PENELOPE Cruz has admitted she became ‘the world’s biggest workaholic’ at stages in her life but that it did not fulfil her.Penelope Cruz

She has decided to slow things down and relish life at a less frenetic speed, enjoying her number one priority: family.

In a recent interview with El Pais, she revealed that she would have been a ballerina or a doctor if she hadn’t been an actress, she admitted her lifestyle has seen some changes.

Almost 41 – her birthday is April 28 – the mother-of-two admits that whereas she used to shoot four films per year without hesitation, family life demands a different schedule.

Cruz says she has come home in more ways than one – now living in Madrid and immersing herself in Spanish cinema.

The actress, who is practically teetotal and does not smoke, is married to Javier Bardem and they have two children.

Her next film, Ma Ma, will be released in Spain in September.


  1. If some young folks don’t know it yet, building a successful career is like building a pyramid – you work like heck to be educated/trained, then get work experience leading toward your goal, learn/improve by experience with good guidance – and with some LUCK, you will succeed! So from the hard work base, go upward. The real satisfaction is in the PROCESS of working to succeed. Sadly, Cruz underplays all that after she has succeeded in her career … because of it. I think if some choose to be successful in a career as a stay-at-home-mom with children – then do so without all this education /work beforehand – LOTS of work for a mom at home with kids! Most men couldn’t do it as well as a woman.

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