A LOCAL police officer from Castellon city has been arrested for allegedly driving while over the limit and escaping a breathalyser test by his own colleagues.

The incident took place on the night of December 23, when the 38-year-old suspect was spotted by other members of the force while walking down the street showing clear signs of inebriation and in the company of friends.

His colleagues reportedly asked the officer, who has been a member of the Local Police in the provincial capital for several years, to go home, given his state.

Breathalyser tests are always stepped up over Christmas
Breathalyser tests are always stepped up over Christmas

Furthermore, the nocturnal curfew was looming, set on that date for 23.00.  

Report suggest that the off-duty officer ignored the advice, prompting the other members of the force to submit the suspect to a breathalyser test to prove to him that he was over the limit.

The test gave a reading of 0.90 milligrams of alcohol per litre of air – four times over the legal limit to drive.

However, all efforts to convince him otherwise failed, and the drunken officer got into his car and drove away at speed.

The on-duty patrol pursued him for a short while, but ultimately gave up to avoid endangering other road users.

They then wrote up a report as the identity of the suspect was perfectly known, and forwarded the missive to the courts.

The suspect is now being tried for an offence against road safety and is facing disciplinary measures within the force.

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