DON’T forget to celebrate International Animal Day this week on October 4.

Here are a few ideas to give your pet an extra special day.

• Pamper your dog with a bath or a grooming or even a spa bath, buy a new toy or bone, get his nails trimmed or best of all, let him sleep on your bed

• Give your cat an extra cuddle, a sponge bath or some nice treats or a new toy, then stay at home and watch a movie together!

• Clean the rabbit/guinea pig/hamster cage, etc, then give your pet a bath and buy him a fruit stick, or best an even bigger cage

• Spend more time than you usually can with your horse or donkey and give them an extra apple or carrot

• Clean your bird’s cage and get a new interesting toy or treat

• Clean your fish tank, add a new plant or change the colour of the gravel

• Give your tortoise a longer bath, oil its shield, find that specific weed he likes and feed him some peas

• Finally, how about doing something for all those animals who haven’t got a loving owner?

Oh and by the way, you will get a 10% discount at the Pointer Clinic for all of Thursday.

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