POLICE and trading standards officers investigating “suspected breaches of consumer law” have raided four UK offices of Spanish timeshare king Garry Leigh’s Incentive Leisure Group.

Leigh, the brother-in-law of Costa Killer Tony King, has long claimed that his business is above board and legal.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

His company offered to buy unwanted timeshares and then persuaded people to spend thousands of euros on membership of Leigh’s Designer Way Vacation Club.

Buyers were promised some or all their money back after five years, but it was revealed last year how the so called “cashback” scheme collapsed through fraud.

The Office of Fair Trading, which co-ordinated last week’s raids, said the investigation was at an “early stage” and there was “no assumption” offences have been committed.

The investigation continues.


  1. hi all not been here for a while. still getting phone calls offering to buy are d,w,v,c, we are just letting them rattle on after all its there phone bill.well done joan i know its been a hard fight for you to get your money back we must have been lucky one letter full refund happy days

  2. Has anyone had any communication from Reclaim in the last month?
    Our 150 days were up on the 30th June (our certificate had been valididated) no cheque!
    I have emailed Delfina and sent an email to “info@reclaim.gi” nothing!!!!!
    When I have emailed Delfina in the past she has responded immediately.

  3. Have any of you paid bye debit card as I did,and found you are unable to regain your money back. I would like to hear
    as the firm I used (Resolved claims) would like to get as many as possible together and go for their assets.
    Please reply. Mr R Day

  4. To Marie- We had our certificate validated over a year ago but heard nothing more until we e mailed Cashback Sales & Admin SA.
    If you visit www,mindtimeshare.com and type Cashback in their search box and read on you will see the reply we had.We are not taking part in the case as it seems like one of those class action claims without any outcome.

  5. Have made a claim against my credit card company re misselling with ILG.Their comment “as we have no direct knowledge of the facts we are unable to admit or deny any of the points you’ve raised in your dispute with ILG. As a gesture to resolve the matter for you we are willing to make a without prejudice offer of £**** which is equal to 50% of the original transaction.” Has this happened to anyone else and how did you manage to obtain the full amount please from the cc company.

  6. Give them all the facts -photocopy everything you have in relation to ILG fraud. keep quoting the consumer law and threaten them with legal action!
    Our bank finally paid up – we only paid £1.000 deposit on a credit card and got £10.000 back — this was minus a few hundred that the bank thought we still may get back from reclaim!!!!

  7. I had a similar problem and finally resorted to using Resolved Claims Ltd and I have just heard from the Credit Card Company. They are paying the full amount paid on the card but of course I still have to pay resolved their 25% still 75% is better than I stood to gain.
    Best Wishes ,

  8. Ssndy
    Read all the bloggs including following the leads to the Daily Mirror site Copy all of the relevent articles relating to ILG and their mis-selling scam . Also the info about them going bust.Copy all this info to the credit card company to support your claim.

    For interest to all those who have been following this site for a long time, I have reached the Reclaim Claim date and sent the certificate back to Reclaim.
    I truly hope that I will be the first person to report back that they have paid out !!!!almost as likely as seeing a pig fly
    I get quite intrigued with all the Press reporting because Reclaim seem to miss being reported on and appear to be slipping through the net.There must be some Legal way of getting at Reclaim who are a Gibralter based Company which technically must be controlled by British Law,Food for thought for all you legal wizzards??
    Sadly medically I can’t get involved for a few months but if everything is successful i will be more than willing to start some plan of action including going to Gib to talk to the relevent authority.

  9. My Reclaim certificate was returned in January for the February completion date and I received a confirmation that it was a correct claim. The 150 days stipulated on the conditions of the certificate have now expired and despite numerous emails to Recalim I have heard NOTHING. I hope you have more success Sandy and thanks for all your previous help and advice!

  10. Just to keep the story going we returned a Cashback certificate 4 weeks ago in accordance with the rulles and have today received an acknowledgement that the claim was correct .
    If nothing else it proves the cash back office in Malaga is still manned .
    Now the wait to see what happens ,wow I could be the first to get a payback. I will update as things proceed There again a pig has just flown past the window!!!!!
    My suggestion is we keep this thread going and everyone reports their progress so we can get a picture of what’s happening.
    Reclaim is registered in Gibralter so there must be some way of dealing with them if the picture shows that they are not paying out.

  11. I recently wrote to Reclaim as I had receioved a letter confirming my Correct Claim but after the 150 day deadline for payment I had heard nothing. Consequently I received communication from Mr Malcolm Willis asking for banking details in order for payment to be made directly to my account. I made enquiries with the bank who assured me that the details would not breach the security of my account and I therefore emailed those details to Reclaim on the 20/08/12 again I heard nothing so I have now written to Mr Willis by signed for letter (posted 03/09/12) and am eagerly awaiting a response. I shall keep you posted.

  12. Good News & Bad News.
    We sent our reclaim certs back in late July. We carefully worked out the dates to make sure we were in compliance with the ‘strict’ rules about reclaiming. We also asked others to check the dates etc. We did all this with little hope of even getting a reply. During this period we then had a cold call from another scammer and when my wife (who was playing her along)said we had sent our claim in, said the the address we had been given was a garage! However yesterday we had a reply(good news)not really believing it we opened the letter. Long list of what we had to do, all ticked as OK. Then a NO according to them we had posted the letter 2DAYS too early.(Bad news) We posted the letter on the 6th of the month and they said we had to post it on the 8th or after. How lucky for them,we suspect we have no way of challenging this as they obviously carefully worked this out to their benefit.So there we are, the office exists but is not paying out as we knew it was not going to before we sent the claim off. Any body got better news?

  13. They tried to say that with my claim. Fortunately I had kept a copy of the Royal Mail Tracking Receipt and went online to Royal Mail Tracking which showed that I had posted it at the correct time. I forwarded a print out of the screen from Royal mail and received a reply that it was a cxorrect claim ! Consequently I have progressed further. See my previous comment immediately prior to this.

  14. Has anyone had any dealings with a company called ‘Timeshare Refund Network’ they claim to get you out of a timeshare contract, reclaiming up to 100 % of your money back,on a no win no fee basis, by prosecuting the timeshare company on your behalf. They work from offices in Gran Canaria and prosecute through the spanish courts.

  15. Thanks for comments re my email on 11th August. Am still battling with my credit card company who will only offer me 70% of my claim against misselling of ILG – they say it is their final offer. Has anyone gone down the Financial Ombudsman route and were you successfull in getting all of your money back. Anyone else been successful in claiming against M & S credit card. Thanks

  16. Got all of the money back from a company called Express Claims Europe. They went through my card provider using Section 75. No upfront payment involved so I wasnt worried about being scammed yet again.Only had to pay once the refunded money was back in my account.Very happy to put my DWVC nightmare to bed :-) No win ,no fee is much more appealing than the old upfront payment and then poof….disappeared

  17. Well, Well, Well, What an unexpected pleasant surprise, this morning my bank has informed me that RECLAIM has paid a sum of money directly into my account. It is only about 17% of my certificate value but far better than expected. As will be seen from my previous posts I have written several times to RECLAIM who tried all sorts of dodges to avoid payment. However, I persisted and supplied all the necessary evidence that they could not refute and have finally succeeded. I encourage those of you who have certificates to be a pain in their butt and persist, GOOD LUCK.

  18. Hi William,

    I am pleased to hear that you got SOME money back for it. I am just about to post mine off – I have got original certificate, copy of proof of posting and copy of proof of purchase. Any advice before I do?


  19. Well done William as you say don’t give up.I patiently wait for the 150 days to pass and will then put the pressure on !,,,
    Sara make sure you send claim to the correct address ,make really really sure that you comply with the dates for making a claim since returning early by even one day invalidates it and make sure you use ‘International signed for ‘ for the postage.
    Good Luck

  20. Thanks for all your past advice FORTH JUSTICE it was of immense help. Sara I can only repeat the advice of Forth Justice:- Make sure you send claim to the correct address ,make really really sure that you comply with the dates for making a claim since returning early by even one day invalidates it and make sure you use ‘International signed for ‘ for the postage.
    Be persistent and don’t give up. Ensure you keep ALL proofs of postage. Best of luck.

  21. Thanks Forth and William for your help. I have today received my ‘correct claim’ notification. William, did you received any communication in between that and the 150+ days? And when did you know how much they were going to pay out (when it went in the bank?!)
    I intend to be persistent aswell so watch this space……

  22. Had a phone call from Ramirez & Remirez to say they have won the case in the Malaga Court in January 2013 to reclaim money back on our behalf but requested another £295 in order to release the money into our bank any ideas !!!!!! Just about going to send off our claim certificate to Reclaims.

  23. Things have been quiet on this site for a long time so an update.My Reclaim Cashback was due to be paid back within 150 days which made it around mid January.we were informed that it was a valid claim and were to supply bank details.This was done and for the last 6 months we have repeated trying to get further response from Reclaim namely Mr Willis.
    I have lost patience and am in the process of writing to the Malaga Police to see what action we can take since in our opinion refusal to pay my money is theft by retention.
    Whilst awaiting information we are working out exactly what action to take and am interested in hearing what has happened to other people’s claims.

  24. Hi Olga,
    Following your request with other people’s claims, our 150 days was up on 31st May. I phoned prior to that and was told that after thee 150 days I would be sent another letter to provide bank details. Obviously that has now passed so I have contacted them three times in the last week – 1st time answer machine message said to call back between 10am-2pm which it was!! And, since then, I have only been able to leave answer machine messages but not received any calls back (unsurprisingly!!) Only trouble is I am at work between those hours so I am never going to hear back!!!

  25. Although not being involved much any more the person who I was helping is in exactly the same position as Sara and Olga .They have met all the requirements to the point of being asked for Bank details .The money was due to be paid at the latest by mid January but since then letters and
    ‘e’ mails have been ignored.

    Maybe if you have not seen it follow the following address and read the comments right at the end of it.I don’t know whether you can just click the address and follow the link or whether the easiest way is to copy it and paste it into your browser.
    It appears people are getting money back delayed a long time outside the promised dates .If you look at the batch numbers being reported on you can get some idea when yours might be looked at.


    For the future unless something happens soon we intend taking the legal route.With so many people involved the failure to repay the Cashback could be fraud or theft by retention .Following that theme we are pre-empting the future and seeking advice from the commissioner of Police in Malaga.It could be quite interesting as the combined value of everybody involved could be very high and make a nice juicy fraud case.

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