TWO teenage bullies have been arrested by the Policia Nacional after separate assaults against younger children at the same Alicante school.

The attacks happened within days of each at the unnamed educational centre.

Police praised school children for calling them after witnessing the assaults.

Officers from the Policia Nacional’s Citizen Participation Unit gave a talk at the school weeks earlier which appealed to students to report any crime they see.

Policía Nacional on Twitter: "¡Está a la vuelta el fin de curso???!  ¡Date prisa! Si quieres que nuestros agentes den algunos consejillos de  #seguridad a tus hij@s de cara a las #vacaciones

The first incident happened on November 30 when a 14-year-old boy was leaving the school.

An older and taller boy, 16, had verbally abused him the previous day and threatened to beat him up outside the building.

He kept his promise and lay in wait before punching him in the face.

A friend of the attacker, who the victim did not recognise, grabbed his arms as the 16-year-old continued to punch him.

Several youngsters saw what happened and phoned the Policia Nacional.

Days later, a systematic six week period of verbal abuse against a 12-year-old girl, culminated in her being attacked and suffering a broken arm.

Three pupils followed her around the school yard for weeks shouting taunts and insults.

The physical assault was inflicted by a girl, 15, as the victim was leaving the school.

The female assailant slapped the young victim in the face and as she tried to escape, she grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground.

The fall caused injuries including a fractured arm as the beating continued.

Other children rushed to the scene and the attacker run off.

The victim’s parents have asked for a restraining order against her attacker and her two cohorts.

The cases of the two arrested teenagers are being handled by the Alicante Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.

There’s been no comment from the unidentified school as to what measures it has in place to counteract bullying.


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