NEW speed limits have come into effect throughout Castellon city.

As of this week, drivers caught breaking the new top speed of 60 kilometres per hour (kph) on the ring road surrounding the city face fines of between €100 and €600, plus the loss of two to six licence points.   

This change will be the most significant for frequent users, as until now many stretches of the ring road were marked as 80 kph.

Council workers today (Thursday May 13) begun changing road signs throughout the city, with work expected to continue for the next couple of days.

Speed Limit Cut 30 Kph

In addition to the ring road, Castellon has now officially become a Ciudad 30, meaning all roads with only one lane in each direction now have a speed limit of 30 kph.

Roads with two lanes per direction maintain the existing speed limit of 40 kph, while those without pavements and in school surroundings, the top speed is now set at 20 kph.

The local councillor for Sustainable Mobility, Jorge Ribes, explained that the speed limit reduction helps make Castellon a ‘safer and more polite city’, as well as more environmentally friendly and cutting traffic accidents.

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