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Spain enters Google race to put robot on the moon

A team of Spanish scientists hope to win the €24 million Google Lunar X PRIZE

Barca goalkeeper charged in fraud scheme

Victor Valdes allegedly acquired a seafaring permit illegally

Spain football idol Andres Iniesta is no saint after all

Iniesta never intended to donate €300,000 Euro 2012 fee to fire victims

Ban the brutality

Spain criticised for police brutality

God’s own Banksy in Barcelona

Spain’s very own Michelangelo tarts up Barcelona church - but it’s not graffiti, he claims

Fake police arrested in Spain

Gang targeted British holidaymakers as they drove away from airports

Spanish bag-snatcher tries to take toddler instead

Man arrested in Malaga for trying to snatch a toddler from mother's arms

Madge fan fury in Spain

Fans are up in arms after being forced to stump up a staggering 106 euros a ticket

Image rights row gets Messi in Gibraltar

Judge rules in favour of Barcelona star’s mum in fall-out over disputed shares

One step closer to an HIV vaccine?

Scientists in Barcelona discover the molecule that spreads the virus around the body

Barcelona goes barking mad!

Man has been forced to pay a fine for a barking dog that he does not own

Imam investigated for sexist preachings

Abdeslam Laarusi suggested using ‘fists and sticks on various parts of the body to avoid breaking bones or drawing blood'

Lionel Messi breaks Barcelona scoring record

Argentinean ace hit sublime hat-trick as Catalan giants beat Granada 5-3

Spain is Europe’s worst polluter, says EU study

Spain failed an embarrassing three out of four criteria tests

Students take to streets as education cuts begin to bite

Hundreds of thousands of teachers and students have protested around Spain

Investment call for Spanish rail network

Three accidents in as many weeks prompt Transport Minister to act

Changing allegiance in Spain

Supporting a football team is a great way to meet other kids, and make friends at school. Nicholas Andersen (age 13), above, gives his advice on how to choose your new team in Spain

Vueling introduce flights from Cardiff to Spain

Three weekly services will run between Cardiff and Alicante, and Cardiff and Mallorca

PSOE airport plan grounded

Zapatero had planned to privatise Barajas and El Prat, but PP have decided against it

Mafia mansion in Barcelona squatted

Multi-million Barcelona mansion of mafia boss squatted by four friends

Old, but wise

This 103-year-old is hoping to become a senator next week

Spain unpacks the Mexican Suitcase

Long lost hoard of priceless photos from the Spanish Civil War by Capa, Seymour and Taro finally goes on display in Spain

Sweaty Messi

Barcelona football players complain about new Nike kit

Brain drain

Spain has fared poorly in the latest list of the world's Top 200 Universities with only the University of Barcelona at 176 and Universitat...

Catalonia hosts its last bullfight

Spain’s top matadors fought in Barcelona for final time before controversial regional ban takes effect

My Top 10 places to visit in Spain

Recently Paul Whitelock wrote about his Top 10 places in Andalucía. Here he selects his Top 10 in the whole of Spain




AVE and Avant trains to connect new railway station in Antequera city centre to 22 different destinations across Spain...

ANTEQUERA’S new railway station in the city centre is finally operational after it's officially inaugurated yesterday, Thursday January 26. With the new railway station coming...


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