THE Valencian government wants to keep using COVID passports for indoor access to hospitality and entertainment venues until February 28.

The current measure, introduced in early December throughout the Valencian Community, is set to expire on January 31.

Legal approval for the extension is needed from the Valencian Superior Court, which is seen as a mere formality.

The passport system will continue to be used on exactly the same basis as now.

Speaking on Thursday, Ximo Puig, said: “The passport is not a definitive solution and there is no set of measures that provide absolute security. It serves to make citizens aware that the pandemic is still around.”

Some regions like Cantabria have abandoned using passports while Andalucia has applied for a further extension.

Official statistics don’t appear to show lower COVID infection rates in regions that use a passport for sectors like hospitality.

Responding to passport opponents, Ximo Puig said: “I find it very difficult to digest that they act with this virulence against coexistence and everyone’s health.”

The Valencian president also noted that infection rates are falling in the region.

Hospital admissions and intensive care COVID cases are over two-thirds lower than a year ago.


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