Suzannah dedicated her life to saving podencos

DOZENS of dogs are in danger after their British expat owner died suddenly from a brain aneurysm. 

Hope for Podenos, in Albacete, urgently needs €120,000 in just three weeks to save 40 dogs whose charity has been left without a benefactor and owner.

Suzannah Stacey unexpectedly died in January from a brain aneurysm after committing her life to saving podencos who had been abandoned and left for dead by Spanish hunters.

Co-founders Steve and Irene Allen are now pleading locals and expats for donations to help keep the charity going as all other funds are held up in probate.


Suzannah had sold her British home at the end of last year in a bid to purchase the propert outright, but died on January 23 before sealing the deal.


Irene Allen said: “We now need to raise the money from scratch to be able to secure the property again, even though we are living in it with the dogs already moved in and settled while waiting for their adoptions to their forever homes.

“If we can’t secure this funding in the timeframe, we will lose the centre and be out of our home.”

She added: “Last December Suzannah decided that all the monies from her property sale in the UK would go into buying the rescue centre.

“Sadly, this didn’t happen and has left us in a precarious position with the original owner, as they are now looking for the rest of the money.

“Her will hadn’t been changed in the UK so no monies will be coming to Spain.

“Suzannah would have been devastated at this, so we have to fight to keep the centre and our dream and so Suzannah’s name cannot be forgotten.”

You can donate here:

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