Friday, September 18, 2020

Consumers’ rights group Which? hits out at airlines for failing to refund passengers in Spain and UK for cancelled...

CONSUMERS’ group Which? has demanded action to make airlines speed up refunds for coronavirus cancelled flights. It claims that...

Is Spain seeing a second coronavirus wave? – the latest figures explained

Since the country began exiting the nationwide lockdown on May 11, 527 clusters of COVID-19 have been detected, counting more than 6,000 new cases

STUBBED OUT: Seven million fake cigarettes seized by police and customs in Spain and France

SPANISH police have stubbed out a fake cigarette gang and seized a total of nearly seven million illegal ‘smokes’.

If you want to remain in Spain legally you’d better get a move on!

After being back in Mallorca I had to pick up where I’d left off with the legal stuff after going back to...

Spain adds more than 10,000 COVID-19 cases Friday

It brings the total number of official cases in the country since the pandemic began to 498,989

Spain registers 27,404 COVID-19 cases over weekend

The majority of cases declared on Monday were in Madrid (910), Aragon (401) and the Basque Country (288)

Fresco fiasco in Spanish town

In a botched restoration project, an elderly resident of Borja destroyed a 19th century church painting of Christ

Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas leaves man-of-the-match ball at French embassy following Paris terrorist attacks

France's international friendly with Germany at the Stade de France was one of the sites targeted in Friday's attack which killed at least 131 people

Spain lists Gibraltar as a priority at UN General Assembly

It comes after inflammatory remarks over sovereignty of the Rock from Spain's foreign minister

Mariano Rajoy pledges to defend British expats in Brexit negotiations

The prime minister hopes 'nothing is going to change' for British expats in Spain

MURDER ON THE ROCK: ‘Beautiful’ mother-of-two stabbed to death in Gibraltar

A MURDER investigation is underway after a mother-of-two was stabbed to death in Gibraltar last night. The woman was found in a flat alongside a...

Wall Street warns Calatan crisis is still risk to Spain’s economy

According to a report released by the bank, it outlined that Catalunya continued to dictate events not only in the Spanish banking system but also more globally. 

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to appear in court today while violent protests break out in Barcelona

The former Catalan leader was arrested on Sunday and faces a prison sentence of up to 30 years

Spain’s San Fermin bull running festival gets underway

Pamplona town hall has been fighting to reassure women that the festival is safe to attend

Spain to halt sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia amid fears of their use in Yemen conflict

The process of cancelling a contract signed between Mariano Rajoy’s former government and the Arab state in 2015 is currently underway

WATCH: Man defaces General Franco’s tomb in Madrid with red paint and is dragged away by security guards

The protest was sparked by growing tension surrounding the planned exhumation of the remains of General Franco from the Valley of the Fallen

BREXIT ROW: Spain still prepared to ‘veto’ deal and accuses UK of ‘treachery’ over Gibraltar

Sanchez revealed in a late-night tweet that the UK and Spain's positions 'remain far away'

63 YEARS: Paedophile in pope’s inner circle who lived in Spain protected by ‘mafia’ Vatican for seven decades

SICK: The paedophilia of Marcial Maciel was hidden in a 63-year cover-up by those at the top of the Catholic Church

Woman who exposed John of God religious cult leader for running ‘baby farms’ kills herself at hideaway in Spain

Over 600 women reported sexual abuse by the Brazilian faith leader, who was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in 2010

Spain’s Socialist PSOE party win general election, but fail to get majority, as far-right Vox party gains first seats

Voter turnout at the elections is high, at around 75% and could be on track to beat the 1982 record of 80%

WATCH: American gored in neck and teen bruises spine as annual San Fermin bull run begins in Spain’s Pamplona

Each day six bulls and accompanying steers are released, before the animals take on matadors in public fights in the afternoon

‘Warming Mediterranean Sea’ was behind record-breaking rain, claims Alicante professor

A LEADING climatologist from the University of Alicante has blamed a ‘warmer Mediterranean Sea’ for the killer floods that devastated the Costa...

New twist in ‘head in a box’ crime in Spain as cleaner may have unwittingly disposed of the body...

A CLEANER has told police she fears she may have disposed of a body without realising.  It comes as police are investigating the cleaner's boss...

UK police in diplomatic pickle after calling Spain’s arrest warrant for Catalan separatist leader ‘disproportionate’

British authorities have since backtracked on the comments, trying to pass them off as a misunderstanding.