17 Mar, 2011 @ 07:15
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Spanish women are having fewer children

ALMOST 85 per cent of Spanish women do not want a third child because of the difficulties of balancing work and family responsibilities.

A study by the Fundacion Accion Familiar found nearly half of Spain’s working women have no children, while a quarter have only one child.

Only 20 per cent have two children and the remaining few have three or more.

The Foundation spokesman said: “Spain – along with Portugal and Greece – has the lowest levels of support for women with children in the work place, with bosses seeing pregnancy as a problem.”

In contrast, Norway, Finland and Denmark have the highest levels of child support for pregnant working women, believing children are vital for economic growth.


  1. Spain has an unemployment rate of more than 20%. In fact between the age of 16 and 25 their unemployment rate is 45% and this kind of unemployment will soon hit all countries unless they saturate themselves with more bureaucrats as spain has already done and yet the unemployment rate has gone up all the same so it’s ridiculous to pretend that it’s about balancing “work” and “responsbilities”. What work and what responsibilities in a country that lives exclusively off foreigners and lives way beyond its means as its total debt manifests. Next year it will be spain that goes bankrupt after Italy and there will bo nobody to bail it out.

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