NEARLY all Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have been removed in the Valencian Community, some two years after the coronavirus struck.

Valencian president, Ximo Puig, announced on Thursday that remaining measures covering entertainment and sports venues in addition to outdoor gatherings like festivals, music events, and sports fixtures will cease.

The change will take effect once the details have been published in the Official Valencian Gazette.

Just two restrictions remain in force, namely indoor mask wearing and a smoking ban on hospitality terraces.

Ximo Puig said: “”We are moving towards the new normal that must be compatible with caution, since the virus is still present and there are still people who enter the ICU and who may die.”

The regional leader appealed for people to continue wearing a mask outdoors, even though it is not mandatory.

“The use of the mask has saved many lives and it is necessary to raise awareness about it,” he stated.

The national government is expected to make a decision over masks soon.

Puig stressed the high immunity levels in the region with over 93% of residents aged over 12 years of age having had at least two doses of a Covid vaccine.

The Valencian Community reported 297 Covid cases per 100,000 people over the last 14 days, compared to the national average of 435.

Patients in regional hospitals with Covid only account for 3.05% bed occupancy and just 5.11% of ICU beds.


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