Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Cars no longer the key to freedom for Spain’s youngsters

Cars are no longer the ultimate key to freedom for Spain’s young adults

Bad Car Karma

There’s something about Giles Brown and his motors that doesn’t quite connect

Nightmare for care hire customers as DVLA licence goes digital

From June 8, the paper part of UK driving licences is going digital

VW Golf in Madrid is the ‘finest’ car in Spain with 266 fines worth €30,000

Spain’s outlaw vehicles racking up thousands in fines

The last boy racer

Giles Brown back on the road with a new set of wheels

Happy birthday to me!

Columnist Giles Brown on his big birthday surprise

Man dies in Gibraltar after contracting Legionnaire’s disease from car screen wash

A postmortem determined Legionnaire’s disease contributed to the man’s deteriorating health and was a key factor in his death

Car crash in Algeciras tunnel leaves two people in hospital

The crash took place at the same place a motorist died on January 14

Expats urged to renew driving licences in Spain

Expats who have lived in Spain for two or more years could be driving on an illegal license

Uber to halt services in Spain despite vows to fight court order

The company has decided to obey judge's orders

Terror alert at Partido Popular headquarters in Madrid

Bankrupt businessman drives car full of 'explosives' into PP headquarters in Madrid

Farewell, old fiend

Giles Brown on the final demise of his troublesome car

Road deaths increase in Malaga

Stormy weather has been blamed for five deaths in just five days in Malaga

VIDEO: Tornado hits Malaga

Watch the incredible moment a waterspout tornado formed off the coast of Malaga

Mijas firefighters battle used car warehouse inferno

The intense heat melted warehouses nearby

111-year-old Spanish aristocrat’s car to star in auction

A 1903 Panhard et Levassor Phaeton is to sold at a London auction

ITV prices vary by more than double across Spain

Castilla y Leon is the most expensive

Have you got it covered?

This week, Olive Press insurance expert Danni Worth throws the floor open for FAQs

Spain is pulling ahead in worldwide production race

In the last six months alone, Spain has produced 1.3 million vehicles

Time running out for government car buying subsidies

There is only enough money left to last until October, according to motor association president

New car sales in Spain carry on climbing

Car sales have risen again for the ninth straight month in a row, will June make it 10?

Fatal car crashes in Spain soar due to alcohol, drugs and ageing cars, reveals survey

More than one in ten drivers on Spanish roads are intoxicated, according to official data

Spanish government rebate drives car sales

More Spaniards are buying new cars this year thanks to subsidy scheme

Nissan plant makes Barcelona a world-centre for electric vehicles

Nissan has started the production of new zero-emissions electric vehicles in the Catalan city

More unemployment means fewer traffic jams in Spain

The silver lining to the economic crisis: less traffic

Woman accused of snorting cocaine off the bonnet of a police car found not guilty

A member of the Gibraltar police drug squad was inside the car at the time




New COVID-19 record but hospital admissions are much lower than 2021 numbers in Costa Blanca and Valencia areas of...

A new pandemic record daily total of 39,585 cases was reported this Tuesday in the Valencian Community. Exactly a year ago, the total was 8,423. The...


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