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Spain is pulling ahead in worldwide production race

In the last six months alone, Spain has produced 1.3 million vehicles

Time running out for government car buying subsidies

There is only enough money left to last until October, according to motor association president

New car sales in Spain carry on climbing

Car sales have risen again for the ninth straight month in a row, will June make it 10?

Fatal car crashes in Spain soar due to alcohol, drugs and ageing cars, reveals survey

More than one in ten drivers on Spanish roads are intoxicated, according to official data

Spanish government rebate drives car sales

More Spaniards are buying new cars this year thanks to subsidy scheme

Nissan plant makes Barcelona a world-centre for electric vehicles

Nissan has started the production of new zero-emissions electric vehicles in the Catalan city

More unemployment means fewer traffic jams in Spain

The silver lining to the economic crisis: less traffic

Woman accused of snorting cocaine off the bonnet of a police car found not guilty

A member of the Gibraltar police drug squad was inside the car at the time

Spanish car industry back in the driving seat

The Spanish car manufacturing industry has continued to show signs of recovery

Junta’s deals on wheels

Chance to grab a bargain as more than 80 official motors go under the hammer

Caught by his own airbag

A driver who claimed his car was stolen was caught when the airbag was found on his person

You CAN get sunburned while driving in the car… with the windows up!

New research shows that harmful UVA rays can penetrate car windows-so suncream up!

Top Gear arrive in Gibraltar

EXCLUSIVE: And Jeremy Clarkson has already got his own smoking area

British expat burns to death in his car

A British pensioner has been found dead inside his car in Almeria

Bumpy ride in Andalucia

Motorists more likely to damage their car in this region than anywhere else in Spain

Man tries to enter Spain disguised as car seat

Police described illegal immigrant's effort as 'unique and innovative'

Spanish government tests new low-carbon cars

The vehicles, which run entirely on electricity, will be assessed during a six-month trial period

Police investigate car bomb blast in Malaga

Investigators are still unsure what caused the blast which left the unsuspecting driver with burn wounds

Study finds that poorer drivers in Spain keep cars cleaner

A higher percentage of blue collar workers were found to wash their cars once a week when compared to workers from professional backgrounds

Expat forced to stump up €1,000 in fines for sold car in Spain

Expats are forced to shell out in car tax and speeding fines over an unregistered vehicle

First foldable car produced in Spain

The Hiriko folds down to an impressive 1.5 metres

A cleaner drive in Spain

Car hire giant Europcar is introducing electric cars to its Spanish fleet

Beware of car reverse scam in Spain

A new scam sees thieves trying to fool drivers into getting out of ther cars

Driving away the January blues in Spain

Car specialist Glass's guide says January is the best time to buy a new car

Pulling a fast one in Spain

Pensioner conned out of 890 euros by garage and car owner after minor accident





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