THE Junta de Andalucia has classified the COVID-19 outbreaks in Casabermeja and at the Red Cross as ‘controlled’ and ‘stabilised’ respectively.

Despite two more confirmed cases being linked to the Red Cross shelter in Malaga, taking the total number of infections to 105, the Ministry of Health considers the increase in positive cases in recent days to have ‘stabilised.’

Ongoing tests are still being performed on people who have been in contact with those who have tested positive.

The testing is expected to be completed shortly and the outbreak to be classified as ‘controlled.’

The Casabermeja outbreak, which had its origin in a gathering between family members between the provinces of Granada and Malaga, remains stable with seven cases.

All the corresponding tests, according to health and safety protocol, have concluded, and the Junta considers this outbreak ‘active’ but ‘controlled.’

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, there have been no patients admitted to the ICU in the province of Malaga, although 13 people are still hospitalised.

The overall number of active cases of coronavirus in Andalucia and Spain has, however, risen in recent days.

The active cases of coronavirus in Andalucia currently stands at 1,148 distributed by province as follows:

  • Cadiz, 65 active cases.
  • Almeria, 17 active cases.
  • Cordoba: 8 active cases.
  • Granada: 129 active cases.
  • Huelva: 16 active cases.
  • Jaen: 63 active cases.
  • Malaga: 842 active cases.
  • Sevilla: 8 active cases.

Some 49 patients confirmed with COVID-19 remain in Andalucian hospitals, of which 12 are in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

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