AROUND 1.5 million people have taken to the streets of Barcelona for the annual Catalan independence march, according to police.

Demonstrators decked out in red and yellow and waving independence flags brought the city to a standstill and even caused the mobile phone network to crash.

While the march is an annual event, protestors used the occasion to voice their anger at Spain’s tax laws, with Cataluna calling for a review of its tax agreement with the Spanish government.

Cataluna is Spain’s wealthiest region and represents a fifth of the Spanish economy, but the financial crisis has increased demands for financial independence and political autonomy.

Last month, the region requested a €5 billion bailout from the Spanish government to cover what it claims is money owed in overpaid taxes.

Former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola was among those supporting the march, sending a message of support saying ‘here you have another vote for independence’.

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  1. Catalans are a very potent force here in France and that influence reaches right up to the Aveyron, that’s 200K from the ‘Spanish’ border.

    All countries that are put together by force eventually disintegrate and violently – so far only Yugoslavia has broken up in Europe.

    Two more countries will go down the same road – Spain and the UK. Both countries controlled by Arayan invaders. In Andalucia the Madrillanos are called pero/dog castillanos. The Catalans have other expressions of contempt which are unprintable.

    You cannot make people live together unless all sides want to. In Spain – the Euskadi/Catalans/Gallegos and most Andalucians hate/do not like the Aryans in the centre.

    Same goes for the Celts of Karnow/Cymri/Erin and Scutia in the not united kingdom.

    The Catalans will never let their language die, they know full well the ruthless murdering campaign conducted by the English to destroy the Celtic languages in all the Celtic lands.

    All intellectual/economic arguments against Catalan independance are meaningless when set against centuries of opression by those who have no right to be in the Iberian peninsular – viva Catalunya.

  2. Scotland and the runt UK have a long time for all the issues to come up but be sure the Anti Independence coalition will try their damnedest to focus the defense of the Union around policy where they can scaremonger and lie to best effect. The dross has already started but a year from now will be in full flow.

    If the media ever let the fundamental basis of Independence, that is to be governed by those in Scotland for Scotland, be heard then many a chord will resonate around Europe never mind closer to home in Scotland and Wales.

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