AN octogenerian has been reunited with his two stolen mobility scooters taken by the same thief in less than two months in San Juan de Alicante.

A 46-year-old Spaniard with an existing criminal record has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

Besides the mobility scooters, the thief took seven bicycles parked up next to schools and sports centres in the San Juan area.

Three of the bikes and the two scooters were recovered after Guardia officers stopped and arrested him on San Juan beach as he was heading home with another stolen bicycle.

The pensioner’s scooters were worth over €11,000.

His first vehicle was taken in broad daylight when parked on a road in December.

The replacement scooter was stolen in the same circumstances last month.

The Guardia Civil noticed that the thefts coincided with a spate of missing bicycles and so launched Operation Bicikl to track down the culprit.

His methods were always the same as he used shears to cut through chains and padlocks before calmly leaving a crime scene without attracting any attention.


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