Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Gale-force fight

Opposition to windmills near Antequera beauty spot gathers pace after town hall joins fight

Canary Islands to cut environment protection

Green groups protest as half the islands protected species could be put in danger

Too hot to handle?

Spain cools down to save energy

Facebook protest fights to save virgin Spanish beach

Demonstration called to save El Palmar beach from mass development

Sustainable Spanish retreats

Are you concerned about the environment? Would you rather take the train than travel by aeroplane, or car? As the Copenhagen earth summit looms, Asha Stuttard finds ten eco-friendly options right on your doorstep around Spain

Save our dunes

Bird group pleads with developers to save last wild dune area on Costa del Sol

Don’t be naïve (Evian spelt backwards) – give up the bottle

Since the Olive Press launched a campaign to cut back on plastic two years ago, plenty of town councils, companies and individuals around Andalucia have got the message, at least with plastic bags. But when it comes to plastic bottles not everyone has, writes Josephine Quintero

Wind record blown away

Spain's turbines set new record for electricity generated

Los Merinos would ‘gravely endanger’ local ecosystem

As Ronda mayor appears in court for corruption, new report slams the golf project which he controversially passed

An electric car deal!

Electric car initiative sparked by government subsidies

Fight over Algarrobico goes on

The long-running saga continues

Greenpeace fears over Mijas coast

Mijas Coast under Greenpeace spotlight

The environment? It’s as muddy as earth

So you think you’re doing your bit for the environment? You might need to think again

Eagles poisoned

Rare birds found dead

A green corridor for lynxes

After a sharp revival over recent years, a 'green corridor' could now link the lynx populations of the Sierra Morena with Donana in the south

World’s largest solar tower switches on

The World’s largest solar power tower went into use near Sevilla last week

Obesity is a threat to the planet

Researchers concluded that because food production is a major contributor to global warming, the more you eat, the greater the impact on climate change

Sinking in a sea of sand

Climate change map shows Spain, France and Italy turned to desert in just 40 years.

A green way to go

It may not be the final nail in the coffin for greenhouse gas emitting vehicles, but Granada has become the first city in Europe to use eco-friendly hearses.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Bob Maddox goes gunning for the greenhouses that cover Spain's southern coast. But El Gringo Maddox, who normally shoots from the lip when plastic is concerned, finds that those invernaderos could be the key in the fight against global warming

The great emasculator

Spanish men lose their mojo as pollution plays havoc with the male gender

Forget climate change – the bees are buzzing off

If bees became extinct today, mankind would follow suit in 2012. Albert Einstein proclaimed this insect the most important factor in our food chain.

Government reiterates coast battle

Cádiz coast first to benefit from construction crackdown

Dangerous shores for Jaws

It is official. The Mediterranean Sea is now the most dangerous place on Earth to swim - that is, if you are a shark

Spanish study confirms Climate Change predictions

Levels and temperature of Mediterranean have risen over 60 years

Making a difference in 2008

Tired of mundane New Year resolutions? Instead of giving up smoking why not make some small lifestyle changes and help to save the planet. The Olive Press’ Rosie Sinclair, one of Al Gore’s Climate Project foot soldiers, shows you how.




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