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Third heat wave this summer hits Spain

Temperatures rise again after a brief weekend off

Venezuelan vet who stuffed puppies with heroin is arrested in Galicia

The man was being sought by the United States of America

eBay bans Spaniard for selling plots on the Sun

Using a loophole in the ‘Outer Space Treaty’ the Spanish entrepreneur is taking the trading website to court

Tastebud tour around Spain: Who eats what, where?

Take your tastebuds on a virtual gastro tour as Iona Napier whets your appetite with a regional rundown of famous foodie favourites

Angry Camino de Santiago towns crack down on defecating walkers

Walkers taking on the world-renowned Camino de Santiago are being urged to stop defecating outdoors

Google honours 178th birthday of Spanish writer and poet

Rosalia de Castro is featured on the search engine's homepage

Spanish below average for speaking foreign languages

The average European Union citizen of working age speaks three languages

Portugal demands overdue toll payment from 300,000 drivers, most from Huelva and Galicia

The estimated overdue electronic toll fees stand at €80 million for toll roads which have been contested ever since they were set up

Spain’s biggest ever wave recorded in Galicia

A giant wave measuring 27.8 metres has been recorded off the coast of Galicia's Cape Vilan

Pick up a Spanish ghost town for next to nothing

Foreign investors are queuing up to own abandoned medieval hamlets

Rail infrastructure bosses under suspicion following fatal crash

22 Adif rail bosses will be questioned

LATEST: 79 now confirmed dead in Spanish train crash

The crash happened at 8.41pm local time on Wednesday as the train approached the city of Santiago de Compostela

PP leader continued contact with drug smuggler after his arrest

Judge who sentenced drugs lord claims to have tapes of Galicia leader's phone calls

PP leader photographed with drug smuggler

Resignation calls as Galicia leader is linked with infamous Spanish drug lord

Shotgun marriage for couples in Spain

Aware a lot can happen in a year, especially when it comes to love, a Spanish town has invited couples to marry for just one year

The geography and politics of Spain

Whilst the history of Spain is long and complicated, the geography and political set-up are fairly straightforward. Paul Whitelock takes a look.

Marriage can be short lived in Spain

Aware a lot can happen in a year, especially when it comes to love, a Spanish town has invited couples to marry for just one year

Galicia fox fight

Journalists attacked by hunters as the annual fox hunting championship in Galicia turned violent

Martin Sheen’s ‘love letter’ to Spain

Sheen gets in touch with his roots on Galicia's El Camino

Successful failure for Spain tourist scheme

Duff tourist scheme set to be expanded across Spain

‘Narco-sub’ that got blown out of the water

As dozen Algeciras dockers are nicked in drugs swoop - and UK and Spain work together on 375 million euro haul - court hears how two Andalucian businessmen funded an underwater smuggling operation that quickly sunk

Law threatens Albariño wine

Draft law proposed by the region's health authority could effectively outlaw wine production.




Reggaeton triumphs in Spain as top five most listened to artists on Spotify reveals

THE most listened to artist on Spotify Spain during 2021 has been Puerto Rican musician Rauw Alejandro, the music streaming platform has revealed. The Reggaeton...


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