A Ryanair flight from Alicante-Elche airport to Dublin was delayed by 40 minutes on Monday after an intoxicated passenger dropped his trousers and verbally abused the cabin crew.

Authorities were contacted and the Irishman was removed off the plane by three police officers.

The Irish Mirror reports that he started to show ‘worrying behaviour’ after boarding the Ryanair service.

The newspaper quotes people as being ‘afraid’ and a woman described him ‘taking off his trousers before sitting down’.

An eye-witness told the Mirror that he had ‘four or five litres of spirits on his lap’ and ‘turned hysterical’ when a cabin crew member wanted to take them away to stow the bottles safely in the luggage locker.

As the plane got ready to taxi away, he got more and more verbally abusive and despite putting on his trousers, a decision was made to get him off the plane, courtesy of the police.

Witnesses praised the calmness of the cabin crew under extreme provocation.

The flight had to endure a further delay as the ejected traveller insisted that he had luggage checked into the hold but he hadn’t.


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