FIVE men in Tenerife have been fined for breaking the lockdown and then posting it on Instagram.

The group were found to have disobeyed the lockdown to go play with a ball on a sports court in Guimar.

The men then decided to post a picture of themselves on the social media app, with the hashtag #yomequedoenlacalle, which means I stay on the street.

This is in direct opposition to the hashtag the Spanish authorities are using to promote people to stay at home – #yomequedoencasa.

The group face a fine between €600-30,000 for breaking the lockdown.

The town’s security councilman, Candido Gomez told the Diario de Avisos that he doesn’t believe they were fined more than €600 however.

This is not the first case of people getting fined for not adhering to the lockdown that came into effect on Monday morning.

However, most people are sticking to the new rules and Gomez praised the law abiding citizens for their patience and effort.

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