for your help Joan

  172. LEONARD—TO P & K.

  173. When you joined DWVC (yet another timeshare club in another guise) you should have had a paper copy of the DWVC contract by buying through ILG they promised to sell your timeshare and give a reclaim value. ILG/DWVC are now in liquidation and therefore cannot provide the total services promised ie mis selling.
    Although our timeshare was sold it was sold via a third party I think called tradeweeks and worldwide timeshare hypermarket who McDonalds liased with and we signed a cash consideration deed of transfer with McDonalds it had nothing to do with us but they then confirmed that our timeshare had been exchanged and from then on we had no further responsibilty and our ownership certificate was also relinquished at that time thank goodness, we also then left RCI so that we do not have any charges from them either. I cannot give any further information than this, you will just need to be persistent with your relevant CC companies. Good Luck. We are still going to submit our reclaim certificate in 2014 but don’t hold out much hope.

  174. Margaret M- To try to claim through the small claims court would be a total waste of time,effort and money. I can not see how some credit cards companies honour the credit act law and others do not – perhaps you need to remind Nationwide of the law – We should hear in about 30 days whether our claim has been successful with our credit card company – will let you know

  175. Thank you Forth Justice,
    i will contact Nationwide again and if still no response then I’ll complete the form for thr Financial ombudsman which I have downloaded already.
    Has anyone else been successful in claiming back from a bank a cheque paid for the balance?
    Fingers crossed.
    Margaret M

  176. Margaret M
    I am in exactly the same boat as you and am currently waiting for a response from our Credit Card .
    If you havn’t done it yet go to


    If you read through the bloggs you will see an input from a guy who has been through the system who gives his personal e mail address if you want any help.Its not my place to name him on this site.
    As part of my claim I have downloaded and copied all the relevent stories and supporting comments from the olive press and mirror bloggs. It ended up as a big thick envelope but hopefully showed a precedent had been set in enforcing section 75.
    On the advice of a well informed Spanish person we have not tried to get clever and include the value of our timeshare in the claim.Whether it was sold or not is a totally seperate issue
    I will let everybody know what happens as things progress.

  177. I am also waiting for a reply from my credit card company as we had paid the balance by cheque although this was paid into ILG’s account through my local Lloyds TSB branch as instructed by them. I had originaly claimed for my deposit paid by credit card and I received a letter from them agreeing to refund this to me. After reading the comments here, I decided to refuse the offer and ask for the whole amount. They then asked for a copy of the cheque or a copy statement of the payment and, like Forth Justice, I downloaded several comments from the bloggs,copies of the requested paperwork and also ended up sending a rather heavy envelope to the credit card company.
    This was all done a week ago and I am hoping for a good result. Will let you know how I get on.

  178. Good news, I have received an offer fromTesco credit card to say they will refund my deposit, an naswer after 6 days.
    I was going to accept but can anyone advise as to whether I should ask them to reimburse the whole amount even thought the balance was paid by cheque?
    advice welcome Thanks Margaret M

  179. Margaret

    Somewhere in all the bloggs there is a definitive statement that regardless of how much deposit you paid with the credit card the whole amount you paid by whatever means is refundable by the credit card company.Dont give up easily they are liable for the lot.You are nearly there since they are offering the deposit back liability is being admitted !!
    I will also hunt for the statement as I will probably need it myself so watch this space .

  180. We are abit confused to cut along story short .we did not know anything about d,w,v,c untill last year when we were connned by a company called connection6 in tenerife any after along search we realised we were about to get conned again went to club la costa explained what we had done they said even thought some how we were no longer members we would still be lyable for maintance so we had a bill every year and notink to show for it we went thoroug section75 and got are money back from connection 6 BUTif d,w,v,c got us out of are time share like they say they would and we grt there so called speacial offers for hoildays which by the way are costly can we still try to get are money back under section 75 can any one help it annoys me that they are getting away with conning us. the worry of all this got to my husband and he had a heart attack sorry to ramble on

  181. Today I spoke to the Financial Ombudsman, they say that since the Credit card deposit was through Tesco and the balance by cheque from the Nationwide then Nationwide do not have to refund the balance and Tesco are not liable to refund this either.
    It si not covered under the CC act 1974 Sect 75 because there are 2 tranasactions from 2 suppliers.I aslo checked this out by calling the Financial Services Compensation scheme who agreed with the FO.
    I am going to call Tesco and raise this with them plus Nationwide have left me a message to call back tomorrow.
    I need to obtain the FSA number for ILG so i can proceed with a claim through the FSCS.
    Will keep all informed.
    I loove the fact that we can share info, support and encourage all not to give up.
    Margaret M

  182. Forth Justice,
    I copied all documents I had but tried to clearly express the argument that despite their pitch of cheaper flights etc this was never possible and on the reclaim promise there was fraudulent comments and braeched CAP code Edition 11 clause 3 and 7.1
    Membership cert for timeshare,Transfer of ownership,Agreement to purchase,sales invoice,reclaim cert.
    Also stated thet ILG found guilty in 2009 of 11 counts of fraud.No cooling off period or adherence to cancellation rights.Hope this helps,Margaret M

  183. To Fourth Justice
    This is the list of copies of info we sent to our credit card compmay; Our Contract with ILG – Copy of cashback certificate- copies of letters from administrator – copy of claim form that athe administrator requested – copy of payments made to ILG – copies of emails sent to reclaim that were not responded to. Confirmation that we still owned our time share – i think that is all of it
    Good luck

  184. Thanks Ladies,
    I am on the case. Mercifully my credit card and bank transfer were all with Lloyds so I guess I am in a good position. I have sent the papers I have to Lloyds and I will see what they say. I was concerned because all my transactions were with DWVC but I see from the paperwork that payment and contracts were all with ILG… Fingers crossed time will bring me a bonus, I had long given up on.

  185. We wrote to Barclaycard in September 2010 to claim the money back paid to ILG giving them all the information we had at that time,also we mentioned Cashback/Reclaim.
    The response we had was as there is a third party involvement ie Reclaim Barclaycard were unable to assist us.
    As we have had an email from Reclaim in March 2011 saying as long as we claim according to the terms and conditions Reclaim will be happy to pay the monies due and our cashback is due in December 2011, we are going to submit our claim to Reclaim and see what happens. If no joy from them then we will have a better case to pursue Barclaycard.
    Will let you know what happens!!!

  186. The problem with reclaim is that – they will not confirm how much money is invested with them and we have heard from various people that it will only be 10% of the amount you paid to ILG
    It needs to be proved that ILG and reclaim are the same company – We have been told that the chap who is helping Keith Lawrence with the ILG bankrupsy administration is part of reclaim!!!!
    The reclaim people have the same address as the administors.
    Weird !

  187. Hi Joan
    The email from Reclaim said they were a separate company to ILG and had not gone into liquidation, who knows who is telling the truth!! We have had so many phone calls to do with ILG and DWVC I don’t know anymore if any are genuine we just say we are not interested.
    It does say on the back of the cashback certificate that the minimum amount paid will be 6%. So we would be better off if they don’t pay any and we can claim from the credit company.

  188. Marie
    I wouldn’t sit back and wait,don’t give up that easily without exploring every avenue.
    You bought into an expensive holiday club that didn’t give benefits anything like those promised .Nobody would have bought into it had it been known the cashback scheme was built on false promises..The fact that only a small portiobn of the money was going into cash back was also kept secret. When we bought into it we were told the payback currently was 80% but could go as high as 100% and we were also shown cheques allegedly made out for large sums of money for payback. That was lies because we found out that cashback had not been running long enough to pay out.Subsequently nobody has ever admitting to getting cash back.
    If you had been told at the time that only 6% was actually going into cash back investment fund whilst not forgetting they also concealed the additional deduction of the running expenses would you have ever bought into the deal.
    You were miss-sold after an intensive pressure sell,with no cooling off period all based on lies and misrepresentation.
    Regardless of whether cash back pays back nor not you were miss-sold .The whole deal was misrepresentation and based on lies and at the end of the day you were buying into a holiday club for the benefits .

  189. The only reason we got (regretably) involved with ILG was to dispose of our timeshare. We intend to buy a property abroad, so will never use the timeshare and did not want the continued maintainance payments.
    We were not interested in belonging to a new holiday club and were prepared to lose some money in the reclaim scheme as we would no longer be liable for maintainance payments. ILG told us that they had found a “loop hole” in the law and this was the only way we could sell our timeshare legally (codswallup) — We have paperwork from ILG stating that we are no longer members of our timeshare and will no longer be billed for maintainance —- surprise- surprise we are still members of our timeshare and we still get billed for maintainanace – No third party involved — ILG took our money and did not deliver the service
    What is even more annoying is that we now see that to get out of our timeshare contract – all we need to do is stop paying the yearly maintainance -so all this hassle has been for nothing apart from losing £11.000 !!

  190. Joan
    Make sure your facts are correct.I think you will find you can’t just walk away.Timeshare companies have the nasty habit of sending you reminders for a few times then adding all the penalty charges hidden in the small print, and then anything up to a few years later when the amount has reached a juicy big sum (and worth going to court for) they hit you!! How do I know ?? I was almost there.
    Food for thought .If you are going to claim back via your credit card I think you should be singing a slightly different tune.This whole fiasco was based on lies and false pressure selling and misrepresentation .Its going to be difficult to prove if you wait until the maturity date of your cashback, especially it pays back a piddly 6%. You will have no arguement because it may have actually paid out if cashback actually works.
    We all saw the chance to get rid of unwanted timeshares and were prepared to put the money up front to achieve it.
    The deal was supposed to be of advantage to you as well with cheaper holidays against paying high maintenance fees.ILG lied about taking over the timeshare themselves to go into their holiday stock with the added bonus of getting the bulk of your money back enhanced by the value of your timeshare.

    If you get stuck writing your letter ‘e mail’ me, my address is in one of the very early bloggs, and I will scan what I did into a mail and send it as an attachment.
    My new motto is perseverence pays!!!

  191. Thank you Forth Justice — Our time share company has changed hands several times and no longer offers the service specified in our contract – if required we could get them on that — but in the small print in our contract it states that our membership will cease if the maintainance payments are not kept up.
    We have already received the deposit we paid to ILG from our credit card company — yesterday we received a letter from them stating that they want us to go through the reclaim process before refunding the remainder to us.
    In the meantime we are trying to get reclaim to confirm how much of our £11,000 was actually invested with them (we think probably £1.000 max) We are waiting for a reply from Keith Lawrence and reclaim – if we could get this it will be further proof of a scam to present to the credit card company

  192. I have spoken to the FO and to FS Compensation scheme plus the FSA and as the company was not a UK registered company there is nothing they can do as not regulated under UK law.
    I had a long conversation with a lady at the Consumer direct and she has said that my credit card is jointly and severally liable to pay ALL the money back. I am writing to expalin this to them.Will let you know what happens.
    margaret M

  193. are you using liquid.ilg@keithlawrence.gi we had mail from him a couple of weeks ago !!!

    For interest if you are trying to make contact re credit card claim I sent signed for letters to both reclaim addresses , the one to Gibralter was returned intact unopened endorsed gone away .The one to Spain was delivered but with no reply.I copied the letters,proof of posting and evidence of nil response as part of the claims package to Credit Card Company as proof we had tried to make contact.It was accepted.

  194. Another warning!!!!!
    Viva connect are being active again.
    After listening to the guy that called us for about 10 minutes he caught me in a wind up mood so I pretended to be all excited and keen !! He gave me more and more crap.The then denied it was a scam went into verbal diahreer mode spouting even more crap so I mentioned I was reading all about him on my laptop on the mindtimeshare site. Predictably he threw the phone down !!
    On a serious note he is very plausable so be careful.